LeagueApps vs. The Competition

Why LA is different

When deciding on a sports management platform, there’s a lot to think about. Will it help you manage your business? Will it help you grow and scale? Will it help you build relationships? And the toughest one… how do you make the best decision for your org? 

We often get specific questions about what makes our platform different from those likes SportsEngine. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key differentiators. 

For an executive summary of the differences between LA & SE, click here to enlarge.

Our Identity

As former athletes ourselves, we have a true passion for the game and well-defined company values – you can read about them here. We believe in the value of sportsmanship and recognize the power of working as a team. We can only succeed if you do, so we’re invested in providing you with the best technology and support in the industry.

Our Origins

LeagueApps has provided innovative technological solutions to youth sports organizations for a decade. We believe that organizers are the most important element of the youth sports experience and our platform is designed with them in mind at every turn. We’re connected to youth sports from the grassroots all the way up to professional leagues like the NBA, NHL, MLB and PLL. 

Minnesota data start-up Sports Ngin was acquired by NBC Sports in the summer of 2016 and rebranded as SportsEngine. The platform itself was started on team sports technologies (TST) which made website design for minor league sports teams.

Dynamic Features

The versatility of the LeagueApps platform has helped organizers battle the increasing unknowns brought on by COVID-19. We’re constantly updating our product and rolling out new functionality to serve organizers. We often have multiple development releases each month and our features and functionality are constantly evolving. 


The platform itself allows users to fully customize their registration experience, create unique options that account for every eventuality brought on by the pandemic. Flexible payment plans, account for credits, refunds and mutl-payment options, that provide organizations and their parents with room to breathe in the current financial environment. In-depth reporting functionality and communication tools streamline the entire parent-organizer experience, so that everyone is on the same page 24/7.  


SportsEngine’s basic interface is a combination of multiple platforms that were all developed separately. The platform allows organizers to manage their registrations, access standard team management tools, track scores and stats, and fundraise. Any alteration to your setup must go through the SportsEngine team.

Custom Websites

We launched our Design Shop to provide partners with visually stunning websites that help build your brand and energize your players, parents, and coaches. These custom websites leverage cutting edge technology and robust CMS platforms to deliver an experience that is right for you!



SportsEngine’s websites come from a set template, designed to build brand awareness for SE. Customized options for their websites remain limited and allow for third party ads that your parents may not appreciate. 

Data Security

We treat your data with the utmost sensitivity because we respect you, your organization, and all of your players and parents. Your data is protected and never shared with third parties. In this new era of interconnectedness, cybersecurity has become a critical element of the youth sports experience with parents, players and coaches communicating and sharing sensitive information every day.  

Data collected by SE from youth organizations is subject to third party use. You may get random emails and promotions as a result.


As a youth organizer, providing an elite experience for your players, parents, and coaches goes well beyond rolling out the balls and placing a few cones. Behind every great team is a support system of coaches and parents. In the same way, LeagueApps is the team behind your growing organization. If you’d like to learn why thousands of youth sports organizations have partnered with LeagueApps, schedule a demo/call with one of our sales reps today!







This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.