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Use LeagueApps Connect to Sync Your Youth Sports Software Tools Together

Use LeagueApps Connect to sync all of your tools and youth sports software together, so you never have to switch between platforms to run your business.

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LeagueApps Partners With ConnectLax to Simplify the Recruiting Process for Clubs

Editor’s Note: LeagueApps Lax and ConnectLAX just teamed up to make the lives of club organizers even easier. The flexible API of LeagueApps easily works with other technologies in order to deliver the absolute best experiences to LeagueApps’ partners and their customers. You can read the…

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LeagueApps Partners Work With Movocado to Create Custom Mobile Apps

Because LeagueApps’ API technology is an open platform, other technologies and applications can easily integrate into LeagueApps. Think of LeagueApps as the turkey in your digital Thanksgiving meal. Many of our partners have expressed the need for a mobile app for their programs that can…

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Grow Your Lacrosse Club Team With LeagueApps [infographic]

It’s no secret that the sport of lacrosse has exploded in the country. It’s due to be even bigger in the future. Since 2001, the sport has grown over 200% in participation, most of that in the youth ranks. Club teams as a whole have…