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LeagueApps Visits US Lax Con

As we all know, the lacrosse community is very close, those who want to “Grow the game”, will do anything to do so. This is why thousands of individuals – players, parents, coaches, professional athletes – and more attend the US Lacrosse Convention each year…

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LeagueApps SportsDog Rap Battles

LeagueApps Sports Dog Values Sportsmanship – We play by the rules and win the right way! Passion – Do you love everything about sports? Do you want a career where you love what you do? How many people can say they go to work everyday…

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LeagueApps Lax Partner Day in NYC! — August 31st, 2015

LeagueApps is excited to announce our upcoming LeagueApps Lax Partner Day on Monday, August 31st, 2015 in NYC. We’re planning to get 10-20 partners to come visit us for an evening, get to know our team and learn what the company has in store for…

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LeagueApps Roadtrip To The US Lacrosse Convention

The LeagueApps Lacrosse team (Roy, Brandon and Ryan) recently attended the US Lacrosse Convention, also known as LaxCon, in Baltimore January 23rd-25th. The convention hosted by US Lacrosse brought more than 7,000 attendees including lacrosse directors, coaches, parents and players from across the country. Here’s…


LeagueApps Partner Day in DC — August 1st, 2014

LeagueApps is excited to announce our upcoming LeagueApps Partner Day on Friday, August 1, 2014 in Washington DC. We’re planning to get 8-10 partners to come visit us for an afternoon, get to know our team and learn what the company has in store for…


LeagueApps First Partner Workshop Recap

LeagueApps held its first-ever LeagueApps Workshop in our Northern Virginia/DC office on April 22, 2014. A big goal of our partner management team this year is to create more opportunities for partners to connect with our product team and influence the evolution of the LeagueApps platform….


LeagueApps Partner Days: 2014 Upcoming Schedule

LeagueApps is excited to announce Partner Days in different cities this year. Our goal is to provide more LeagueApps partners the opportunity to attend a Partner Day this year. We’re also holding a few themed events in NYC and DC, where we’ll have guest speakers and focused discussions…


LeagueApps Web Designer Community

Want to launch your new LeagueApps website or upgrade your existing site design and UI? Well, Look no further! LeagueApps enables web designers to use a full suite of tools and access HTML and CSS code to customize a site design. This allows partners to…


An Intramural Baskeball Season To Remember For Team LeagueApps

Our newest partnership specialist JD Crabtree shared his prose on our recent undefeated basketball season. It was so good (the season and his write-up) that we’re posting it here for all the world to see. Yes, we are humble bragging…even though we competed in the…