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More Registration Tools Giving You More Control

Feature Highlight, Product News

Here’s another quick release. Just a few things to help you better manage your league registrations.

  • We added a tool that lets you manually generate an invoice for any registered player, who doesn’t already have an invoice (or who has a voided one). This is useful when you need to manually intervene and retroactively invoice players for various reasons.
  • We now display team player counts broken down by gender in the console. This makes it easier to see how your teams are filling up gender-wise, so you can quickly see which teams need more guys or more girls.
  • You can now set the program/league start date to “tentative” – in case you’re not 100% certain about the date it’ll begin. Doing this will cause the publicly displayed start date to incorporate a highlighted “tentative” tag.
  • Fixed an annoying spacing issue with all the rich content editors in the console (e.g., editing pages, leagues/program descriptions, location descriptions).
  • Various smaller tweaks and bug fixes, including resolution to an issue in which a portion of team player registrations were inadvertently not recording the waiver acceptance. As always, thanks for your feedback!

Stay tuned for another release coming up very soon – think more payment gateway options!


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