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Removing The Participation Bottleneck In Elite Youth Hockey

Youth sports are ever growing and evolving; the number of leagues is increasing as are participation levels in learn-to-play programs across the globe. But this growing engagement shouldn’t stop here. Dee Dee Ricks founded the NextGen AAA Foundation with the mission to “provide mentoring, education,…

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Atlanta United Is Revolutionizing Youth Soccer

Professional leagues and teams have become increasingly interested in youth and community engagement over the past three years. Atlanta United is a shining example of an organization committed to both its community and to growing the sport of soccer at the youth level. LeagueApps is…

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Youth Legends Tournament Championship

Danny Noonan lipped out, Jules Paxton couldn’t find the back of the net, Jimmy Chitwood bricked his shot, and Air Bud wasn’t a good enough boy. Single elimination tournaments put even the best competition through the wringer. From 16 down to two, here we are…


Youth Legends Tournament (Final Four)

Kings and queens of their respective castles, our field is now down to four regional champions. Becky “Icebox” O’Shea steamrolled Tim Riggins, and in the process captured the Misfits crown. Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez hung a crooked number on Henry Rowengartner, besting the Rookie of…

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On The Road With LeagueApps: NAYS Congress

The LeagueApps team made its way down to the Big Easy to attend one of the most impactful conferences in youth sports today. The NAYS (National Alliance For Youth Sports) Congress attracts coaches and organizers from across the country, eager to learn and better themselves….

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Introducing Sports-Based Youth Development

Here at LeagueApps, we’re driven by a mission to facilitate amazing sports experiences for kids across the country. We work with the most enterprising organizers and experts across youth and local sports, and advise professional teams and leagues on how to best leverage their resources…


Youth Legends Tournament (Elite Eight)

We’ve whittled our field from a robust 16 down to an elite eight. Three baseball legends cruised into the next round, with Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez pacing the field after a 92% thrashing of Billy Heywood. Our Misfits region will be settled on the gridiron…


Youth Legends Tournament

The Youth Legend tournament aims to settle, once and for all, the question of who is the greatest youth athlete to ever appear in film, television or video games. The field has been set and is chock full of worthy contenders. They can only lobby…

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Food Culture In Youth Sports

Close your eyes and try to remember those halftimes on the soccer field. After a hard-fought first half, you and your teammates would all circle around the coach for a pep talk. But none of your teammates were interested in any of that rah-rah pageantry….

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Level Up With These Three eSports Lessons

The digital revolution has transformed the way we complete tasks, consume news, and shop. Yet, in the sports world, the underlying rules and limitations of the games themselves remain unchanged. There is one sport, however, that is fundamentally disrupting this norm, known as esports. Esports…