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Mobile Registration is Here!

Feature Highlight, Press, Product News, Release Notes, Tech Specs

We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out a great new release — Mobile Registration.

Not only does this release provide a great registration experience on mobile phones for your members, it also transforms a number of other features in your member-facing sites to be completely mobile friendly.

Features Overview

Here is an overview of what’s included in this release:

Mobile Registration

Your members can now easily browse programs, register, submit payments, and manage their accounts from their phones.

  • Complete mobile registration and payment collection feature.
  • Includes the same features and program details as your full desktop website.
  • Secure SSL-encrypted payment checkout.

Mobile Site Theme & Homepage

When your members visit your LeagueApps-powered site on their phone, the layout automatically changes to use a specially-designed mobile theme that you can control. This mobile theme ensures that things look great and fit nicely on smaller screens of mobile phones.

You can customize your mobile theme colors and logo, as well as mobile specific homepage content, using new tools included in the manager console (described in our help article here).

Our Thoughts on Mobile

We shared some of our thinking and plans around mobile in this recent blog post LeagueApps Is Mobile-First. Here’s Why. Check this out to learn more about why this mobile release is great for your members, and for your organization.

What Else You Need to Know About This Release

We have crafted a full FAQ and How-To page that explains our mobile rollout plan and everything you need to know to fully utilize the feature: Mobile Site FAQs & How-to

A few important things to note:

  • 1) You don’t need to do anything to activate your mobile site. Unless you want to customize your theme, add a mobile logo, or add in custom homepage content, you don’t need to do anything. Your members will automatically get the updated content.
  • 2) Any color choices you have made in the color panel of the Theme Editor have been carried over to the mobile theme. But, we did not make any changes/updates to your mobile theme. if you want to make any changes, just visit the Theme Editor and on the Colors tab, feel free to change anything you want to. Note: this also will update the desktop templates. (read more tips on how to handle if you are using custom CSS).
  • 3) You can upload a mobile logo. Just visit the Theme Editor and on the Images tab, and you can upload a mobile logo, as well as a mobile app icon.

Have questions, feedback, or need help?

Run Your Organization At Your Fingertips With Our Mobile Optimized Sports Software

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

Do you need to easily send an email or text at the field from your phone? Do you wish you could search for a player or coach at the court from a mobile device? Do you want to quickly view a team roster or schedule without being at your desk?

We’re excited to announce that admins can access LeagueApps on a mobile device easier than ever! Not only can your members register and use their account on a mobile device, admins can perform day to day tasks on mobile with ease. Some of our most popular admin tools have a new completely mobile optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting needed.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve updated:



A mobile version of your site’s program summary and a list of your top programs are featured on the mobile dashboard. You can also use the menu in the top left and the search in the top right to get where you need to go quickly.




The same new auto-complete search that we just introduced on desktop is also available on mobile – save yourself some taps by using the search!

View Member

Search for a player, coach or participant and quickly pull up their contact and registration info – great for time sensitive situations!


View Team

Need to check a roster before the game starts? Easily view all players and their waiver status from the team view.




View and Pay Invoice

Search for an invoice, then you can take a credit card or take an offline payment right from your phone.


View Schedule and Enter Scores

Quickly see your program’s schedules and even enter game results.


Email and Text

The same messaging tool you’re used to on desktop is now mobile optimized. Send a text and/or email from your phone when you’re away from your desk.

Great, How Do I Use It?

We’re having a limited early release in the next couple of weeks before it’s available to all LeagueApps admins. Please contact us at if you’d like to be a part of our early release beta program.

Also on Thursday October 13th @ 3pm EDT we’ll also be hosting a free live webinar to walk through the functionality. Click here to sign up!


How Our New Schedule Import Tool Can Make Your Sports Organization Rock Even More

Company News, Press, Product News, Release Notes

The LeagueApps development team did it again.

Following another successful sprint by the product development team, LeagueApps is happy to announce the release of yet another feature that will make your sports organization run even more efficient- schedule import.

