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Configure Your Facebook Settings in Less than 3 Min!

Earlier this month, the LeagueApps team released its first Facebook integration update. The release is an important one because it introduces our Facebook promotional tools and lays the groundwork for more cool features to be added in the future. You can start utilizing these tools…

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Connect your Facebook Page to LeagueApps!

The LeagueApps – Facebook integration project is now live! For those who don’t know, integrating Facebook features into the platform is a main product focus at LeagueApps these days. The goal of our Facebook integration project is to help our league partners grow their Facebook…


LeagueApps Practice Drills

Coaches always stress the importance of preparation and as many of you leagues out there know, “Practice Makes Perfect.”  Well we here at LeagueApps have taken that concept and made even more improvements to the LeagueApps experience.  For those of you unfamiliar with our platform,…

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How to Allow Teammate Requests on LeagueApps

Part of the fun of joining a league is playing alongside your friends. Every rec sports superstar wants to form that Jordan/Pippen-esque 1-2 punch combo with his or her buddy. You can easily handle teammate requests on LeagueApps with our Registration Form Fields. The best…

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5 Ways to promote your Rec Sports Organization on Facebook

Facebook can be a great tool for rec league organizers. One thing we have noticed is how many rec leagues are utilizing Facebook for their businesses. Here are some ways to promote your leagues and activities and communicate with your members through your organization’s Facebook…


LeagueApps Design and Theme Options

Our trademark slogan here at LeagueApps is “Have It Your Way”. Actually, we just pulled a Ricky Henderson and swiped that from the good folks at Burger King. But the slogan does ring true for us and most certainly extends to website design and theming….


Import your Existing Member Database To LeagueApps (for Free!)

Ever wonder how to get your existing list of 1,000+ members AND their email addresses into your LeagueApps account? We’ve got you covered- The LeagueApps team has a member import service that will do it for you! Often, established organizations that are switching to a…


Use Form Fields to Collect Player Information!

LeagueApps Form Fields allow you to easily determine what information you’d like to collect from your members and players when they register. You can customize the following field types on your LeagueApps site: member profile fields registration form fields Member Profile Fields These fields comprise…


Content Pages on LeagueApps!

LeagueApps Website Content Management System tools makes it easy to quickly create web pages without any development necessary. Many league partners will use this feature to create web pages that share information or content on their website. This includes the standard About Us page, or…

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A Small End-of-Summer Release

We pushed out a quick release this week. Here are some hot items that were addressed: Privacy Settings We took a step forward to improve privacy on LeagueApps! We tweaked the member information that appears on public-facing sites. Now only the first names of site…