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Why LeagueApps?

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We’re not just a registration platform—we’re an operating system and community built to support youth and local sports leaders across the country. In the wake of the pandemic, you need a teammate more than ever. That’s where we come in.

A product built for you.

We’re the only operating system to build products for organizers first—helping you stay solvent, develop strong customer relationships, and more. 


Pay as you go
Instead of collecting our fees upfront, we generate revenue as you generate revenue. In the event of a major disrupter like COVID-19, this helps you stay solvent. Plus, one-time launch fees and zero contracts or commitments gives you the flexibility you need.


You refund, we refund
If you need to refund a customer, we’ll pay back 100% of your transaction fees. As an alternative to refunds, we also give you the option of providing customers with credits for future programs.


Get the word out
The pandemic showed just how important customer communication really is. That’s why we’ve built advanced messaging capabilities into our platform, and designed integrations with tools like Mailchimp.

A community designed for you.

With LeagueApps, you get more than software. We’ll help you connect with other organizers and develop the skills you need to grow as a business owner or operator.  


Build your network
Connect with other organizers and industry experts in one of our invite-only leadership groups on Slack and LinkedIn. 


Stay informed
Attend events on topics like revenue generation, virtual training, health and safety, and more. (Right now, they’re all virtual—we hope to be back in person soon.)

A team that’s here for you. 

You can think of our support team as an extension of your team. They’re available every single day of the year to make sure that your questions are always answered.  


Take full advantage
“LeagueApps Learning” sessions dive deep into our operating system, highlighting important features and sharing how to get the most out of the platform.





This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.