The new schedule import tool is faster, more accurate, and less error prone than manually adding games. The schedule can now be built to your requirements and specifications, allowing for more flexibility from season to season. Here’s a step by step guide on how to download and use the schedule import.

Our new schedule import tool is powered by a standard CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format, which you can create easily in Excel. This allows organizers to create and customize their program’s schedules to make them as advanced or specific as possible. It allows you to import your schedule so that updates, game notifications, and reminders are all synced and ready to be sent through our LeagueApps communication features.

Our Director of Product Management, Gautam Chowdhry, knows this is going to be beneficial for all of our partners. “Many organizations use Excel to create schedules, as it offers a good combination of power and flexibility.   Excel has an easy ‘Save as CSV’ option which lets you use your Excel schedule with LeagueApps seamlessly,” he said.

“Other organizations may use a special scheduling software to create their schedules, most of the these programs will have an Export option which too will easily import into LeagueApps.””

As always, this new feature, like any new feature, is available at absolutely no charge to all of our partners!

Read more about how to import your schedule to sync with LeagueApps tools so you can maximize your value.



The Top 3 Ways Our Updated Reporting Feature Can Benefit Your Sports Organization

Product News, Release Notes, Tech Specs, Value of LeagueApps

CTO Steve Parker and Director of Product Gautam Chowdhry

One of the most efficient features offered by LeagueApps is our built-in registration reporting tool. With it, organizations are able to generate reports that are crucial to forecast sales, track revenue, and collect other data to help make better and more informed decisions.

With the help of and feedback from some of our partners, the LeagueApps development team pushed through an update of the reporting tool that went live on August 24th.

We came up with a list of three of the top ways your sports organization can benefit from the new and improved updated feature.

We Listen to Our Partners

One of the most important ways to benefit from this recent development upgrade isn’t even anything specifically technical at all. It’s about partnerships. We like to make it a point that we don’t have clients or customers, but partnerships. This is what it means to be a LeagueApps partner.

This improved feature would not have even been possible without the recommendation from several of our partners. As a result, our development team, led by Chief Technology Officer Steve Parker and Director of Product Management Gautam Chowdhry, was able to shift product plans to better suit our partners’ needs and push it live.

It’s easy to recommend a feature for our development team to build.

And, it’s important to remember that new features released by our development team are automatically given to our partners at no extra charge. Because that’s how partners operate.

Faster Access to Deeper Data

Rather than tweak the existing reporting tool, the LeagueApps development team created the technology from scratch to better serve our partners. According to Gautam, “it was rebuilt from the ground up, using new technology. We also drastically improved the performance of it.”

As a result of the new technology, administrators are now able to access even more data at a faster pace. Before the upgrade, some of our larger partners were able to only run reports for no more than a month’s worth of data. Now, all of our partners are able to instantly track data from years back, leading to more efficient and better informed decisions. Trend identifying has never been easier.

Software Engineer Ryan Bulaclac Coding Our Next Feature

Data on Coaches Now Available

The development team is excited to announce that as a part of this product build, reports can now be generated on coaches as well as players and members. This should add another aspect toward running a more efficient sports organization.

We’d like to thank several of our partners for their feedback on the updated registration feature, including:

T3 Lacrosse
NYC Social
Social Boston Sports
Aloha Tournaments
Atlanta Sports and Social
Philadelphia Sports Network

Without their help, this updated feature would not have been made possible so soon!

In order to control the roll-out of this enhancement, we have not made the updated registration report publicly available yet. Please contact to get access now.

LeagueApps Has a New Look!

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps


Notice something different about us? LeagueApps’ admin console has gone through a total redesign, with efficiency and mobile optimization as major themes.

Why the change? The short answer is that it was time. Now more than ever people look at content on phones and tablets in addition to the traditional desktop or laptop computer. With this redesign we’re laying the foundation to make the admin console responsive and work seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes. Today’s update is the first of many future improvements, and below we’ll walk you through the top improvements and additions.


