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LeagueApps Loves Professional Designers

Professional designers makes LeagueApps look good! LeagueApps can be a digital blank canvas, and professional designers are the artists that create the website masterpieces. They are the ones that best understand how to design a LeagueApps site to best utilize all of the different features by maximizing the value of our design tools.

It is vitally important for sport organizations to create a design and theme that embodies the organization’s brand. Having the right logo and website design is critical for sport organizations. The website or logo is often the first impression for new members. People feel more comfortable when they’re on a website that has an impressive design. This becomes especially important when it comes to online registration and payments. A clean and sharp design also makes it much easier for site visitors to use tools like registration, schedules & standings and widgets.

How LeagueApps Partners With Professional Designers:

It is easy for designers to use LeagueApps. Creating a unique look and feel that captures your brand is easily attainable using our design tools. Designers will have access to the LeagueApps Design Playbook – which is an online tutorial that gives them all the recipes for success with our tools. As part of the full launch package, we will even facilitate and fully support that designer as they build out their full or integrated LeagueApps site design! We make it easy for designers to use LeagueApps for design. Here’s a quick list of the tools that we have to make the designer’s job easier:

Professionally Designed LeagueApps Sites:

Delaware Sports League

Delaware Sports League Homepage

Delaware Sports League is a very attractive example of an integrated LeagueApps site design. We worked with DSL to implement our registration widgets onto their existing homepage (see above). You can learn more about widget integration and customization here. In addition to the widgets on their homepage, we also helped DSL create a seamless registration site that’s externally linked to and hosted directly on LeagueApps (see below). This DSL LeagueApps site has a custom logo and a customer header. You can learn more about implementing your own logo and header here.

Delaware Sports League LeagueApps Site


Charlottesville Sports & Social Club

C'ville Homepage

Charlottesville Sports & Social Club is a clean and eye-catching example of a full solution LeagueApps site design. C’ville is a great example of a true LeagueApps full solution site, meaning their entire site is hosted on LeagueApps, but with the help of a custom design. Their logo, header and all images are custom and were designed and uploaded into their LeagueApps site. (Learn about a custom logo, header and images here).


NAKID Social Sports

NAKID Social Sports is an organization that has leagues in Austin, DC, and Denver – and subsequently they have three different full solution LeagueApps sites that combine into one. They are a great example of how an organization with different locations can use LeagueApps. All of NAKID’s sites have a custom logo, a custom header, a custom footer and custom CSS. Using the Custom CSS panel in the LeagueApps Theme Editor allows you to add any additional CSS styles you want. Learn more about custom CSS here.

How To Find A Good Professional Designer:

Give us a call at 1-800-257-3681! We can help advise and support you and your team as you look to find the right design partner to work with LeagueApps! It can often be tricky finding the right design resources that fits into your budget. We have plenty of recommendations, referrals, and ideas for how you can implement the design you have always wanted within the awesome tools and values of LeagueApps!