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SPORTSDOG: These LeagueApps Members Represent What it Means to be a Team Player

This month, we’re spotlighting two LeagueApps team members who exemplify what it means to be a team player.


SPORTSDOG: How This LeagueApps Team Member Centers Her Work Around Results

This month’s value spotlight allows us to provide the service youth sports professionals need to successfully run their businesses—results.


SPORTSDOG: How Openness Helps These Two LeagueApps Teammates Succeed

Next in our SPORTSDOG series—These two LeagueApps teammates succeed at work and in life by being open, honest, and curious.


SPORTSDOG: How These Two LeagueApps Teammates Bring Passion to Work Everyday

These two LeagueApps employees were recognized for their passion about youth sports and the work they do at LeagueApps everyday.


SPORTSDOG: Recognizing One of Our Teammates for Excellent Sportsmanship

Acknowledging the winner of the 2021 SPORTSDOG award for Sportsmanship is Bharat Chopra from the LeagueApps Product Team.

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SPORTSDOG: Using Your Values to Recognize Your Team

At your first LeagueApps All Hands meeting, you may be surprised to find out that an entire section of the meeting is dedicated to giving team shoutouts.  Every week.  Depending on how the week goes, this part of the meeting can last anywhere from five…

OTAs Explained


OTAs Explained: Its Roots and Evolution Through 20 Events

Jeremy Goldberg describes the roots and evolution of our biannual company retreat called OTAs (Organized Team Activities, out of football parlance), which allows us to learn, play, and connect.

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2017 MLB Season Preview: Bold Predictions From LeagueApps Dugout Technology Experts

What happens when technology experts that love the game of baseball make season predictions? With Opening Day literally hours away, our LeagueApps Dugout experts wanted to share with all the baseball organizers just how much they know and love the game as well. The expert…

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Passion Is On Full Display With the Sports Organizers At Hesperia National Little League

August 2016 Partner SportsDog Award: Hesperia National Little League SportsDog Value: Passion Awards Winners: Hesperia National Little League Board Members Recently, LeagueApps announced our new initiative focused on highlighting partners that represent our SportsDog values. This week, we’re happy to announce our first highlighted partner….

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LeagueApps SportsDog Rap Battles

LeagueApps Sports Dog Values Sportsmanship – We play by the rules and win the right way! Passion – Do you love everything about sports? Do you want a career where you love what you do? How many people can say they go to work everyday…