Let LeagueApps Expand Your Business With Private Lessons

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Are you open to launching a new program offering that can help grow your organization, improve the talent of your players and provide extra opportunities for your coaching staff? Consider launching private or group lessons.

By providing lessons and additional training, your players gain access to individualized instruction that can take their game to the next level. Your coaching staff can work with players who want the extra help and earn extra money during the offseason or any time that is convenient for them. Think of the impact offering lessons can have on your organization. Not only can lessons help offset high operational costs and revenue seasonality, they can attract new players and coaches as well.

There can, however, be a downside to offering lessons. They are short-term and frequent so it can be a lot to manage. Many sport organizers manage lessons and trainings offline, using a google calendar and texting and emailing back and forth with the player and coach.

We’ve talked to the owners of hundreds of sports programs to find a way to streamline the management of lessons. We’ve simplified the registration process for both the program and player.


Introducing Bookings


A free feature upgrade is now available to easily accept registration and payment for different types of bookings (lessons, training & reservations.) It’s an easy-to-use tool with streamlined setup and an enhanced registration experience for parents and players.

Streamlined setup

As a completely new feature, we’ve revolutionized how LeagueApps admins can set up a Bookings programs.

  • Setting templates expedites program setup by predefining common settings such as price and capacity limits.
  • There is a new ability to assign an instructor or coach to a specific time slot. This lets a player search for a lesson with a specific instructor and the instructor or coach can view and manage their lessons from their online dashboard.
  • Bookings seamlessly integrate with your LeagueApps Site calendar, so all lessons are automatically sent to your calendar where players can view upcoming lessons, directly register and receive reminder notifications.

Enhanced registration experience

We know parents and players like options, so we created multiple views (both a list and a calendar view) to help them find the lesson they are looking for. Powerful filtering tools let players search for a specific date, location and even their favorite coach. With a shopping cart style check-out, a player can book a whole season of lessons at once, by adding as many timeslots as they’d like before submitting payment.

Take your lessons online

Sports lessons managed offline lead f to missed opportunities. Players may not know you offer this additional service, there can be confusion around availability, miscommunication around location and timing, and most importantly, gaps in payment collection resulting in lost money for coaches and the organization.

We created Bookings to simplify the management of private training or group lessons. With it, LeagueApps Admin saves time with streamlined registration setup. Players save time by easily finding lessons they want, and booking however many they want straight from their phones or computers.

  • Setting a predetermined date and time clearly communicates coaches’ availability
  • Eliminates any confusion around location and expectations with email reminders and calendar alerts
  • Uses capacity limits to provide 1-on-1 training or allows any number of registrants for group sessions
  • Sets price points that align with a lesson’s duration or the instructor’s fees







This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.