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Barriers To Entry: What Is Holding Back Youth Sports?

In 2015, the Aspen Institute, a think tank that studies health and sports issues, released a report from a study group that examined what might be keeping more kids from playing sports. They found that several of the top barriers to more kids enrolling in…

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Sports Facilities Sharing: Las Vegas Leads The Way

“You wouldn’t even know they played soccer here on Saturday. When they’re here for soccer, they’d never know we played baseball two days prior,” says Jim Gemma, media relations director for the Las Vegas Area 51s. For several months of the year, the 51s share…


Ways Social Media has Changed and How Sports Organizations Can Keep Up

If you feel like keeping up with the latest social media updates and changes is a full-time job, you’re not alone. Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are constantly launching new features and searching for ways to keep users engaged just a little while…


How to Develop a Social Media Strategy That Works

As Pro Skills Basketball grew from a local outfit in Charlotte run by two ex-college teammates to an youth sports powerhouse with fifteen locations in the US, plus a presence in China and England , co-founder Brendan Winters had a invaluable resource by his side:…


Why Your Team Needs a Female Coach and How to Find Her

Here’s a story that haunts Dee Stephan, the founder of the successful Dodgers LAX girls’ league: She and her husband, desperate for coaches for a different fledgling town program, called a parents’ meeting. One mom in attendance had played for a Division I school, but…


Five Tested Ways to Recruit More Female Coaches

Dodgers LAX club founder Dee Stephan played field hockey through college, but it wasn’t until she started coaching that she found a real mentor: “She was a mom and a full-time teacher and athletic director, and she taught me that I could be an athlete…


Three Things Organizers and Coaches Can Do to Prevent Injuries in Youth Sports

Maybe the only thing outpacing the rise in youth sports injuries is the freely given advice about preventing them. The problem is, none of it quite explains how, says Joe Janosky, director of sports safety at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), which is ranked the…


Eight Barriers that Stop Girls from Playing Sports–and an Olympian’s Advice on How to Break Through

Angela Ruggiero is a four-time Olympic ice hockey medalist (gold, silver, bronze, silver), member of both the International Olympic Committee and Hockey Hall of Fame, and CEO of the Sports Innovation Lab. She is also past-president of the Women’s Sports Foundation and the former Chief…


You’re Getting Throttled on Facebook – How to Get Your Message to the Right People

If you’ve spent time on Facebook lately you might notice the world seems smaller. Maybe you keep seeing repeat posts from the same handful of people, or you’re following 20 pages, but you don’t remember seeing much new from them. This phenomenon is called throttling….


Here’s How This Youth Sports Program Solved This Age Old Problem With Difficult Parents

This simple solution may help you deal with your difficult parent problems. At some point, you will have a difficult interaction with a parent, coach, player, or any combination thereof. That’s just the nature of youth sports and the emotions that come with being a…