How to Navigate an Uncertain Fall Season: Registration, Refunds, Credits and More

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As youth sports have picked back up over the past month and a half,  we’ve spoken to hundreds of organizers who have been strategizing for the fall. The overwhelming feeling is that running a program, communicating with parents, and keeping kids safe is a high-wire balancing act. Now more than ever, organizers need a technology partner that can help them navigate this unprecedented moment in time. That partner is LeagueApps.


Registrations: What to Keep in Mind

Register now, pay later is the name of the game according to Craig McGinn, our Soccer GM and the former Executive Director of Steel Soccer. This will provide both your organization and your parents with much-needed flexibility. 


How can LeagueApps help? Custom payment plans, complete with auto-pay functionality, have allowed parents to comfortably commit to organizations without fear of losing money due to cancellations. Waivers are another critical piece of the registration puzzle. Using LeagueApps, you can upload multiple waivers and easily download those that have been signed in seconds.  

Credits & Refunds: How to Meet Parents Where They Are

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to return all fees to partners when they refund a parent. Organizers can also provide credits towards future seasons. We know that shifting funds can quickly create a complicated digital paper trail—but our reporting functionality makes it easy to manage your finances in real time.

Communication: Best Practices For Keeping Customers In the Loop

For many organizations the hurdles related to fees, refunds, credits and waivers pale in comparison to the challenges they face when it comes to dealing with parents. Crystal clear communication is the name of the game—it’s important to communicate early and often, be transparent, and get in front of potential issues. 


Using LeagueApps, you can save time by easily sending bulk messages via text or email, communicating schedule changes, health updates, and more.   


To learn more about the features that will help you run your programs during COVID-19 and beyond, get in touch here






This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.