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Introducing the LeagueApps Help Site!

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We’ve launched the LeagueApps Help Site to be another tool for you to take full advantage of the the LeagueApps platform for your organization. The help site has over forty articles, organized by category, that thoroughly document features, settings and options within the LeagueApps platform.  You can access the help site by clicking on on the “help” link in the top right of the admin console.

Our goal is for the Help Site to be the first place you check to better understand a LeagueApps feature or setting.  We’ll integrate links to Help Site articles within the admin console so that you know if that topic is covered in the Help Site.

The LeagueApps Help Site will continue to evolve and become even more useful.  We’ll enhance current articles and add new articles based on both your feedback and new product releases.  Please let us know if there is a specific article or reference document that you feel we should add to the site and we’ll do just that.



We’re still committed to providing a high level of direct customer service through the feedback form and the LeagueApps direct 800 number (1-800-257-3681).   Also, Asaf is always around to help and you should contact him directly.


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