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NextUp 2022: How to Create a Winning Youth Sports Organization

An organization succeeds when everyone is on the same page and looking out for one another—here’s how you can instill that mindset.

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NextUp 2022: How Youth Sports Leaders Can Support the Mental Health of Athletes

Join us on October 6th and 7th for discussions about mental health in youth sports at NextUp 2022: the Youth Sports Management Conference.

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NextUp: The Only Youth Sports Management Conference is Back

The only youth sports management conference, NextUp, is coming back in person in October! Here’s what you need to know.

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On the Road With LeagueApps: What to Expect From the 2021 AVCA Volleyball Convention

Here’s what to expect from the 2021 AVCA Volleyball Convention in Columbus, Ohio December 15-18—and how you can connect with LeagueApps while you’re there.

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On the Road with LeagueApps: What to Expect From the 2021 NFCA Softball Convention

We are headed to Vegas next week for the 2021 NFCA Softball Convention and we would love to see you! Here is what to expect and how you can connect with LeagueApps while you’re there.

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Recapping NextUp: Return to Play – Day 1

As we return to play after months of sheltering at home, athletes and their families will need to adjust to a new normal. The youth sports experience will play a critical role in our nation’s physical, social, and cultural recovery, which is why we’ve been…

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Leadership During Times of Crisis: Five Takeaways from our NextUp Town Hall

This week, we brought together a group of experts to discuss leadership—something we take very seriously here at LeagueApps. Our goal was to provide attendees with strategies for supporting their communities as COVID-19 continues to keep us inside, to inspire them with stories from NBA…

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Payroll, Insurance, Government Relief: Recapping our NextUp Town Hall on Finance Management During COVID-19

As we continue to feel the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that you’re probably spending most of your day thinking about how to cover your expenses and make sure your players have an organization to return to when all of this is…

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NextUp Town Hall: Recapping our First-Ever Virtual Event

Hundreds of sports organizers came together to discuss all things business and community in the time of COVID-19. Here’s what happened.   Shortly after it was clear that the Coronavirus would force athletes off the court, off the field, and into their homes, we began…

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Youth Sports is Now Online: How We’re Creating Community in Uncertain Times with the Digital Launch of NextUp

A message from LeagueApps President and Co-Founder, Jeremy Goldberg:   With all of this talk of social distancing, I appreciate more than ever moments of togetherness.      One of my favorite memories from this past year—and a moment of togetherness that I’ve found myself thinking…