New Admin Dashboard

On the dashboard there are a couple of new sections, including What’s Happening, Quick Links and Top Programs. These sections are designed to instantly display important information and get you where you need to go in the console in just a click.



New Navigation

The main navigation has been moved to the right side of the page to improve page visibility and lay the foundation for mobile optimized admin functionality (coming soon!).



Improved Site Search

The site search now uses auto-complete functionality with quick results, so you can select something from the drop down or view a search results page to find what you’re looking for.



Program Summary Report

Now you can instantly view a condensed, customizable, sortable and exportable program report with information like amount paid, amount outstanding, registration deadline date and remaining capacity.



Master Schedule

The master schedule is an admin report that condenses all games and events into one page, with filters for programs, locations and sub-locations.



What’s Next? Mobile Optimized Admin Pages

Soon we’ll be releasing our first set of mobile optimized pages! This means that you can access LeagueApps on a phone or tablet and view key pages from a mobile optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting! The first set of pages will be some of the most commonly used on-the-go tasks.

  • Search
  • View Player
  • View Team
  • View Invoice
  • Pay Invoice
  • View Program
  • View Schedule
  • Enter Scores
  • Broadcast Messaging



New Study Reveals Finding Qualified Coaches Still a Challenge

Best Practices, Dugout, FC, Hoops, Lax, Rec, Release Notes, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Credit: Karen Ann Carr via

In their 2015 seminal report “Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game,” the Aspen Institute researched and graded the state of youth sports and how well the kids and communities are being served by their stakeholders. Aside from offering grades and tracking the data, the report also identified the appropriate steps to take in building the youth sports movement.

Known as “the 8 plays,” Project Play focused on eight strategies for the eight sectors that touch the lives of children as the key developments. Some of these strategies focus on the community, such as creating more in-town leagues and promoting “free play” instead of pay-to-play leagues. Other strategies target injury prevention. One key strategy centers around finding and training qualified coaches.

The importance of the youth coach is paramount to a young athlete, both on and off the field. In their “Sport for All, Play for Life” report, the Aspen Institute found that five percent of kids who played for trained coaches quit their sport the next year. Compare that number to the overall rate of 26 percent and you can see just how important the trained coach is to the development of a young athlete.

The report found five key developments involving coaches over the past year.

Baseball has made the most progress in growing the number of trained coaches.

Despite a push by Little League Baseball in 2012 to focus more on coach education, three in four coaches remain untrained in motivational techniques, while nearly 66% say they have received no training in skills and tactics. Still, the increase in trained coaches since 2012 is a good sign.

The best trained coaches are in lacrosse.

Lacrosse has grown exponentially across the country over the last decade. Even with all that fast growth, the sport’s coaches remain some of the finest in the youth sports world. Nearly 56% of all youth lacrosse coaches are trained in sport skills and tactics, while over half are trained in general safety and injury prevention, including CPR/First Aid, physical conditioning, and concussion management. See chart below.

All data taken from Aspen Institute’s Project Play Report

More organizations are creating all-in-one training packages for coaches in the core key competencies.

Online and on-site training programs are now being offered more than ever, surely a great sign and a step in the right direction. Minnesota Youth Athletic Services and the Positive Coaching Alliance are just a couple examples of organizations paving the way to train youth coaches while conducting national background checks.

Higher income males dominate the youth coaching landscape.

There have been very few changes since 2012 in who is running a youth sports team.

All data taken from Aspen Institute’s Project Play Report

All data taken from Aspen Institute’s Project Play Report

Deploying young, current athletes as youth coaches appears to be helping.

It’s very early in this study, but it does appear that youth athletes respond better to current athletes and those who are younger than the average coach. NE Distance, located in Providence, Rhode Island, has had some stellar results.

Overall, the Aspen Institute’s State of Play gave the grade of a C- on the challenge of training youth coaches. This isn’t too surprising, as one of the main pain points emphasized by current organizers and our partners at our last two partner days, at our headquarters and at Dodger Stadium, was finding and training qualified coaches to lead teams.

