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4 Things Organizers and Coaches Can Do to Prevent Youth Sports Injuries

Here are three tips organizers and coaches should follow for preventing youth sports injuries, from the Hospital for Special Surgery.


Collect Payments with the LeagueApps Triple Play:: Pricing, Profitability, Procurement

Utilizing these LeagueApps tools can help you collect payments, fill programs, and stay connected with your customer—all with less guesswork and error.

A head coach of a MAVS Volleyball travel team dissects four areas a coach can carry out your sports organization mission statement.


4 Ways Your Coaches Can Carry Out Your Mission Statement

You have the perfect sports organization mission statement, but you’re having trouble getting everyone fully aligned. We talked to a head coach of a MAVS Volleyball travel team to learn how their sports organization empowers its coaches to carry out their mission every day.

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How LeagueApps Protects Your Data

Technology has been game changing for organizers. With platforms like LeagueApps, you can streamline time-consuming tasks and focus your attention on what matters—growing your business.   But efficiency is only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to know that every piece of information…

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What Return to Play Looks Like Today: A Conversation with LaxManiax, All in Athletics, and Junior Comet Sports

Our NextUp Town Hall series aims to connect, inform and inspire youth sports organizers all across the country. In this installment, we’ve built upon the hundreds of conversations we’ve had in the past five month with organizers who are dealing with the new normal—playing during…

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How to Navigate an Uncertain Fall Season: Registration, Refunds, Credits and More

As youth sports have picked back up over the past month and a half,  we’ve spoken to hundreds of organizers who have been strategizing for the fall. The overwhelming feeling is that running a program, communicating with parents, and keeping kids safe is a high-wire…


Tips for Managing Critical Conversations: Recapping our Q&A with Charlie Hauck

In addition to helping his clients develop communication skills as the founder of consultancy Growth Dynamics, Charlie Hauck is a former coach, intramural club director, and lacrosse player—so he’s no stranger to navigating tough conversations. We sat down with him to talk about what youth…

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Communicating During COVID-19: How to Talk About Refunds, Layoffs, Return to Play, and More

During these uncertain times, the most important thing you can do to maintain business continuity is develop strong lines of communication with your players, parents, coaches, and donors. This is especially important when it comes to handling requests for refunds, managing your payment plans, and…


How to Communicate About Layoffs

By Julie Fanelli, Director of People and Culture at LeagueApps   Communicate with compassion You’ve considered your customers and your business. Now is the time to focus on the employee that’s being let go. Make sure that the employee is the first to know (outside…

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Disputes Deconstructed

Everything you need to know about handling disputes—and best practices for protecting your business.   If you’re accepting payments online, chances are that you’ve dealt with a dispute at some point. While they’re typically uncommon, there are a few proactive steps that you can take…