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New Lacrosse Recruiting Rule Poised To Make September 1 “A Mad Dash”

It’s been a little over a week now since news broke about NCAA proposal 2017-1, which prohibits recruiting contact with prospective student-athletes and their families before September 1 of their junior year in high school. After some initial frenzy, it appears things on the recruiting…

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LeagueApps Partners With ConnectLax to Simplify the Recruiting Process for Clubs

Editor’s Note: LeagueApps Lax and ConnectLAX just teamed up to make the lives of club organizers even easier. The flexible API of LeagueApps easily works with other technologies in order to deliver the absolute best experiences to LeagueApps’ partners and their customers. You can read the…

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Three Must-Have Technology Platforms For Your Youth Soccer Club

When most club directors think of sports technology, they are quick to think of wearables that boost performance or smart equipment that improves form and technique. However, technology platforms are just as important for logistics and organization, especially for club directors. A platform is simply a…

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Elevate Your Soccer Club To The Next Level With Smart Equipment

There’s a ton of wearables and even smart clothing on the market that can measure your activity, but they fall short when it comes to providing specific training feedback for sports like soccer. Enter smart sporting equipment. Smart sporting equipment is any gear that is equipped…

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The 3 Wearable Technologies To Give Your Youth Soccer Club The Winning Edge

Coming into 2017 hotter than stoppage time penalty kicks, wearable technologies are all the rage right now. At the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Conference in January, crowds flocked to different wearable vendors throughout the weekend. Wearable technologies are, as you can imagine,…

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Elevate Your Youth Sports Event Destination With These 3 Tips From NASC

“Youth sports tourism wasn’t even a category four years ago, and now it’s the fastest-growing segment in travel,” said Dave Hollander, professor at New York University’s Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports. “You’ve got millions of kids involved, parents spending thousands of dollars, and…

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4 Things Rick Peterson’s Crunch Time Can Teach You About Running Your Sports Program

  Former MLB pitching coach and author Rick Peterson dropped by the LeagueApps office recently to deliver some reframing strategies based on his book Crunch Time: How To Be Your Best When It Matter Most. Reframing is Rick’s pitching secret and it enables you to see a…

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LeagueApps Prepares For Workshop Led By Former MLB Coach And Crunch Time Author Rick Peterson

The LeagueApps team will be treated to a special workshop hosted by former Major League Baseball pitching coach Rick Peterson. Peterson has worked with Pedro Martinez, Johan Santana, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and some of the other great pitchers of the past 25…

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The 4 Magic Ways 100% Of The Girls In This Premier Youth Girl’s Basketball Program Are Receiving College Offers

Of the approximately 430,000 female basketball players in high school, roughly only 6.4% will continue to play in college. The odds of a female athlete playing NCAA Division I basketball is 84:1. For the girls playing with the 17 teams of the Northwest Magic, 100%…

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LeagueApps Is Giving Away 2 Free Tickets For You To See The MLB Team of Your Choice

LeagueApps wants to give back to sports organizers this Opening Day. For the length of one week, the LeagueApps Dugout team will be hosting a contest for a pair of League Baseball tickets (up to $100). The contest ends on Sunday, April 9th at 11:59pm….