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Using Program Summary Reporting to Grow Your Sports Organization

Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps


When you’re running several programs through your organization at a time, it can get overwhelming to keep up sometimes. We’ve made it easier by implementing a program summary feature in our software that includes a Top 20 programs dashboard.

Now, it’s simple to keep up with registrations, invoicing, deadlines, payments, and more. It’s basically a snapshot of all your programs so you can see how they are all performing in one view.

This type of raw, up-to-minute data is important when it comes to running your sports program. Having this information at your fingertips leads to more informed, data-driven decisions for your organization.

Lee Miller, Director of Elite Hoops Basketball, calls the Top 20 and Program Summary among his favorite LeagueApps sports software features.

“We’ve got anywhere up to 40 programs going on at one time. I have my program summary just sitting on the flat screen on my wall at all times. For me, to just come in and refresh that maybe once or twice throughout the day, it’s really convenient and super nice. I think it’s really something that helps us separate from competitors.”

Watch the video below on a short tutorial on running a Program Summary report.

Learn more about how to optimize Top Programs and Program Summary for your sports organization.

Drive Registration For Your Sports Program With the Small Group Feature

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Product News, Rec, Value of LeagueApps

Written by Senior Sales Consultant Michael Bindelglass.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. “I would have signed up, but we didn’t have enough for a full team.”

Or maybe, “My best friend and I want to play together, but we don’t know if we will be put on the same team.”

Social and adult rec leagues can be made or broken based on finding enough teams to make it work.  It’s even more frustrating to know that there were several free agents ready to join, but weren’t able to form a team.  Small group registration as a whole can be the difference maker between retaining players or shutting a league down for the season.

Earlier this year we published a post about our new tool for small group registration. The key was to provide a more flexible solution to help answer one of the more common challenges in adult sports.

After speaking with over 5,000 organizers in the adult rec industry, it’s quite clear that successful adult leagues offer their players the ability to sign up with all different registration scenarios.  Everyone from free agents to team captains and players have their path to sign up. Now, convert a higher percentage of interested players with small group registration through LeagueApps!

Through this capability you can accomplish 3 key things:

1) Never turn away a group of interested players.

2) Easily combine groups of players to form super-teams!

3) Track your groups and communicate more effectively with them.


Dave Draizen of GoVavi likes the feature due to it’s simplicity.

“We use the small group feature and enjoy it. It is very helpful in tracking who wants to play with who without having to run reports.  It’s also helpful in keeping track of groups once they are added to teams.”

Dakota Curling, located in Burnsville, Minnesota, credits the Small Group feature with helping a drastic increase in registration after one weekend of using the feature.

According to President Darcy Ellarby, “We have a lot of couples or pairs of friends that play together, but they don’t have enough to form a team. It’s so great to be able to include them into our programs rather than exclude them and possibly lose out on their registration.”

Read more about implementing the Small Group feature in your program to increase growth.

To learn more about taking advantage of small group or any other features for your adult sports organization, feel free to reach out to me directly at 646-660-9410 or

Mobile Registration is Here!

Feature Highlight, Press, Product News, Release Notes, Tech Specs

We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out a great new release — Mobile Registration.

Not only does this release provide a great registration experience on mobile phones for your members, it also transforms a number of other features in your member-facing sites to be completely mobile friendly.

Features Overview

Here is an overview of what’s included in this release:

Mobile Registration

Your members can now easily browse programs, register, submit payments, and manage their accounts from their phones.

  • Complete mobile registration and payment collection feature.
  • Includes the same features and program details as your full desktop website.
  • Secure SSL-encrypted payment checkout.

Mobile Site Theme & Homepage

When your members visit your LeagueApps-powered site on their phone, the layout automatically changes to use a specially-designed mobile theme that you can control. This mobile theme ensures that things look great and fit nicely on smaller screens of mobile phones.

You can customize your mobile theme colors and logo, as well as mobile specific homepage content, using new tools included in the manager console (described in our help article here).

Our Thoughts on Mobile

We shared some of our thinking and plans around mobile in this recent blog post LeagueApps Is Mobile-First. Here’s Why. Check this out to learn more about why this mobile release is great for your members, and for your organization.

What Else You Need to Know About This Release

We have crafted a full FAQ and How-To page that explains our mobile rollout plan and everything you need to know to fully utilize the feature: Mobile Site FAQs & How-to

A few important things to note:

  • 1) You don’t need to do anything to activate your mobile site. Unless you want to customize your theme, add a mobile logo, or add in custom homepage content, you don’t need to do anything. Your members will automatically get the updated content.
  • 2) Any color choices you have made in the color panel of the Theme Editor have been carried over to the mobile theme. But, we did not make any changes/updates to your mobile theme. if you want to make any changes, just visit the Theme Editor and on the Colors tab, feel free to change anything you want to. Note: this also will update the desktop templates. (read more tips on how to handle if you are using custom CSS).
  • 3) You can upload a mobile logo. Just visit the Theme Editor and on the Images tab, and you can upload a mobile logo, as well as a mobile app icon.

