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Salt Lick, Sport, and Social: LeagueApps Steams Back From 7th Annual SSIA Conference

Company News, LeagueApps In Action, Product News, Rec, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

SSIA 2017
The LeagueApps team was proud to be a part of the Social Sport and Industry Association (SSIA) Conference once again. This year’s event was held from February 22nd-24th in Austin, Texas. This was the seventh conference in SSIA’s history.

The event featured 25 of LeagueApps’ adult and social league partners. Aside from enjoying the 70-degree weather and chomping down on some delicious barbecue, the three-day conference gave us a great chance to collaborate with our partners on future initiatives. This included products, features, and some collective ideas regarding the industry.

The main course was a group session revolving around five of our features that have been released over the last year that can provide the most value to our adult and social league partners.

  • Mobile Admin: Run your entire organization, including all of your programs, on your mobile device.
  • RSVP: Allow easier communication between teammates to help your leagues avoid the dreaded no-shows.
  • Stored Credit Cards: Deliver an easy check-out experience for your customers while collecting 100% of fees on-time.
  • Team Rollover: Empower your leagues’ captains to copy and paste, or “rollover,” previous rosters, simplifying the lives of your participants and staff.
  • Team Talk: The easiest form of communication between staff, players, or anyone, organized by topic.

You can view the LeagueApps presentation below.

LeagueApps Presentation at SSIA Conference 2017

Of course, the main benefit of attending the SSIA Conference each year is the quality feedback and best practices received from our partners. This year was no different.

One thing that we learned was that many of our partners use multiple web tools, software platforms, websites, and social media channels to promote and manage their organization(s). Through our open API, partners and developers have been figuring out how to “talk” to other 3rd-party tools and integrate with them. This need continues to grow as we work with more forward-thinking organizations who need cutting-edge technology to run their operations. We’re inspired by some of the integrations our partners have already been able to develop through our API, and we’re excited to see this trend continue. Learn more about our API plans, or visit our API developer site to access our API documentation.

It’s also clear that bigger data and deeper marketing insights are becoming a huge part of growing. Partners have a thirst for better data. are getting smarter about marketing automation and eager to better track their conversion funnel. They are excited for LeagueApps to build smarter reporting and/or connect them to business intelligence tools.

Finally, it’s cool to see some of our partners actively interested in expanding into the youth market. Several partners have already established youth initiatives, while others plan to in the near future. This is another place where we can drive value and see growth from our partners in the coming years. What’s encouraging is that our partners recognize there is a big opportunity to create positive sports experiences to the non-elite athletes.

Last but not least, we had the luxury of feasting to some world-renowned barbecue. On Wednesday night, we hosted dinner at Salt Lick Barbecue , with the help of our friends and partners from Austin Sport and Social. We’re looking forward to SSIA 2018!



Learn The Basics Of Video Marketing With The Free LeagueApps Email Course

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Video Basics for Your Sports Program

Get Tips On How to Use Video to Grow and Market Your Sports Program Sent Straight To Your Inbox

You know the easiest way to sell your programs and brand is through video. After all, in 2017, video will account for 74% of all online traffic. But you just don’t know where to start. Or maybe your current videos aren’t pushing the needle the way you want your program to grow.

LeagueApps wants to help you and your sports business grow. That’s why we created a free, 5-day email crash course on the basic fundamentals of video marketing. In this free email course, you’ll receive best practices on recording on a budget, where to start, how to share your awesome content, and even how to read some of those numbers to gauge how successful your latest masterpiece did.

This course is great for club directors who are looking for an extra push in recruiting, volunteers on the little league board, or tournament administrators planning the next great event.

How It Works

Simply sign up for the email course. You can click on the link here or you can click on the image at the bottom. The first lesson will be sent straight to your inbox the next day.

You’ll receive a new lesson each day for the next five days. In each lesson you’ll also see examples of how some of the leaders in the sports industry are using video to reach their goals.

In some of the lessons, you’ll be given additional homework, should you feel extra ambitious. After five days, you’ll be well on your way to delivering awesome video right to your target audience, members, parents, or other programs! Whatever your goals are, you’ll be able to achieve them.

