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Go Green, Play Forever


The LeagueApps Management Console is getting a makeover! On June 25 and 26, 2020 we’re introducing an optimized user experience. Learn about the changes that are coming to the platform’s navigation, color palette, and typography. 


The Future is Green

The biggest change you will notice is our evolution from the color blue to green.

“Our new brand colors are inspired by the experience of playing sports on a field. The primary brand color for LeagueApps is grass green, in conjunction with forest and lime green, with complimentary colors of yellow and blue to evoke the sun and sky. Green is also associated with growth and renewal, connected to our belief of the positive impact that sports has on participants and communities and our commitment to creating a thriving youth and local sports culture everywhere.”Jeremy Goldberg, President of LeagueApps

Optimized Page View 

The main navigation that is currently on the right hand side, will be moved to the top of the page. This move frees up horizontal space on your screen for optimized viewing of all pages and reports. The navigation bar will also change from words to icons to further save space; but don’t worry all of the menu items are staying the same, they just have a new home on the screen!

Enhanced Navigation

The dropdown list to navigate between sub-accounts will move from the upper right corner to the upper left corner. This provides a more natural user experience, since our eyes digest information from left to right – you’ll always know what account you’re viewing and working on. There will also be a new search tool added to the sub-account list, so you can quickly find the account you need. 


Similarly, the “View Site” button will now be an icon located to the right of the sub-account list. The icon will click through to your account’s Member Portal, where your participants explore programs, register, and manage payments and schedules.

Move Faster 

The main navigation will be responsive to a hovering mouse, as opposed to requiring a click. This change reduces the amount of clicks needed to navigate to frequently visited pages in the platform – improving efficiency while you work! 


The powerful global search tool will stay at the top of the page as a magnifying glass icon.


Our team of product designers have thoughtfully reconfigured the management console’s navigation to make it a more efficient tool that allows you to move faster with less clicks. Our goal is to provide a better experience to LeagueApps partners, with minimum disruptions to your workflows. We hope you love the new LeagueApps experience!


Questions? Please reach out to our support team. 






This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.