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Report: Youth Field Hockey Participation Rates Soaring

In recent months, major media outlets have reported on youth sports participation rates around the United States. Some sports have seen gains, with ice hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball all reporting sizable increases in their respective participation rates. One sport that has reported a sizable increased…

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On The Road With LeagueApps: Youth Basketball Leaders Summit

Over 500 youth teams competed in Zero Gravity’s “Battle for the Belt” tournament over the weekend. The annual tournament is an unrivaled celebration of hoops in New England. Teams comprised of players from 3rd to 12th grade duked it out across the greater Boston area…

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How To Build A Youth Sports Volunteer Program

There is a multitude of reasons why it is not only necessary but essential for your youth organization to cultivate and maintain a successful volunteer program. For starters, squeezing the most out of your budget is a top priority for any team, large or small….

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Inside An Elite Soccer Club

Steve Lucey owes a great deal to the game of soccer. It has provided him with a vocation. From his earliest days playing pick-up games in England to his founding of the Arsenal FC in Southern California, there’s no separating Lucey from the game. It’s…

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Top Five Tips To Improve Your Social Media Presence

With over a billion users on Facebook, 800 million on Instagram, and 400 million on Snapchat, there’s a good chance your athletes (and their parents) are on social media. Not only that, but plenty of potential athletes are out there too, waiting for a captivating…

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Charting A Youth Basketball Success Story

Mitch Storch has built a sizeable basketball empire in North Jersey. A self-proclaimed Mecca of hoops in the Garden State, his organization has been forward-thinking from the jump. A progressive approach to fees and cost structures, a robust social media presence, and an aggressive expansion…


Winning Culture Series: P.J. Fleck & Dwayne Johnson

The best leaders draw inspiration from every walk of life. From Warren Buffett to Bill Belichick, founding principles not only set a foundation for success, they also provide solace during the inevitable rough patches along the road to success. Our winning culture series is designed…

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Barriers To Entry: What Is Holding Back Youth Sports?

In 2015, the Aspen Institute, a think tank that studies health and sports issues, released a report from a study group that examined what might be keeping more kids from playing sports. They found that several of the top barriers to more kids enrolling in…

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Set Up For Success: A Club Volleyball Blueprint

At LeagueApps we pride ourselves on living and breathing youth sports. Our platform powers countless teams around the country, across a multitude of sports. To better understand the sports we’re serving, we have launched our “Best of the Best” series. Each article will feature top…

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Spice Up Your Next Youth Sports Event With Food Trucks

Justin Huskisson remembers playing sports as a kid and eating the small concession options that were available to him. He thinks about the joy food brought him while playing sports in Kentucky as he manages a fleet of Kona Ice trucks around the Central Texas…