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4 Ways Digital Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing and Registration Conversions

Digital analytics data is powerful and can help market your sports business more efficiently. Learn how with these 4 easy ways.


5 Ways To Help You Attract Better Coaches For Your Basketball Organization

Basketball organizers are finding that qualified coaches are hard to come by. A lot of our partners, however, are finding success. We’ve compiled a list of five unique ways our partners are finding better coaches for their basketball programs with the help of our features….


3 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Sports Organization

Nearly two-thirds of all adults are using social media today, according to this Pew Research report. That number isn’t too surprising considering how hard it is to buy a pair of shorts without bumping into at least three people staring at their phones. There’s no…


Social Media Marketing For Your Sports Organization: Part I

This post was written by our friends at Four Kicks Marketing.  They’re experts when it comes to driving demand and customer conversion through social media.  To learn more about Four Kicks marketing, head over to our Deal Center! Which Platforms Are Right For My Sports…


Why Club Teams are Using LeagueApps

Nearly everyone today is active online, providing coaches with new channels to simplify registration and stay in touch with players. Both the challenge and the opportunity for coaches is taking advantage of this, without creating more work. LeagueApps gives directors and coaches a simple, powerful…


5 Ways To Use LeagueApps To Attract More Members And Grow Your Organization

LeagueApps has talked and listened to hundreds of sport league organizers. One of the most common wants and needs that we’ve consistently heard from all types of sports organizations is the desire to attract more participants for their programs. How can we get more players…

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How To Publish your Registration to Facebook

Last month, the LeagueApps squad released a powerful Facebook registration publishing feature. The feature allows players to share their sports activities with their Facebook friends. By pushing their registration links out to Facebook, your members can act as your sports organization’s salespeople and recruit new…


LeagueApps Teams Up With Facebook

Over the last few months the LeagueApps team released a host of new features that fully leverages and integrates Facebook. We’re going to break it all down in this post and share the marketing and social benefits for league partners that utilize these features. First,…

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Grow Your Sports Organization using LeagueApps and your Facebook Feed

The LeagueApps team hit the lab this winter, releasing a host of powerful new features for our league partners. We added a whole new layer to our LeagueApps – Facebook Integration project by allowing your players to publish program registration links to their Facebook feed….


Introducing the “LeagueApps Wall”

Carrying on the theme of social integration, the LeagueApps team kicks off 2012 with another Facebook-related feature with the release of our very own “LeagueApps Wall”! We developed the Wall to continue to encourage social interaction with and between your members and to keep them…