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Mobile Registration for LeagueApps is Here!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out a great new release — Mobile Registration. Not only does this release provide a great registration experience on mobile phones for your members, it also transforms a number of other features in your member-facing sites to be…

Youth Sports Website Mobile-optimized


Run Your Organization At Your Fingertips With Our Mobile Optimized Sports Software

Do you need to easily send an email or text at the field from your phone? Do you wish you could search for a player or coach at the court from a mobile device? Do you want to quickly view a team roster or schedule…


LeagueApps Has a New Look!

  Notice something different about us? LeagueApps’ admin console has gone through a total redesign, with efficiency and mobile optimization as major themes. Why the change? The short answer is that it was time. Now more than ever people look at content on phones and…


Admin Console Redesign Will Make Your Life Easier

The LeagueApps team is excited to announce a major upgrade coming to you at the end of the summer. We will be redesigning our admin console, giving it a complete make over and making it mobile responsive! If you’re running a participatory sports organization, you’re…


Mobile Friendly now means Marketing Friendly for LeagueApps Partners

As an athlete, coach, and parent – I am always on the go and rely on my smart phone to keep me connected with  my work, my team and my family. We live in a modern and mobile world – and in 2015 over one…

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Mobile Team Pages, Mobile Email Templates and more

The LeagueApps team is happy to announce our latest release.  The release will start to go out late on the night of Tuesday December 16th and will be fully live the following morning.  Below is an overview of the newest features. Mobile Team Pages +…


Text Messaging Saves The Day!

Several LeagueApps partners are seeing fantastic results from the new Text Messaging app. The Text app has been incredibly helpful for league partners needing to send last-minute time/field changes, cancellations or other time-sensitive announcements. This makes sense, considering that text messaging is the most effective…


LeagueApps Is Mobile-First. Here’s Why.

Mobile is not the future of the web, it’s the present. We’ve listened to the feedback from our partners, checked our data, learned from our existing products and have worked very hard to build out our new mobile product. We’re rolling out our new mobile…


New Admin and Team Tools – plus Building For Mobile

LeagueApps has deployed another release today – with new features in the admin console,  more roster management controls for captains/coaches, calendar updates, and a new mobile framework. Copy Teams  (AKA “Team Rollover”) Admin’s now have the ability to “copy” teams from one program to another….


How Players Can Opt In And Receive Text Message Alerts

In our latest release we’ve added the ability to send text messages to participants. Sending a text message is a great way to get time sensitive announcements such as field changes or game cancellations to your players.  Many times email notifications can get buried in…