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Product Release Notes: League Management Improvements

Best Practices, Release Notes

The LeagueApps team pushed out a product release that includes a number of improvements to key features that help you manage your organization more efficiently. Many of our LeagueApps partners have specifically been requesting these improvements, so we’re excited to be able to deliver them.
Here’s an overview of the updates:

CSV/Excel Exporter Tool

Most partners rely heavily on the ability to export data to CSV and work in Excel or with other tools. We made a couple key enhancements that will extend this capability:

Support for Exporting Very Large Data Sets

For very large data sets (e.g., 20,000+ records), the CSV exporter was not always getting the job done and would “time out”. So, we overhauled the tool to work, and work efficiently. Now when you go to export a CSV from any source, you’ll see a modal dialog (see below screenshot) informing you that the data is being processed. When the data file is ready, it’ll download automatically.

Additional Data Fields included in Exports

Several of the CSV exports have been expanded to include additional data fields that partners have requested. Here’s a summary:

Program Players export CSV:

  • Membership Level
  • Membership Expiration Date
  • Birthdate
  • Discount Code
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Amount Paid
  • Team name (if applicable)

Registrations Report Tool export CSV:

  • Membership Level
  • Membership Expiration Date
  • Birthdate
  • Discount Code
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Amount Paid
  • Team name (if applicable)

Manage Members export CSV:

  • Membership Level
  • Membership Expiration Date
  • Birthdate

Manage Invoices export CSV:

  • Team name (if applicable)

Registrations Reporting Tool Improvements

We made a couple updates to the Registrations Reporting tool, making the feature much more usable and robust.

  • 1) We added a Date Range filter so you can now create and run reports for designated time ranges.
  • 2) We included more data fields in the output report, including Birthdate and Membership Level.

Added Support for Post Payment Conversion Pixel Tracking

LeagueApps partners that run online marketing campaigns (e.g., through Facebook Ads), need to be able to track conversions on registration purchases associated with these campaigns. It is now possible to add Conversion Tracking Pixel codes to appear after a payment is performed. Note that this feature will work with many advertising systems including Google Adwords and Facebook.

If you’re interested in setting this up, contact our Partner Management team at and they’ll get your pixel code added to your site.

Improved User Interface of Member Dashboard

We improved the overall layout of the member dashboard for your members when they log into your site. In particular, we streamlined the display layout of the “My Registered Activities” section. It’s now a lot easier to see the status of programs, what steps need to be taken next, and access links to key tasks/pages. The dashboard is also now explicitly displaying, for each registered program, the payment amount that the member has paid and the amount that is still owed.

Additional Enhancements

We also made the following enhancements to improve the overall product quality and performance:

1) Adjusted the rule for automatically increasing unpaid registration invoices after reduced price periods expire.

The process that automatically increases unpaid invoices after the Early Bird or Regular period expires now excludes the Processing Fee from the calculation. As a result, when a participant registers within the Early Bird (for example) period but does not pay until after the expiration, their invoice is automatically increased by difference between the Regular Fee and the Early Fee, and keeping the Processing Fee intact and separate.

2) The Program Coordinator admin role is updated to focus on relevant functions

Changes to the access privileges of this admin user role are as follows:

  • Removed access to the Member-wide Messaging functions
  • Removed access the the Manage Members section
  • Granted access to Scheduling functions

3) Engineering & Infrastructure Updates

The LeagueApps platform technology was also updated to help ensure uptime and speed. As always, we’re committed to maintaining an extremely high level of service and uptime.


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