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LeagueApps Dugout Talk

Here’s what our partners have to say about the LeagueApps Dugout product, service, and team. Ask them for yourselves or let us know if you’d like to talk to a LeagueApps partner that has a similar type of organization to yours. Check out all of our reviews at Capterra (gold stars out of 5), TrustPilot (green stars out of 5), or anywhere on the web!

SGV Arsenal

LeagueApps has made my life much easier. The ease of which it was to set up and how much time I have saved has been tremendous. The support from Bobby has been amazing. An email always comes with a quick response and with a solution. Leagueapps allows me to focus on my players and not so much on the administration duties.
-Michael Viera

Basking Ridge Babe Ruth Baseball

I was very new to this website in Feb 2016. A bit overwhelming at first with all that I was requested to do by the league. A quick call to support and a few emails later, I was making and completing all needed updates for the website. They have docs and videos that also help. Very responsive and helpful support staff. In more than one situation they provided excellent and timely solutions. Very helpful website and easy to manage. – George J.

Verona Baseball and Softball

Our experience with LeagueApps has been great. They were extremely helpful in helping us set up the site initially, and have been readily available to help us since that time. Whenever we need to set something new up, they are available to work with us. Their training sessions are great, and have made our coaches and site administrators comfortable with the site. I recommend LeagueApps to any league looking to set up a site. -Lisa Loudon

So Cal National Travel Team

I am the Director of Operations for a National Travel Team and until being introduced to League Apps, I was running our organization manually, what I believe I would now refer to as “the dark ages” and have now entered the “21st Century”!
The process of setting up my registration system was a detailed but a quite simple process and my Launch Coach, Stephanie could not have made the process more pleasurable. Stephanie was not only knowledgable and informative, but her ability to instruct me with patience was quite remarkable. We set up calls and Stephanie was able to access my computer through screen sharing and it was as if she were sitting next to me during my lessons.
I am now able to manage registrations for over 80 families from all over the country, as well as manage the accounts receivables with a touch of a button. I use LeagueApps for email communication as well as texting my players and families with updates. As well, we now have an online gear store which will absolutely make my ordering of uniforms and additional gear for our players and families simple. I am even able to manage my organization through my smart phone as well as my computer, so even when I am “on the go” I have easy access.
Most importantly, I have had a very positive response from my families, and for that, I know that I made the right decision. It was an investment in my company that was well-spent. I would highly recommend using League Apps for any organized sports organization, whether you are a National Travel Organization like mine, or a Local Town Club Team. So Cal National Travel Team is now League Apps #1 FAN! Thank you!!!! -Wendy Cohn

Ewing Little League

LeagueApps has dramatically increased the organization and efficiency within our league. The 2 aspects that have helped us the most are the ability to export reports in Excel and the attentive customer service team. LeagueApps provides customer care in a variety of ways including webinars, training sessions, and emails/phone calls that are promptly responded to! A big thanks to Emily for helping us get our ducks in a row for the upcoming season! -Nicole Tulli

Mike Duffy’s Winter Baseball Clinic

I have implemented a couple different software and apps into my businesses. Most programs when sold to you sound like they are easy to implement and are not. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy it was to get up and running. Using the App is easy and most importantly it has saved me an enormous amount of time. A normal multi step, time consuming addition of information, payment collection, paperwork, waivers, etc., has all been streamlined by this app. Now I have much more time to get more work done. If you want a great value for your dollar, an easy to use app and save time to do other tasks I highly recommend using LeagueApps. -Mike Duffy

Glen Rock Baseball and Softball

I have been using LeagueApps for 2 years now. This product has allowed us to register and organize over 700 kids in our rec baseball softball and kickball program. The support staff is always available for a question. Within minutes my issue is explained and fixed. The new features just released will make my volunteer job as a parent organizer that much easier. Once it’s set up it runs itself. Thank you LeagueApps. -Jim Leonard

New York District 20 Little League

Hoping for a miracle, I set out to create a website for our little league district office. LeagueApps’ Mike Block connected me with Launch Manager Emily Mumford, who helped me build a working website. Our three one-hour conference calls all started with my list of bewildering questions and finished with me thinking “Wow, I’m good at this!” I now understand and can use what most people half my age take for granted: embedded links, HTML and Google Drive, among others. I am able to manage the website and teach others how to keep it updated. The three calls with Emily were all I needed to create the website. However, support continues to be available to me when I need it. I also really like their searchable Help Database. The directions are easy to follow and I don’t have to ask anyone for help! LeagueApps’ expertise is a great asset, but it was their upbeat, caring, can-do attitude that kept me going. Now if only they would help me make iTunes work! -Donald Cannon