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Wizards Guard Bradley Beal Joins EYBL To Go Elite

Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal will be giving back to his St. Louis community.

The St. Louis native, who once starred as a player on the Chaminade College Prep (Missouri) high school basketball team, and laced up for the St. Louis Eagles‘ EYBL squad from 2008-10, has solidified his commitment to making an impact in youth basketball programs by partnering with the Eagles to become their official ambassador.

The team will officially become the Bradley Beal Elite.

“Having Bradley Beal’s support for the St. Louis Eagles is monumental! It speaks to the core value of the organization and what we try to instill in all of the young people that we come in contact with–that is to give back,” team president Tim Holloway said.

The St. Louis Eagles were founded in 1988 as a non-profit foundation, to assist St. Louis-area youth athletes receive college scholarship support, and have impacted the lives of more than 1200 participants, including  Larry Hughes, Tyler Hansbrough, Ben McLemore, and David Lee.

“The collaboration was symbolic because the Eagles were an important part of my success and helped me become who I am today. The Eagles have always been like a family and I am excited to elevate basketball in my hometown,” Beal said in a statement.

Starting in January 2017, the Bradley Beal Elite will be powered by LeagueApps. All registration, fee collection, and communication will be done through the LeagueApps platform, including all programs that receive personalized support from the sharp-shooting guard.

You can read the full article here.



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Todd Haselton | CNBC


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Patently Apple posted a report titled “Samsung’s Next-Gen Note 8 will introduce a Dual Lens Camera to help it better Compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 and 8.” I noted in the report that that a Korean report had stated that “Samsung had attempted to feature a dual-lens camera in the latest flagship Galaxy S8 but the plan was ditched at the last minute due to high parts prices and design issues.” Translation: Apple took Samsung by surprise with the iPhone 7-Plus dual camera and they were unable to rush a copycat feature in time for the S8. Today the Korean press is confirming that indeed Samsung will be unveiling a dual camera on their new Note 8 launching next week.


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