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LeagueApps Referral Bonus Program- Spread the Word!

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Here at LeagueApps, we value the relationships we have with our sports league partners. Without them we’re just lots of lines of code.  In an effort to strengthen these partnerships and expand our network, we will reward our league partners who introduce LeagueApps to other sports organizations.  We are excited to announce LeagueApps Referral Program.

Many of our partners have asked about referral programs in the past and many have already made referrals for us. We’re flattered every time we get recommended from an existing customer.  Starting now, you can earn LeagueApps credit or cash by simply inviting an organization to use LeagueApps – whether it is to power leagues, tournaments, events, or camps.

Our referral program is a win-win.  You earn a bonus when you refer someone and they start to process transactions on LeagueApps.  Your bonus compensation can reach up to $250 per organization, depending on the amount of transactions processed by your referral.  Referrals are powerful because they bring us new league partnerships, which in turn will help us grow our platform and build a better product.

How to Make a Referral

Find your unique Referral Link in your LeagueApps admin console.  Simply click on the Referral Program icon on the right side of your site dashboard (shown below).  You can also reach this page by following these steps in your admin console: “Manage Account > Referral Program”.

Then scroll down to the middle of the page, where you will find your referral link.  You can share the link in the following ways:

  1. Copy the link and paste it into an email, blog, social network, etc.
  2. Invite Friends from Facebook and Twitter by hitting the Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter buttons.  (NOTE- since Twitter only allows 140 characters, you might want to use or another service to shorten your referral link when you tweet.)
  3. Invite Friends by Email using the built-in email form.  The email will automatically include a link with your referral code.


If you know of an organization that can benefit from our platform, follow the steps and participate in our referral program.  We only expect you to refer us if you believe in our product.

If you have questions please get in touch with Asaf at, or 646-660-9430.


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