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2022 MLB Season Preview: Predictions From LeagueApps Baseball Partners

Here’s what our baseball technology experts predict for the 2022 Major League Baseball Season—including who will win it all.

Youth Softball Organizations Should Follow This Advice

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Youth Softball Organizations Should Follow This Advice

Read this advice from leading youth softball organizations and medical professionals on how to best manage your softball organization today.

The Future of America’s Pastime Belongs to Youth Sports Development


The Hopeful Future of America’s Favorite Pastime

The future of America’s favorite pastime begins with local and youth sports development programs, just like DREAM and ACES did by taking their kids to Field of Dreams, and the way thousands of leaders who are paving the way for all kids to experience the power of play.

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Recapping NextUp: Return to Play – Day 2

As we navigate returning to play after months of a forced pause on youth and local sports, LeagueApps is here to help you come up with your own return to play plan. We hosted NextUp: Return to Play, a three-day virtual conference featuring speakers on…

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Recapping NextUp: Return to Play – Day 1

As we return to play after months of sheltering at home, athletes and their families will need to adjust to a new normal. The youth sports experience will play a critical role in our nation’s physical, social, and cultural recovery, which is why we’ve been…

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How 5 of New Jersey’s Top Sports Brands Influenced The State’s Industry

There are over 2,300 sports organizations in the state of New Jersey. With all those options, you have to be able to show a parent or athlete what separates your programs from others. One way to do that is to find a way you can influence your…

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25 Baseball Travel Teams That Are Using LeagueApps Dugout [infographic]

LeagueApps Dugout is the fastest growing baseball technology platform that scales, monetizes, and grows youth travel teams. From Connecticut to California, LeagueApps partners span across the country. On average, partners grow 20-25% from year to year on the LeagueApps platform, mainly by enhanced registration and…

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2017 MLB Season Preview: Bold Predictions From LeagueApps Dugout Technology Experts

What happens when technology experts that love the game of baseball make season predictions? With Opening Day literally hours away, our LeagueApps Dugout experts wanted to share with all the baseball organizers just how much they know and love the game as well. The expert…

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The Sports Science Behind Hitting a Softball Versus Hitting a Baseball

Anyone who has played on the diamond before has heard or even said that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. Well, John Brenkus and the Sport Science crew just may think that hitting a softball is harder, and they have the…

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A Drone Took Video of New Sports Force Parks and It Looks Awesome

What could be better than a day at the ballpark? Well, how about tacking on another day at one of the country’s best amusement parks right next door? From baseball and softball to soccer and lacrosse, Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center offers…