Video content is the easiest way to consume information and help expand your program’s reach. Get started today by signing up below. We’re excited to help you grow your program through juicy video. Enjoy!

Video Basics For Your Program: The 5 Day Email Course



Drive Registration For Your Sports Program With the Small Group Feature

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Product News, Rec, Value of LeagueApps

Written by Senior Sales Consultant Michael Bindelglass.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. “I would have signed up, but we didn’t have enough for a full team.”

Or maybe, “My best friend and I want to play together, but we don’t know if we will be put on the same team.”

Social and adult rec leagues can be made or broken based on finding enough teams to make it work.  It’s even more frustrating to know that there were several free agents ready to join, but weren’t able to form a team.  Small group registration as a whole can be the difference maker between retaining players or shutting a league down for the season.

Earlier this year we published a post about our new tool for small group registration. The key was to provide a more flexible solution to help answer one of the more common challenges in adult sports.

After speaking with over 5,000 organizers in the adult rec industry, it’s quite clear that successful adult leagues offer their players the ability to sign up with all different registration scenarios.  Everyone from free agents to team captains and players have their path to sign up. Now, convert a higher percentage of interested players with small group registration through LeagueApps!

Through this capability you can accomplish 3 key things:

1) Never turn away a group of interested players.

2) Easily combine groups of players to form super-teams!

3) Track your groups and communicate more effectively with them.


Dave Draizen of GoVavi likes the feature due to it’s simplicity.

“We use the small group feature and enjoy it. It is very helpful in tracking who wants to play with who without having to run reports.  It’s also helpful in keeping track of groups once they are added to teams.”

Dakota Curling, located in Burnsville, Minnesota, credits the Small Group feature with helping a drastic increase in registration after one weekend of using the feature.

According to President Darcy Ellarby, “We have a lot of couples or pairs of friends that play together, but they don’t have enough to form a team. It’s so great to be able to include them into our programs rather than exclude them and possibly lose out on their registration.”

Read more about implementing the Small Group feature in your program to increase growth.

To learn more about taking advantage of small group or any other features for your adult sports organization, feel free to reach out to me directly at 646-660-9410 or

National Gay Flag Football League Amps Up For Gay Bowl XVI In Nation’s Capital

Company News, Rec, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

This weekend, over 940 players from 48 teams, 22 cities, and two countries will compete in the nation’s premier LGBT flag football tournament. And for the first time ever in its now 16 year history, the Gay Bowl will be played in Washington, D.C.

Jared Garduno, Commissioner of the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL), is excited to share this unique experience with all the new participants and old friends.

“This is a very unique site for us. For me, as a player, you can see where the LGBTQ movement has grown through my life. But also we’re going to be able to play freely and openly right there on our nation’s capital. I hope that everyone takes the time to, or a moment to realize just how fortunate we are and to be able to embrace this moment.”

Founded in 2002, the National Gay Flag Football League seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American Flag Football. The NGFFL creates a place where LGBTQ participants and their allies are safe to place the sport they love.

“For our LGBTQ members and our allies, it’s a place that brings people together and breaks down barriers.”

But it goes beyond that. Jared knows that although the league was founded as a safe-haven for athletes, the NGFFL is so much more than that.

“It’s so much more after the games are done. When we started, we were all very big into the social events after games. Local restaurants, bars were eager to help in fundraising and hosting events. There was a big social aspect to it,” Jared said.

Now, there’s still a big social aspect, but it involves players’ families, spouses, and children. “Most of us are lucky enough to have children now.”

Since 2002, the NGFFL has grown from three teams in one city, to leagues spanning from the Hawaiian islands to Florida, including new teams and leagues in Austin, Cincinnati, and Seattle. They’ve also expanded into Toronto now as well.

“As a commissioner, to see the growth of not just the league but also the teams and the players, it’s really something,” Jared said. “We’ll also be celebrating the fifth year anniversary of the women’s division. As a participant, it’s a great chance to see all your friends and everyone from around the country. There’s going to be a lot of hugs and love.”

We’re in our first year with you and we couldn’t be happier. I’m really excited for next year when all this information can transfer from not only the previous year but also to the next city. You guys were really heaven-sent!
Jared Garduno

This weekend, fans and participants will be rewarded with the NGFFL’s sixth and largest class inducted into the Hall of Fame. Participants have to play for seven years as well as serve at the local level by making a big impact on local leagues, the national bowls, and, of course, display excellence on the field.