You can read the State of Play full report here.

LeagueApps Ready to Bring the Lumber After OTAs

Company News, LeagueApps In Action, LeagueApps Team, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

Credit: Javie Rios

The organized team activity. It is a term that was created in the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement so that teams could better control players’ offseason preparations before training camp. To many, it’s the unofficial start of the NFL season.

You might have noticed that the LeagueApps office was away on their own “OTAs” last week. From June 26th through the 29th, the team participated in exercises, activities, lectures, and programs to set their sights on the second half goals. To many here, it’s the unofficial start of the second half of the year.

Though we call it OTAs, other companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and EA Games have their own brand of team-building activities. Corporate team-building activities are starting to become the norm in the professional world. Even Forbes agrees they are “good for company culture and boosting the bottom line.

These OTAs seem even more important to Service as a Software (SaaS) companies like LeagueApps. We believe in many of the same qualities that another Saas company, Percolate, was able to convey in this blog. We call our values by a different name, a more appropriate name for a sports SaaS. Sportsdogs.

The Sportsdogs were out in full force for three and a half days. We were honored to have venture capitalist Wiley Cerilli share with us invaluable advice on company culture and business expansion. Cole van Nice from Dodgers Accelerator stopped by to discuss the future of sports technology. And of course, we were uplifted from movie-like speeches from our own team leaders.

Clockwise from top left- Wiley Cerilli, Cole van Nice, President Jeremy Goldberg, CEO Brian Litvack

Aside from stellar presentations and pump-up speeches, a great deal of time was spent designing new products and brainstorming ways to better serve our partners. During one such session in which our developing team dubbed a “LeagueApp-athon,” taken from the term hackathon, we were up until the wee hours of the morning creating and sharing ideas to improve our already stellar products. We’re not ready to announce what we came up with, but we’re excited to release them in the near future!

Our team was up until the wee hours hacking away!

Of course, what type of sports company would we be if we didn’t compete in our own Olympics? The events: wiffleball, soccer, team activities, and volleyball. And the competition was fierce.

Eight teams but only one champ. Can you guess who?

Perhaps the icing on the cake, however, was a team exercise in which we brought the wood. Literally. Using one axe, every LeagueApper took a turn in striking a piece of wood until it was completely cut in two. It was fitting and fulfilling to see the final blow complete the task.

The Sportsdogs values were on full display over OTAs. We’re ready to bring the wood in the second half of the year for everyone involved with LeagueApps. Stay tuned for what the lumber yard has in store.

NYC Youth Partner Day A Slam Dunk

Company News, Hoops, Press, Release Notes, Sports Community

Instead of watching Steph Curry and LeBron James during their pre-Game Three warmups, the LeagueApps team was hustling on their own home court on Wednesday night hosting some of their partners. The anticipation of talking youth basketball combined with the buzz of the NBA Finals made it incredibly hard for us to contain our excitement. Luckily, our guests were able to match our enthusiasm.


Throughout the year, we host multiple partner events to build relationships, network, discuss industry relevant news, and promote some cool new tools we develop. It just so happened that Wednesday night’s event was attended by all youth basketball organizers. This juicy caveat made it incredibly easy for everyone to develop an immediate relationship and engage each other about the state of youth basketball.


The bulk of our event was spearheaded by our roundtable discussion around some of the challenges that basketball organizers face on a regular basis. Led by Dom Oliveto of the Jr. NBA, the conversation centered around expanding reach through social media, finding the right coaches, and the ever expanding availability of resources gap between inner-city and other leagues.


In addition to our Jr. NBA partners, Michael Collins of Basketball City, Beth Tapp of Slam City, Walter Colon of the New York Knicks, Abner Neufeld of the Brooklyn Nets, Todd Francis of NYC Zoom League, and the NBA’s Ryan Boyd and Kevin Kettl attended the event. Jonathan Cramer of Momentum Worldwide also stopped by to add to the conversation.


