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The LeagueApps 2021 Hackathon: What We Learned

LeagueApps Engineering just participated in a hackathon, a fun way to learn new technologies as you navigate your engineering career. Learn more about what they did, how they worked, and how you (or someone you know) can join us the next time.

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Four Reasons LeagueApps Is Excited For Our Holiday Hackathon

dedicated hosting reviews Nothing says Happy Holidays like a good old fashioned hackathon! At least, that’s what the LeagueApps development team is saying. Next week, the LeagueApps team will be participating in their annual hackathon. These events have been valued as a source of creativity,…


LeagueApps Holiday Hackathon

Last week the entire Sportsvite/LeagueApps team gathered together in NYC for team meetings, strategy sessions and most importantly some good old team bonding and holiday revelry in the form of a Bowling Bowl tournament. Here are the results for those scoring at home. To mix…