LeagueApps is happy to be a part of something so special for so many.

“We’re in our first year with you and we couldn’t be happier. I’m really excited for next year when all this information can transfer from not only the previous year but also to the next city- Chicago used it for their tournaments a few months ago- everybody is getting used to that. It does wonders for us from a liability standpoint and have all the waviers lined up, it’s just so helpful.

“And you guys really came through in a pinch earlier this year when another partner backed out hours before our season started. If not for your system, we’d be scrambling on what the heck we’d be doing. You guys were really heaven-sent in the fact that we were able to communicate to 900 plus people on scores and schedules and all that other information.

“I couldn’t be thankful enough for you guys!”

Read more about the Gay Bowl and the great events in store this weekend.


PUMP and Pittsburgh Sports League Celebrate 20 Years of Revitalizing the Steel City [Infographic]

Press, Rec, Value of LeagueApps

For 20 years, the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP) has been dedicated to make Pittsburgh the most dynamic and diverse place by engaging, educating, and mobilizing all young people to effect change in the community.

Tonight, they’ll be hosting a celebration of two decades of making that mission come to life.

PUMP was founded at a time when the Steel City was losing a lot of young professional to other areas such as New York City, Baltimore, or Washington, D.C. Now, Pittsburgh is a city that boasts of a solid medical and technological industry where hundreds of thousands of young professionals call home.

The Pittsburgh Sports League (PSL) was launched five years after PUMP was founded. Greg Mitrik, PSL Director, recognized the need to have a social activity league in a city that loves sports.

“After five years, we were looking at more social ways to engage young professionals. This city loves its sports, so it made sense.”

The importance of social leagues goes beyond the sports.

“It’s not just about running around the bases. Whether someone is out to win a kickball game, they’re socializing with friends, meeting new networks, meeting with their significant others, or giving back to local bars and restaurants,” Greg said.

Pittsburgh Sports League and LeagueApps have teamed together for over three years. LeagueApps knows how important it is for local communities to rally around young professional social leagues. Below shows just how much PSL has grown and what it means to the community.

The Growth of PSL


LeagueApps is excited for the next 20 years of continued leadership by both Greg and the PUMP organization in the Pittsburgh community. “We look forward to working more in how we can help through developing Pittsburgh’s infrastructure, education, transportation, health and wellness, however we can to continue to grow this great city.”

Learn more about how you can help PUMP revitalize the Steel City.


The 4 Things You May Have Missed This Week

Company News, Dugout, Hoops, Lax, LeagueApps In Action, LeagueApps Team, Product News, Rec

July is a busy sports month. Between all star games, lacrosse registration, basketball camps, and after-game events in your rec leagues, it’s hard sometimes to keep up with the news. We got you covered right here.

LeagueApps Practices What We Preach

We’re always looking to build the best product for the sports organizer. To do that, we have to play sports! That’s also a convenient excuse for us to continue playing the games we love so much. LeagueApps has been quite busy on the field and in the gym over the last week.

The LeagueApps basketball team earned yet another playoff victory in the NYC Corporate League. Senior Sales Specialist Michael Bindelglass started the game hot from the arc.

Senior Sales Specialist Michael Bindelglass Was On Fire

But in the end, it was Sales Development Specialist Jeremy Smith who wouldn’t let LeagueApps lose. He went on a tear to get the win.

On the other side of the Hudson River, Partner Development Specialist Greg Cuccinello and his lacrosse team, The Tim Flynn’s, have been cruising in their playoff games of the Hoboken Lacrosse League. In their quarterfinal match on Thursday night, The Tim Flynn’s, named after their great lacrosse coach Tim Flynn, coasted to a 10-3 victory.

Partnership Development Specialist Greg Cuccinelli Dominated

And on the diamond, the softball team continues to pile up games during the regular season to make the playoff push in the Metro Sports NYC Softball league.

Sales Consultant Jenna Wechsler, Office Manager Cassie Rocha, and Launch Team Manager Stephanie Vera on the diamond.

