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3 Things Organizers and Coaches Can Do to Prevent Youth Sports Injuries

Here are three tips organizers and coaches should follow for preventing youth sports injuries, from the Hospital for Special Surgery.

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Recapping NextUp: Return to Play – Day 2

As we navigate returning to play after months of a forced pause on youth and local sports, LeagueApps is here to help you come up with your own return to play plan. We hosted NextUp: Return to Play, a three-day virtual conference featuring speakers on…

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Recapping NextUp: Return to Play – Day 1

As we return to play after months of sheltering at home, athletes and their families will need to adjust to a new normal. The youth sports experience will play a critical role in our nation’s physical, social, and cultural recovery, which is why we’ve been…

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Return to Play: Player and Parent Questionnaire

Note for organizers: the below survey can be copy and pasted into an easy survey template like Google Forms, Survey Monkey, or Typeform. Edit, add, or delete questions to make it feel like your own.      As we begin to return to play in…

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Communicating During COVID-19: How to Talk About Refunds, Layoffs, Return to Play, and More

During these uncertain times, the most important thing you can do to maintain business continuity is develop strong lines of communication with your players, parents, coaches, and donors. This is especially important when it comes to handling requests for refunds, managing your payment plans, and…


The Lasting Impact of a #girldad: Reflections from the Ladies of LeagueApps

Unless you’ve lived under a rock since January 2020 (given the current circumstances, this is highly possible), you’ve probably heard the term #girldad thrown around a few times. It grew in popularity after beloved, retired NBA player Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna sadly passed…

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Parental Expectations of Soccer Clubs

The club soccer landscape has become increasingly competitive in the United States over the past decade. And with that uptick in competition, parental expectations are on the rise. Parents are more discerning than ever when it comes to which soccer organization they choose for their…

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LeagueApps Pro Athlete Investors Share Lessons from Their Fathers

One father told his son that he didn’t expect to see him live to the ripe old age of eighteen. One dad prepped his son to be ready to market himself. Another was more impressed with the dynamics of the helicopter than the actual ride….


David Robinson’s Three Tips for Turning Parents Into Allies for Coaches and Organizers

If David Robinson were playing in today’s NBA, he’d be considered an endangered species. The days of offenses running through dominant bigs are long gone. That tectonic shift in strategy, however, has done little to impact Robinson’s post-playing career. The Admiral remains an immense figure…


Why Your Team Needs a Female Coach and How to Find Her

Here’s a story that haunts Dee Stephan, the founder of the successful Dodgers LAX girls’ league: She and her husband, desperate for coaches for a different fledgling town program, called a parents’ meeting. One mom in attendance had played for a Division I school, but…