The event didn’t stop after Cleveland’s blowout. Breakaway Hoops, one of the top youth basketball training programs in the New England and mid-Atlantic regions, officially became a LeagueApps partner on Wednesday morning. Represented at Youth Partner Day by Wilky Colin, Breakaway Hoops is excited to work with LeagueApps and eager to help raise awareness for fundamental basketball. We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring them on.


All in all, it was a wonderful night at LeagueApps headquarters and a great way to launch the second half of 2016. We’re hoping you can be a part of the next partner event!


Stored Credit Cards: LeagueApps Streamlines Secure Payments for Members and Organizations

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

Stored Credit Cards

Local organized sports have a demand for simplicity – especially when it comes to payments. Collecting and tracking payments in a simple way is what LeagueApps does best, and now with our new Stored Credit Cards feature we make it even simpler!

Some of your favorite businesses to shop from use stored credit card features in some way. Amazon is the first that comes to mind. When a customer makes a purchase from their storefront, or checkout, they are given the option to save their credit card.

Then, the next time a purchase is made on Amazon, the credit card information is already saved. This is all made to enhance the customer experience, but it also saves Amazon administrators and employees time. It’s a true win-win scenario that the we’re now delivering to you and other sports organizers.

With Stored Credit Cards, LeagueApps makes payment effortless for both organizers and participants by allowing:

  • One Click Payment For Participants
    • Registrants can securely store their credit/debit card to make future payments without having to re-enter a card number each time
  • Auto-Bill Payment Plans
    • Admins can create payment plans that require the registrant to store a credit card so that the card can be auto-charged on the installment due dates

Admins have the luxury of offering these payment conveniences to their participants AND it makes collecting payments easier then ever – win win!


One Click Payment For Participants

Don’t you love when buying something online is easy? One click payment allows your players to pay in seconds. This is great when they’re at the field, on their mobile device, in a rush or too lazy to get their credit card out of their wallet. Never lose a transaction at the payment step ever again!


Desktop Experience

Mobile Experience


Card expired or need to use a different card? No worries, LeagueApps lets users edit their credit card details from their account.



Auto-Bill Payment Plans

Do you have programs where you offer payment plans? Auto-Billing will take your payment plans to the next level because your registrants can enroll into the payment plan, store their credit card and never think about it again! Stop chasing down unpaid installments by using Auto-Billing.


Admin Setup 


User Experience


Other Notes 

LeagueApps uses SSL encryption, the standard in eCommerce security, to transmit all sensitive information including credit cards. Plus we do not store any credit card data.

LeagueApps only stores a reference to the saved payment method that is held by your payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe, which is processing the transaction. This secure process is called tokenization and is used to safeguard many different types of sensitive data including bank accounts, financial statements and medical records.

LeagueApps is Moving To The Cloud

Company News, Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

Earlier this week on Tuesday (5/12), we experienced intermittent outage of the LeagueApps system between 12-1pm.  We apologize for any inconvenience that was caused and let you know about steps we are taking to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We strive to maintain 100% up-time, and this is especially important during periods of high-registration.  We know that your organization trusts and relies on LeagueApps as your web and registration partner, and we take that responsibility seriously.  We fell a bit short on 5/12.

The outage was at one to one of our neighboring data centers, known as an upstream provider.   For the internet to work the way it does, relays must occur between these different data centers.  An issue at one data center can affect another one.  Once our data center realized that there was an outage at a neighboring facility, they re-routed the relays to a different upstream provider. After this update, all of our sites were back online and fully operational.

Even before this outage happened, our engineering team has been actively working on a project to move LeagueApps into the cloud.  Having the system in the cloud will provide a more resilient infrastructure with more powerful companies and resources supporting it.  Our engineers are working hard and hope to have the cloud project wrapped up in the next few months.   This effort should provide us with even better up time in the future.

As your partner, our goal is to run the technology smoothly and efficiently, so you can run the games to the best of your abilities. Thank you for trusting us with such an important part of your business.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  You can reach us at


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