3 Tips on How To Improve Your Sports Organization Through Social Media

Were you able to utilize our tips on how to use social media to grow your sports organization? In our article earlier this week, we gave some useful tips on how to properly market your sports organization through social media. Now, you know where to put all those fun photos and videos you took at last week’s tournament or last month’s camp.

Be sure to check out our Facebook plug-in as well, making registration easier and more marketable. 

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Club Lacrosse Team


67% of Youth Lax Players Are on Club/Travel Teams

Lacrosse has grown over 204% since 2001 and is projected to have 1.3 million youth players by 2018. Over two-thirds of youth players are on club teams. There’s no slowing these trends down.

This really cool infographic will give you all the information you need to know on how to grow and expand your lacrosse club team.

Admin Console Redesign Is Almost Here

LeagueApps Mobile Admin Console

Our development team has been working hard on the admin console redesign project. This upgrade will be amazing for sports organizers. Upon completion, the admin console will be mobile responsive, giving organizers much more freedom to make changes on the fly rather than planned ahead on a desktop. This is a huge upgrade that will be incredibly helpful for sports organizers instantly.

Read more about the admin console redesign and how it can help you.


3 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Sports Organization

Best Practices, Dugout, FC, Hoops, Lax, Rec, Value of LeagueApps

Like a tree, social media grows with a little attention

Nearly two-thirds of all adults are using social media today, according to this Pew Research report. That number isn’t too surprising considering how hard it is to buy a pair of shorts without bumping into at least three people staring at their phones.

There’s no stopping the tidal wave of social media. In fact, a main focus of our partner day last month was how some of our basketball partners are leveraging social media to expand their reach.

So, is your sports organization using all the tools to your advantage? We have three tips that can help you better use social media to get the results you want.

Another tidal wave of posts!

Check out why social media is so important to your sports organization.

Consistency is King

One of the best and easiest ways to grow your following and increase engagement is to simply just be there. Posting at least once a day on each of your social media accounts lets your audience know that you are relevant. This could be anything from a well thought out blog to pictures from your most recent tournament.

This doesn’t mean that you have to pump out that perfect update or status every day. Engagement is a great way to maintain consistency. Users are constantly posting their content so that someone can enjoy and like it. Why not your organization?

Don’t be afraid to comment once or twice. Not only will the user really appreciate the time you took to make a comment, they will most likely comment on one of your posts and they’re 401% more likely to follow you!

Make sure to respond timely to any questions, comments, or concerns directed to your home page. This is how trust is built.

Know Who You’re Talking to And Deliver the Right Message

Posting consistently is a must. But if the right people aren’t being addressed, then what’s the point of updating your juicy status?

Each of your social media accounts should be similar, but there will be some small differences between each depending on our audience. Going through all the demographics and statistics can be exhausting. If you’re looking to save some time or a place to start, check out what the Pew Research Center has to say about the average user for each social media platform.

Among other conclusions from that demographic report, it’s clear that younger users are more likely to use Twitter and Instagram, while everyone is most likely to use Facebook. So what does that mean?

It could mean several things for your organization. It might mean that the best way to communicate with coaches and parents is through Facebook, while posting through Twitter and Instagram could be more for fun.

In any event, considering that there are over 1.2 billion users on Facebook of all ages, it’s highly, HIGHLY recommended to have a Facebook page. Not only will Facebook make registration easier with the LeagueApps Facebook plug-in, but the social media networking site is almost assuredly used by most of your coaches, players, or parents.


Learn more about how Facebook can grow your organization with LeagueApps.


Plus, Facebook makes it really easy to find the data on your audience. Simply click on the “Insights” tab on your home Facebook page above your background photo. This should narrow down what to post and how to say it.

To collect audience data, just click on “Insights”

Make Simple Hashtags for Your Events

Social media is all about forging new relationships and curating new ones. There’s no easier way to make new friends than to share stories. Enter the hashtag.

Some social media platforms, like Facebook, aren’t particularly ideal for the use of hashtags. Others, like Instagram, are perfect breeding grounds for the former pound sign. But when should they be used?

Weekend events make for perfect hashtag campaigns. Don’t over complicate it. Make it nice and simple to remember.

Make the hastags nice and simple, and never more than four in a row.

