10 of the Best Sports Related Halloween Costumes

10 halloween costumes

Some of the Best Halloween Costumes for Sports Leaders

Halloween is a fun holiday, both for kids and adults. For kids, it’s the one time of the year in which they can stockpile all the chocolate and candy that’s usually not allowed. For adults, we can go back in time and act like kids again, at least for a few hours.

And then there’s the sports junkies at Halloween. People like our partners- community leaders who are delivering sports experiences- and us, the boys and ghouls of LeagueApps that are actively helping to make sports happen through technology and other means. When this time comes around every year, we can’t help but continue the sports trend and dress up like some of our favorite sports-related people or things.

Here are 10 of our favorite sports related costumes for Halloween.

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1) Current or Former Athlete

Simple and easy to make. Just slap on any jersey of your favorite player and add some sweat pants. If you’re really feeling aggressive, wear cleats to the office or party.

For extra added bonus points, don an old timers jersey like Maggie Hogan, the Manager of Business Operations and Innovation. But you can’t wear hers, it was exclusively made by her mom!

And if you dress up like an Indiana Hoosier, you better have the pants.

2) Darth Vader

How can you mention baseball without a brief nod to the Evil Empire, aka the New York Yankees. Granted, when Darth Vader comes out in costume, there’s a 99.9% chance that it’s a Star Wars theme. But we work at a sports company, and since you’re a sports leader, you can pull off the Evil Empire New York Yankees Darth Vader look.

3) Thumbs Down Guy

Here’s another New York baseball reference. In September of 2017, Hurricane Irma pummeled Florida, causing the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays series, originally scheduled to be played in St. Petersburg, to be played in Citi Field in New York. During the game, Todd Frazier hit a home run, and as most Yankees fans cheered, one fan gave his displeasure with a single thumbs down. The result was internet mania and a rallying symbol for the playoff-bound Yankees.

Literally anyone can pull of this costume. All you need is wired glasses, suspenders, a blue shirt, and a thumb.

4) Carmelo Anthony Hoodie Jersey

During Oklahoma City Thunder media day, Carmelo Anthony showed up wearing a charcoal hoodie under his new OKC jersey. When asked about why he was wearing a hoodie under his jersey, Anthony had this to say:

“It started with a beanie, like I was just in the gym and I didn’t have a haircut, and I was like, ‘I’m just gonna go and throw a hat on. I wanted to sweat, and I just started working back out in the summer,” he explained. “From there, it went to a hoodie and it got out, and the phenomenon started.”

Go old school and wear Melo’s high school and college jersey, like our own “Teddy” Bugniazet and Steven Hyland did here.

Jump start your sports sales career by joining Teddy and Steven. Apply to our sales team by clicking here.

5) Captain Ahab of ‘Moby Dick’

Before you ask what Captain Ahab has to do with sports, hear me out. In the early 1800s, whalers were the athletes of the day. The Olympics had yet to be reinstated, baseball was still decades away, and James Naismith was still some 50 years from being born. Whalers threw spears, rowed boats, climbed the masts of ships, they literally were the modern day triathlete.

Plus, our own Director of Baseball Arden McWilliams is a former athlete himself, and he concurs. And he’s looking for a new teammate to join him as the next LeagueApps Director of Soccer. Apply here to be that person.

6) Teen Wolf

When Scott Howard learned in 1985 that he was part teen and part wolf, he took his new found skills and applied them to the basketball court. He quickly became the town’s most ferocious player on the court while juggling with growing up wolf off the court. Pull off this costume like Jared Cooper, the Manager of Business Development.

7) Pakistani Cricket Team

Grab some friends, or your coaches, and form a team costume that’s not too complicated to make up. Our partner success team did just that, looking as legendary as they are helping out our partners with the day-to-day of running a sports organization.

8) Clark Griswold

Not sure if this is the best selling Chicago Blackhawks jersey of all time, but it sure deserves to be. Unleash your inner Clark Griswold a la Christmas Vacation with his jersey and a Santa cap, just like our Manager of Product Marketing Joanna Johnson pulls off here.

9) Launch Team

Now this is going to take some explaining. When sports organizations and programs partner with LeagueApps, our dedicated launch team helps them get “launched” on to the platform and trained so admins and staff are best set up for success.

Our Launch team really took their names to the next level with their costumes.

Happy Halloween!!!! ? #launchteam #leagueapps #playforever #lionsunflowerorsun

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Our launch team is looking for their next “star!” (Couldn’t help the dad joke.) Apply here to join the team!

10) Bob Ross

It’s Bob Ross people! Come on!






This piece was written by a member of the LeagueApps content team.