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The technology needs of sport organizers and participants are becoming more and more advanced. At LeagueApps we believe in an open platform that can easily connect with other Apps and services, making it easier for our partners to operate their businesses and provide unforgettable experiences both on the field, and online.

The Power of Connectivity

Every sport organizer uses a unique set of tools to run their programs. LeagueApps Connect can add additional functionality, save you time and improve productivity by syncing the software you already use and by automating tedious tasks.

Easily reconcile your financials by connecting LeagueApps to your accounting software, rest-easy knowing that all participants are present in your CRM, and have the freedom to generate Custom Reports, Rosters and Registration Listings exactly the way you want them.

As your business becomes more complex and advanced, so do your customers’ expectations. LeagueApps Connect makes it possible to securely and seamlessly share your players’ data with stat tracking systems, recruitment services, advanced schedule generators and more. LeagueApps partners are already taking advantage of integrations with niche sport-tech tools like SportsBoard, Front Rush and Diamond Scheduler who are all innovating the game and the player experience.

How does LeagueApps Connect Work?


Activate Add-Ons in the LeagueApps App Center to complement LeagueApps’ functionality. Choose from 10 different Apps including Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, US Lacrosse and other popular tools. These advanced features can improve your business intelligence and customer experience.


Checkout LeagueApps on Zapier! Zapier is a web automation tool that connects two or more apps together to seamlessly share data without needing a software developer. There are almost 1,000 different popular online tools on Zapier that you can connect with your LeagueApps account. LeagueApps partners are saving hundreds of hours by connecting LeagueApps to MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google Sheets and other business tools.


Extend the LeagueApps experience with our APIs. Our APIs make it possible to sync LeagueApps data with other systems and build custom reports or tools.

LeagueApps Connect uses our next generation API (Application Programming Interfaces) to build integrations. “APIs- are allowing companies to grow businesses at unprecedented rates…” as stated in the Harvard Business Review

Read more about how LeagueApps uses APIs to help you with your day-to-day operations.

“We want our partners to have the flexibility and capability to integrate their LeagueApps account with player engagement apps, business tools, social media platforms and much more,” said Steve Parker, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at LeagueApps. We’re confident that LeagueApps Connect will allow more partners to benefit from the value of integrations.


MailChimp & Constant Contact now connect with LeagueApps!

We are excited to offer a pre-built MailChimp and Constant Contact integrations which can be set up with just a few clicks thanks to Zapier. These integrations leverage LeagueApps Member and Registration data to automatically sync contacts with your segmented email marketing lists. Eliminate time spent on exporting and importing lists and never worry about a coach, parent or player missing an email, ever again!


Sport Organizers and Developers, we want to hear from you! Email us or post in the comments to suggest an integration or visit our documentation to get started.

Source: The Strategic Value of APIs, Harvard Business Review, https://hbr.org/2015/01/the-strategic-value-of-apis


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