Users can then import their favorite pictures, videos, and comments all into one place. Did a parent just capture the greatest goal of all time? A simple caption with your endorsed hashtag campaign makes it easy for anyone at the event to see it.

Make sure to let your users know ahead of time. You can do that with a simple email. Or, better yet, make a post informing your users of the event, and then incorporate your hashtag. Two birds, one stone!

Let people know ahead of time for events by using hashtags

Using these tips should give you a nice head start towards achieving your social media goals. Pretty soon, you’ll start to see your organization expand its reach and your users engaging with you quite often.

Got any other tips? Let us know! Now, start posting!


Like these tips? Then check out what our friends at Four Kicks Marketing had to say in our guest blog.

New Study Reveals Finding Qualified Coaches Still a Challenge

Best Practices, Dugout, FC, Hoops, Lax, Rec, Release Notes, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Credit: Karen Ann Carr via

In their 2015 seminal report “Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game,” the Aspen Institute researched and graded the state of youth sports and how well the kids and communities are being served by their stakeholders. Aside from offering grades and tracking the data, the report also identified the appropriate steps to take in building the youth sports movement.

Known as “the 8 plays,” Project Play focused on eight strategies for the eight sectors that touch the lives of children as the key developments. Some of these strategies focus on the community, such as creating more in-town leagues and promoting “free play” instead of pay-to-play leagues. Other strategies target injury prevention. One key strategy centers around finding and training qualified coaches.

The importance of the youth coach is paramount to a young athlete, both on and off the field. In their “Sport for All, Play for Life” report, the Aspen Institute found that five percent of kids who played for trained coaches quit their sport the next year. Compare that number to the overall rate of 26 percent and you can see just how important the trained coach is to the development of a young athlete.

The report found five key developments involving coaches over the past year.

Baseball has made the most progress in growing the number of trained coaches.

Despite a push by Little League Baseball in 2012 to focus more on coach education, three in four coaches remain untrained in motivational techniques, while nearly 66% say they have received no training in skills and tactics. Still, the increase in trained coaches since 2012 is a good sign.

The best trained coaches are in lacrosse.

Lacrosse has grown exponentially across the country over the last decade. Even with all that fast growth, the sport’s coaches remain some of the finest in the youth sports world. Nearly 56% of all youth lacrosse coaches are trained in sport skills and tactics, while over half are trained in general safety and injury prevention, including CPR/First Aid, physical conditioning, and concussion management. See chart below.

All data taken from Aspen Institute’s Project Play Report

More organizations are creating all-in-one training packages for coaches in the core key competencies.

Online and on-site training programs are now being offered more than ever, surely a great sign and a step in the right direction. Minnesota Youth Athletic Services and the Positive Coaching Alliance are just a couple examples of organizations paving the way to train youth coaches while conducting national background checks.

Higher income males dominate the youth coaching landscape.

There have been very few changes since 2012 in who is running a youth sports team.

All data taken from Aspen Institute’s Project Play Report

All data taken from Aspen Institute’s Project Play Report

Deploying young, current athletes as youth coaches appears to be helping.

It’s very early in this study, but it does appear that youth athletes respond better to current athletes and those who are younger than the average coach. NE Distance, located in Providence, Rhode Island, has had some stellar results.

Overall, the Aspen Institute’s State of Play gave the grade of a C- on the challenge of training youth coaches. This isn’t too surprising, as one of the main pain points emphasized by current organizers and our partners at our last two partner days, at our headquarters and at Dodger Stadium, was finding and training qualified coaches to lead teams.

You can read the State of Play full report here.

LeagueApps Hosts Partner Night in the Bay Area!

Company News, Dugout, FC, Lax, Press, Rec, Value of LeagueApps

On February 16th, LeagueApps hosted a Partner Night in San Francisco – our very first Partner event on the Left Coast! It was also the first Partner Day we’ve held so far in 2015 (read about our Partner Day Series).  Over 50 partners have now attended a Partner Day in 4 different cities (NYC, DC, Chicago, and now SF)!

We decided to ditch the frigid NYC weather to reach some of our partners in the Bay Area. SF also happens to be where our development team is based, so we were able to host the event in our dev team’s office located in the downtown Mission District of San Francisco. Our Director of Engineering Bob Daly and Senior Software Engineer Jason Gilbert got to experience their first Partner event. Both Bob and Jason enjoyed interacting with some of our more engaged and tech-savvy LeagueApps users.

