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Saved Payments: LeagueApps Streamlines Secure Payments for Members and Organizations

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Local organized sports have a demand for simplicity – especially when it comes to payments. Collecting and tracking payments in a simple way is what LeagueApps does best, and now with our new Saved Payments feature we make it even simpler!

With Saved Payments, LeagueApps makes payment effortless for both organizers and participants by allowing:

  • One Click Payment For Participants
    • Registrants can securely store their credit/debit card to make future payments without having to re-enter a card number each time
  • Auto-Bill Payment Plans
    • Admins can create payment plans that require the registrant to store a credit card so that the card can be auto-charged on the installment due dates

Admins have the luxury of offering these payment conveniences to their participants AND it makes collecting payments easier then ever – win win!


One Click Payment For Participants

Don’t you love when buying something online is easy? One click payment allows your players to pay in seconds. This is great when they’re at the field, on their mobile device, in a rush or too lazy to get their credit card out of their wallet. Never lose a transaction at the payment step ever again!


Desktop Experience

Mobile Experience


Card expired or need to use a different card? No worries, LeagueApps lets users edit their credit card details from their account.



Auto-Bill Payment Plans

Do you have programs where you offer payment plans? Auto-Billing will take your payment plans to the next level because your registrants can enroll into the payment plan, store their credit card and never think about it again! Stop chasing down unpaid installments by using Auto-Billing.


Admin Setup 


User Experience


Other Notes 

  • LeagueApps uses SSL encryption, the standard in eCommerce security, to transmit all sensitive information including credit cards. Plus we do not store any credit card data.  LeagueApps only stores a reference to the saved payment method that is held by your payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe, which is processing the transaction.  This secure process is called tokenization and is used to safeguard many different types of sensitive data including bank accounts, financial statements and medical records.
  • Saved Payments setup differs depending on your payment gateway so please contact your sales consultant or for next steps on how to activate the feature.
  • We’re building enhancements to Saved Payments in 2016, including an admin console charge feature!
  • Interested in helping LeagueApps optimize the future of Saved Payments? Please contact us, we’re always looking for feedback and partners to test new features in beta.

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