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How To Better Develop Your Youth Soccer Players With These 3 Lessons

Ever wonder what some of the most forward thinking professional managers are doing to implement development in youth academies? Want to know what the coaches of your club can do to encourage development of your club’s youngest players? The LeagueApps FC team recently attended a…

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Three Must-Have Technology Platforms For Your Youth Soccer Club

When most club directors think of sports technology, they are quick to think of wearables that boost performance or smart equipment that improves form and technique. However, technology platforms are just as important for logistics and organization, especially for club directors. A platform is simply a…

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Elevate Your Soccer Club To The Next Level With Smart Equipment

There’s a ton of wearables and even smart clothing on the market that can measure your activity, but they fall short when it comes to providing specific training feedback for sports like soccer. Enter smart sporting equipment. Smart sporting equipment is any gear that is equipped…