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What Sports Waivers Should I Have Parents Sign for My Youth Sports League?

Sports waivers can reduce your organization’s risk in case of an injury. Here are the different types of waivers you should consider.

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What Return to Play Looks Like Today: A Conversation with LaxManiax, All in Athletics, and Junior Comet Sports

Our NextUp Town Hall series aims to connect, inform and inspire youth sports organizers all across the country. In this installment, we’ve built upon the hundreds of conversations we’ve had in the past five month with organizers who are dealing with the new normal—playing during…


Tackling Waivers and Insurance Post COVID-19: A Return to Play Guide for Protecting Your Players and Your Organization

As we return to play after months of sheltering at home, athletes and their families will need to adjust to a new normal. This is why we hosted NextUp: Return to Play—a three-day virtual conference featuring medical experts, professional athletes and commissioners, sports technology entrepreneurs,…