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5 Takeaways About the State of the Youth Sports Industry from NextUp 2019

The youth sports industry—yes, it’s now officially an industry—convened recently at NextUp 2019, a LeagueApps-organized event created especially to address its needs and concerns. After those two action- and information-packed days, LeagueApps President Jeremy Goldberg had some thoughts:   1.  Those this-is-just-a-hobby days are over….


FundPlay Honors Five Remarkable Organizations

Our recent NextUp 2019 Youth Sports Industry Conference brought together organizers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and tech experts from all across the country. Dozens of presentations and breakouts afforded our audience the opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the very best in the youth…

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The Six Habits of Highly Influential People: Applying Effective Persuasion in Youth Sports

How do you get kids to do something you want them to do? This age-old question has plagued the minds of parents, guardians, and educators around the world for quite some time now. Yes, kids can be stubborn and uncooperative—but let’s be honest, we all…

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Why Sports Matter: Five Key Takeaways From an All-star Panel

Since we all love a good sports quote, let us begin with one from NBA star Kevin Durant’s manager, Rich Kleiman: “Regardless of your skill level and regardless of how great your upbringing was or how much struggle you had, those memories and those moments…

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NextUp: The Youth Sports Industry Conference Recap

With #NextUp2019 now in the books, we reflect on an action-packed slate of dynamic speakers, panels and discussions. If you missed a single moment of our youth sports conference, we have you covered with wire-to-wire recaps. In addition, we’ll be re-airing many of the keynote…

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The Buzz Surrounding NextUp 2019

For generations the typical youth sports experience was hyper-local. Community leagues and pickup games were the norm, and the idea of getting on a bus to play teams out-of-town or out-of-state was solely reserved for high school athletics. As parents, coaches and players can now…