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Are You Using the Right Youth Sports Management Platform?


Are You Using the Right Youth Sports Management Platform?

How do you know if you’re using the right youth sports management platform? We help you figure out what to consider when procuring new tech.

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Go Green, Play Forever

The LeagueApps Management Console is getting a makeover! On June 25 and 26, 2020 we’re introducing an optimized user experience. Learn about the changes that are coming to the platform’s navigation, color palette, and typography.    The Future is Green The biggest change you will…


Sportsboard Integration with LeagueApps Offers Player Evaluation Tools For Your Sports Program

The LeagueApps team is striving to simplify the lives of sports organizers. By enabling the right technology for our partners, it allows you to continue to deliver the best sports experience for your members and participants. With easy to use features and a robust, open…

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Using Program Summary Reporting to Grow Your Sports Organization

  When you’re running several programs through your organization at a time, it can get overwhelming to keep up sometimes. We’ve made it easier by implementing a program summary feature in our software that includes a Top 20 programs dashboard. Now, it’s simple to keep…

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5 Ways Sports Management Software Can Help Implement NBA and USA Basketball Guidelines [infographic]

Basketball is the most popular youth sport in the country. In 2015-16, there were 9.8 million boys and girls that participated, according to the Sport and Fitness Industry Association. Youth basketball remains strong in the country. However, there is historically been a lack of organizational…


The Top 3 Ways Our Updated Reporting Feature Can Benefit Your Sports Organization

One of the most efficient features offered by LeagueApps is our built-in registration reporting tool. With it, organizations are able to generate reports that are crucial to forecast sales, track revenue, and collect other data to help make better and more informed decisions. With the…


Product Release Notes: League Management Improvements

The LeagueApps team pushed out a product release that includes a number of improvements to key features that help you manage your organization more efficiently. Many of our LeagueApps partners have specifically been requesting these improvements, so we’re excited to be able to deliver them….


Product Update: Manager Console Improvements and New Reporting Tool!

It’s that time again – to let you guys know about a bunch of improvements we just added to the product. Our team has been hard at work making these changes, based on your continued and valued feedback. Check out the release notes below. There…


Import your Existing Member Database To LeagueApps (for Free!)

Ever wonder how to get your existing list of 1,000+ members AND their email addresses into your LeagueApps account? We’ve got you covered- The LeagueApps team has a member import service that will do it for you! Often, established organizations that are switching to a…


Use Form Fields to Collect Player Information!

LeagueApps Form Fields allow you to easily determine what information you’d like to collect from your members and players when they register. You can customize the following field types on your LeagueApps site: member profile fields registration form fields Member Profile Fields These fields comprise…