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How the LeagueApps OTA Process Motivates Team Members

LeagueApps’ OTAs bring our team together and helps us be efficient. Learn how this process can positively affect your engineering career.

Benita's Olympics Diary


Benita’s Olympics Diary: The Summer Olympics Wrap-Up

Benita Fitzgerald-Mosley recaps some of the most memorable moments from the past couple of weeks, both during the Olympics and for her personally, with Benita’s Olympic Diary.

OTAs Explained


OTAs Explained: Its Roots and Evolution Through 20 Events

Jeremy Goldberg describes the roots and evolution of our biannual company retreat called OTAs (Organized Team Activities, out of football parlance), which allows us to learn, play, and connect.

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Gold Medal Moments: A Photo Diary of Our Biannual Company Offsite, OTA20

This week, the LeagueApps team came together safely for OTA20—short for Organized Team Activities—at Bryn Athyn College in Philadelphia. Over the course of two days, we participated in team building activities like Olympics, a talent show, and exercises that helped us broaden our knowledge of…


What Muhammed Ali & the Golden State Warriors Teach Us About Running LeagueApps

At LeagueApps, we never stop learning and are committed to being lifelong students of the game. We bring our entire company together twice a year for presentations, workshops, and real talk about the state of our business and the youth sports industry (along with some…

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Here’s How Team Offsite Activities Connect Self-Driving Cars With ‘Competitive’ Bowling

The 13th Annual Organized Team Activities (OTAs) Was Perhaps Our Best Yet. In just a few action-packed days we covered everything from how self-driving cars might affect youth sports to bringing sports to underserved communities and even had time for a little friendly competition between…


How LeagueApps OTA 11.0 Team Meetings Will Make Us A Better Teammate to You

We use the term “OTAs” a lot around the LeagueApps offices. We use it on our blog a lot as well. The NFL refers to the OTAs as preseason activities. One way to describe them here is to call the OTAs our team meetings or…


LeagueApps Ready to Bring the Lumber After OTAs

The organized team activity. It is a term that was created in the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement so that teams could better control players’ offseason preparations before training camp. To many, it’s the unofficial start of the NFL season. You might have noticed that the…


Stepping Back to Step Forward: LeagueApps OTAs

Twice a year, we step back from our daily operations to gather as a team, discuss how we can improve as a company, and plan for the future.  Oh, and have a lot of fun in the process. What are OTAs? You may have heard…