International Women’s Day: LeagueApps Celebrates Women Shaping The Youth Sports World

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LeagueApps Celebrating International Women's Day

LeagueApps Celebrates Women Shaping The Youth Sports World

On International Women’s Day, we wanted to take some time out to recognize not only the female employees that work here at LeagueApps but also our amazing female partners and the women leading youth sports organizations.

We want to recognize these seven amazing women and say how much we value them and all women for what they do.


Nichol Whiteman

Executive Director, LA Dodgers Foundation

Nichol is a visionary who knows how to get things done. It’s been amazing to see her embrace the role of technology in managing their RBI program, and provide the leadership to facilitate adoption.

Even more important, this project is indicative of her innovative approach to impacting the LA community.


Candice Utush

USA Stars Academy

Candice is always on top of whatever I throw her way. She was completely dedicated to launching her huge soccer organization while also juggling being a mother.

She is single-handedly impacting the ways in which the USA Stars Academy is able to not only run, but improve their business on a day-by-day basis.

Jen Schroeder

Co-Founder/Catching Instructor, Packaged Deal

What Jen is doing on the field as an instructor is game-changing for female athletes.

But what she is doing as a softball entrepreneur is revolutionary.


Michelle Petrovich

Vice President, Acers FastPitch

Michelle is a critical part of the Acers organization, dedicating hours of hard work as Vice President.

As a mother and wife, Michelle should be celebrated as a cornerstone for why this organization succeeds.

Julie Boglione

President/Director, Breaking Barriers Lacrosse

I think about Julie and Breaking Barriers often as an example of the power of sports and the passion of our partners.

It makes our mission even more meaningful and makes me proud to be part of the LeagueApps team.


Chris Lawler

President, Motor City Madness

Chris is a hardworking mother and wife, who dedicates so much energy and time to making the Madness organization great.

Her grit and efforts should be celebrated, for she is inspiring the future generation of young female leaders.

Lisa Mitchelides

Executive Director/Recruiting Director, Midwestern Force Lacrosse

Lisa is a big believer in easy access to sports.

She makes sure everyone who wants to play lacrosse in her area has access to it.


Lori Brown

Founder/Director, T3 Lacrosse

Besides proving the importance of the sport of lacrosse, the entire business is run by females who have helped Lori make a difference in the game as it grows.

T3 is a fantastic female run company and are great partners to work with!


Additionally, we had some more personal, inspirational leaders.

Stephanie Vera said this about her mother:

My mama inspires me each and every day with her strength to not only lead ourfamily, but to never give up at fighting for a career that makes her happy and fulfilled and independent. She was born and raised in Ecuador where she became an accountant as she’s always had a love for numbers. She then immigrated to the United States and quickly found work as a nanny or cleaning lady for families who needed additional help. She quickly learned English and shortly after got certified as an accountant again at H&R Block. Ten years later she get carpal tunnel syndrome and can no longer crunch those numbers. She was devastated. But she went back to school and got certified as an Ultrasound Tech. Through job market set backs she didn’t find a job and figured she would give it a go at selling real estate and got licensed. She is still a licensed realtor, but found that her passion is helping people in need — especially the elderly. She once again went back at it and is now a licensed vocational nurse. I am so proud of my mom for never giving up. She is 56 years old and finally found the career of her dreams. She goes to work happy every day and is getting paid the most she ever has in her career! In my eyes, my mama embodies a strong, hard working woman and I wish her a Happy International Women’s Day!

Jared Cooper added:

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable role women play in society, from the board room to the playing fields. My mother was the organizer of the household, and managing a full schedule of three social boys who played sports during every season of the year was a full-time job. Her role in making sure we always made it to practice and games, whether in local community leagues or on travel teams playing tournaments all around New York, can not be overstated. I stand in support of her on this day to acknowledge and celebrate women’s achievements.

I also stand with my wife, who recently gave me the great gift of bringing our two twin boys into this world. Her emotional and physical strength has and continues to be inspiring. Part of my role in being a father is to raise my boys to recognize and respect women as equals in our society, and ensure they advocate for that equality. It is incumbent on all of us to ensure this is a safe and supportive world for women now and for generations to come.






This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.