Most of our partners travelled from different parts of San Francisco. John Trejo and Reta Joe Rodriguez of East Valley Girls Softball drove all the way up from San Jose to join us. We were super-appreciative and excited to see our partners make time in their busy schedules to hang out with the LeagueApps team and other fellow-partners.

Members of five different sports organizations attended Partner Day. The full lineup included All West Lacrosse, Bay Area Disc Association, Street Soccer (I Play for SF), East Valley Girls Softball, and Bay Area Adult Soccer.


SF Partner Night was a bit less structured than previous Partner Days (similar to the NYC Partner Night we held last Winter). The whole event was designed to create a more relaxed environment conducive to networking and casual interactions. We were able to fit in some live in-person Coaching Sessions, which helped our partners utilize our tools and services to their fullest potential.

SF Partner Night helped to reinforce why we continue to host Partner events for our partners. We realized that both structured sessions and social networking events are helpful to our partners for similar reasons:

  • Find value in connecting with other like-minded partners
  • Direct access to the LeagueApps team
  • Strengthens the LeagueApps community


We’re planning on holding more LeagueApps Partner Days this year in various formats and different cities. Let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas on ways to plan our upcoming Partner Days, or which city we should host our event in the future!


LeagueApps Attends the 2nd Annual Youth Ultimate Coaching Conference! #YUCC2015

Best Practices, Company News, Press, Rec, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps team members love to be Students of the Game and gain a deeper understanding of various fast-growing sports around the country. So when our long-time partners at Bay Area Disc Association invited us to sponsor & attend the 2nd Annual Youth Ultimate Coaching Conference (#YUCC2015) in San Jose on 2/14/15, we jumped at the opportunity.

Valerio Iani, president of Bay Area Disc, organized the entire all-day event in Bellarmine Academy in San Jose. There were coaches, organizers, sponsors, and an impressive array of guest speakers on-hand, including the CEO of USA Ultimate, Dr. Tom Crawford (pictured below).


Dr. Tom Crawford spoke about the values that he feels will lead to greater participation from the youth in the Ultimate community. He touched on the need for young athletes to play multiple sports (as opposed to specializing in a single sport). Crawford also discussed the importance of inclusion, i.e. providing positive experiences for children of various sports backgrounds and skills levels. In fact, there were many parallels between Tom’s speech and the message that ESPN and Project Play’s Tom Farrey had previously communicated to LeagueApps.


The sport of Ultimate preaches some powerful values, which help make it a great learning tool for youth and young adults. Some cool and unique facets of Ultimate that we learned at YUCC:


NO referees!

The game is self-governed by the players on the field. This helps facilitate positive interactions between teams, in which opponents are actually working together and helping each other learn the game. Very different from most of the sports we grew up playing!


Spirit Points count!

Teams are rewarded for good sportsmanship through “Spirit Points”. In fact, many tournaments give awards to the most spirited team!


Gender Equality!

Most of the league, tournaments, and events are mixed, giving women the opportunity to face off against men of similar skill level.

Easy to Organize!

The game is cheap and super-easy to organize. All you need is a field, a disc, and a bunch of players wearing sneakers! This has all helped Ultimate become one of the fastest-growing pickup and recreational sports.


Hat Tournaments Rock! 

Hat tournaments are tourneys in which players join as individuals (i.e. free agents) instead of as a team. The organizers draft teams by picking names out of a hat. Some hat tournaments on the west coast enforce a “Hat Rule” – players need to wear a hat at all times. If a player gains possession of the disc but loses his/her hat, the play is considered a turnover and the other team assumes possession.



Asaf, Val, and Bindel (left to right)


We want to thank our buddy Valerio Iani (above) and our friends at Bay Area Disc for hosting us, showing us a great time, and educating us on the growing sport of Ultimate. Check out Bay Area Disc Association’s Facebook album for more highlights of the event.

LeagueApps loves to attend conferences, meet-ups, and events to better grasp the sports markets that we service and build meaningful relationships in-person. If you plan to attend or host an event in the future, be sure to let us know!



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