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Is Your Registration Process Losing Customers? Find Out in 4 Steps

For all your marketing initiatives, whether it’s through email, social media, or good ole fashioned word of mouth, hundreds or even thousands of potential customers are landing on your registration page. But how many of those website visitors turn into paying customers? If only a…

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LeagueApps Partners Have Great Showing In Adrenaline Blackjack Classic

> The annual Blackjack Classic is a revolutionary and unmatched lacrosse experience combining the highest level of regional competition and NCAA recruiters with a top level event atmosphere. It’s hosted every year by LeagueApps partner Adrenaline, one of the premiere lacrosse brands in the nation. The event…

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Drive Registration For Your Sports Program With the Small Group Feature

Written by Senior Sales Consultant Michael Bindelglass. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. “I would have signed up, but we didn’t have enough for a full team.” Or maybe, “My best friend and I want to play together, but we don’t know if…


Mobile Registration for LeagueApps is Here!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out a great new release — Mobile Registration. Not only does this release provide a great registration experience on mobile phones for your members, it also transforms a number of other features in your member-facing sites to be…


The Top 3 Ways Our Updated Reporting Feature Can Benefit Your Sports Organization

One of the most efficient features offered by LeagueApps is our built-in registration reporting tool. With it, organizations are able to generate reports that are crucial to forecast sales, track revenue, and collect other data to help make better and more informed decisions. With the…

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It ‘Takes The Village’ For McAllister Park Little League To Reach The Little League World Series

Today, the All Stars from McAllister Park Little League, official partners of LeagueApps, will take the field in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to pursue a Little League World Series championship. The game will be featured on ESPN at 8PM EST. We’re excited at LeagueApps for the young…

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Passion Is On Full Display With the Sports Organizers At Hesperia National Little League

August 2016 Partner SportsDog Award: Hesperia National Little League SportsDog Value: Passion Awards Winners: Hesperia National Little League Board Members Recently, LeagueApps announced our new initiative focused on highlighting partners that represent our SportsDog values. This week, we’re happy to announce our first highlighted partner….


4 Ways to Help You Drive Registration and Increase Tryout Numbers

LeagueApps Powers The Long Island Junior Ducks More and more baseball organizations are finding unique ways to drive registration during tryout time. We’ve compiled a list of four of the best tactics our partners are using to drive more registration numbers, including some of our…


Never Issue Refunds Again With Credits

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to issue a refund. Sometimes a credit makes a whole lot of sense in regards to an inquiry. We’re happy to announce that credits can now be issued as an alternative to refunds. A member can use the credit…


The One Feature You Need To Simplify The Payment Process

Let’s face it. Collecting dues and fees is not exactly easy. Whether fees are collected at the start of registration or a payment plan is setup, it can sometimes cause some extra stress on the life of the organizer. That’s why LeagueApps was excited to…