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Save Hours With New LeagueApps Features

By LeagueApps

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We’re excited to highlight quite a few updates made to LeagueApps over the past few weeks! New features have been added to save sport organizers time and increase efficiencies while running their programs. As we approach the “busy summer season,” our goal at LeagueApps is to continue to improve and develop our technology so that our partners have all of the information and tools that they need at their fingertips.

Check out recent updates made to LeagueApps across Invoices, Payment Plans, Schedules, Bookings, and Transaction Reporting!


Invoice Restyle – When adding a ninth action to LeagueApps invoices, we used the opportunity to create a better User Experience by restyling the invoice instead of just adding another button to a busy page.

What’s New:

  • Less text and clutter on the page
  • All invoice actions are grouped under a new “Actions” dropdown menu in the top right. New actions include:
    • Apply Credit – Admins can type in the amount of site credit they want to apply to the invoice, then the credit is automatically deducted from the member’s credit balance and applied to the invoice.
    • Pay Now Partial Amounts – Admins can use the Pay Now tool to apply partial payments to an invoice.
    • Convert to Payment Plan – Admins can convert unpaid invoices to Payment Plans after registration if a customer is requesting a more flexible payment option.
    • Disable AutoPay – Admins can disable AutoPay on a specific invoice if the customer no longer wishes to have future installments automatically charged.


Payment Plans

Payment Plans are a frequently used feature that help spread the cost of a program across multiple installments. We’ve added two major updates to Payment Plans!

What’s New:

  • Copy Payment Plans – Admins can now copy a payment plan within a program and choose to leave dates the same, or update dates to a new time period. This will save a lot of time when creating multiple payment plans within a program.
  • Assigned Payment Plans – Teams can now have their own set of Registration Settings, which means they can be assigned specific payment plans from a program. This new feature helps target specific teams with payment options meant for certain levels or ages within a program.



Admins can now Import Calendar Events to a program’s schedule. This is a huge timesaver when adding practice schedules and other events to a team or program calendar. Event Imports are accessed on the same page as Game Imports.

What’s new:

  • Calendar Event Import – Admins can now import Events and Games to a program’s calendar.


Stored Credit Cards

Your customers can now store a credit card at checkout without having it charged! For programs that do not require payment during registration, a customer can store his/her credit card and enroll in AutoPay without paying the first installment right away.

This is a nice addition to our already powerful payment plan feature for organizations that want to collect registrations, get players enrolled into payment plans but not require a payment during registration.



Bookings is a new program type that allows for time slot programs. We’re excited to introduce enhanced post registration management for Bookings.

What’s New:

  • Admins now have the ability to Move and Delete registrants from Booking programs.
  • There is the option to increase, decrease, or refund the invoice if an admin moves a registrant to a different timeslot.



Do you need accounting-level reporting? Check out the Transaction Detail report!

What’s New:

  • We’ve added new fields to the report such as Season, Experience, and Bank Transfer date for accounts using LeagueApps Gateway.

Tip: If you manage multiple sites on LeagueApps, check out Cross-Site reports for Transactions, Registration and Invoices.

Do these updates help your organization? Let us know your thoughts!






This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.