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How LeagueApps Protects Your Data

Technology has been game changing for organizers. With platforms like LeagueApps, you can streamline time-consuming tasks and focus your attention on what matters—growing your business.   But efficiency is only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to know that every piece of information…

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Why LeagueApps?

We’re not just a registration platform—we’re an operating system and community built to support youth and local sports leaders across the country. In the wake of the pandemic, you need a teammate more than ever. That’s where we come in. A product built for you….

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Recapping NextUp: Return to Play – Day 1

As we return to play after months of sheltering at home, athletes and their families will need to adjust to a new normal. The youth sports experience will play a critical role in our nation’s physical, social, and cultural recovery, which is why we’ve been…

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Digital Innovation During COVID-19 and Beyond: A Toolkit for Launching Successful Virtual Programming

This week, our virtual panel was all about embracing technology as an organizer of youth and local sports—not only as we navigate the uncertainty brought on by the Coronavirus, but once we’re able to get back to the fields and the courts as well.  We…

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LeagueApps 2019 Product Update Recap

As we approach the New Year, we want to highlight major updates and new features that were added to the LeagueApps platform over the course of 2019. Reflected in our values as a company, we always try to be students of the game—seeking feedback and…

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Medical Breakthroughs In Sports Rehabilitation

New rehabilitation technologies and techniques can sometimes appear out of nowhere. There is a flash-in-the-pan quality to some of the trendy practices made famous by world-class athletes. But in most cases, the notoriety gained for a particular rehabilitation resource serves as a launching pad for…

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Sports Tech Wearables And Youth Sports

Over the last twenty years, college sports teams have engaged in a vicious arms race for recruits. Athletic departments spend lavishly on facilities, uniforms, and amenities in order to keep their programs top of mind for high schoolers looking to take the next step. But…


Wearable Sports Tech Is Transforming Athletics

There are two questions consistently on the mind of every competitive athlete, coach and organizer: “How do I get an edge on my opponent?” and “How do I get better?” The answers aren’t always easy. Working harder and the buzzword of the day “grinding,” only…


Five Reasons Clubs Teams Love LeagueApps

Managing a club or travel team is a ton of work for everyone involved- the director, coaches and even the parents. Our goal at LeagueApps is to alleviate the headaches that come with managing a sports team. We’ve talked to hundreds of team directors, coaches…


LeagueApps vs. The Competition

When deciding on a sports management platform, there’s a lot to think about. Will it help you manage your business? Will it help you grow and scale? Will it help you build relationships? And the toughest one… how do you make the best decision for…