Have questions, feedback, or need help?

Run Your Organization At Your Fingertips With Our Mobile Optimized Sports Software

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

Do you need to easily send an email or text at the field from your phone? Do you wish you could search for a player or coach at the court from a mobile device? Do you want to quickly view a team roster or schedule without being at your desk?

We’re excited to announce that admins can access LeagueApps on a mobile device easier than ever! Not only can your members register and use their account on a mobile device, admins can perform day to day tasks on mobile with ease. Some of our most popular admin tools have a new completely mobile optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting needed.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve updated:



A mobile version of your site’s program summary and a list of your top programs are featured on the mobile dashboard. You can also use the menu in the top left and the search in the top right to get where you need to go quickly.




The same new auto-complete search that we just introduced on desktop is also available on mobile – save yourself some taps by using the search!

View Member

Search for a player, coach or participant and quickly pull up their contact and registration info – great for time sensitive situations!


View Team

Need to check a roster before the game starts? Easily view all players and their waiver status from the team view.




View and Pay Invoice

Search for an invoice, then you can take a credit card or take an offline payment right from your phone.


View Schedule and Enter Scores

Quickly see your program’s schedules and even enter game results.


Email and Text

The same messaging tool you’re used to on desktop is now mobile optimized. Send a text and/or email from your phone when you’re away from your desk.

Great, How Do I Use It?

We’re having a limited early release in the next couple of weeks before it’s available to all LeagueApps admins. Please contact us at if you’d like to be a part of our early release beta program.

Also on Thursday October 13th @ 3pm EDT we’ll also be hosting a free live webinar to walk through the functionality. Click here to sign up!


Learn How To Navigate Your New Dashboard

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps


In early August 2016 we introduced our new look to admins. The key themes of the update focus around efficiency, condensing and mobile optimization. Below we’ll walk you through how to get the most out of the new features we released.

New Site Navigation:

We have a new main menu for site navigation that’s mobile optimized and it expands and collapses.

Site Search:

Our updated site search uses auto-complete functionality with quick results and a search results page.

What’s Happening:

See key data of what’s happening in your organization today, what’s upcoming and what’s happened in the recent past.

Top Programs and Full Program Summary:

View a condensed listing of your programs with quick links. Also easily customize and sort your data.

Master Schedule:

Show all of your program’s games and events in one page with the ability to filter, print or export.


Please share with us how you’re liking the new look! Send any questions or feedback to


Also if you missed our live webinar last week walking through the update check out the full recording here:


LeagueApps Has a New Look!

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps


Notice something different about us? LeagueApps’ admin console has gone through a total redesign, with efficiency and mobile optimization as major themes.

Why the change? The short answer is that it was time. Now more than ever people look at content on phones and tablets in addition to the traditional desktop or laptop computer. With this redesign we’re laying the foundation to make the admin console responsive and work seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes. Today’s update is the first of many future improvements, and below we’ll walk you through the top improvements and additions.


New Admin Dashboard

On the dashboard there are a couple of new sections, including What’s Happening, Quick Links and Top Programs. These sections are designed to instantly display important information and get you where you need to go in the console in just a click.



New Navigation

The main navigation has been moved to the right side of the page to improve page visibility and lay the foundation for mobile optimized admin functionality (coming soon!).



Improved Site Search

The site search now uses auto-complete functionality with quick results, so you can select something from the drop down or view a search results page to find what you’re looking for.



Program Summary Report

Now you can instantly view a condensed, customizable, sortable and exportable program report with information like amount paid, amount outstanding, registration deadline date and remaining capacity.



Master Schedule

The master schedule is an admin report that condenses all games and events into one page, with filters for programs, locations and sub-locations.



What’s Next? Mobile Optimized Admin Pages

Soon we’ll be releasing our first set of mobile optimized pages! This means that you can access LeagueApps on a phone or tablet and view key pages from a mobile optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting! The first set of pages will be some of the most commonly used on-the-go tasks.

  • Search
  • View Player
  • View Team
  • View Invoice
  • Pay Invoice
  • View Program
  • View Schedule
  • Enter Scores
  • Broadcast Messaging



Five Reasons to Get Excited for LeagueApps’ Admin Console Redesign

Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

Earlier this summer LeagueApps announced an admin console redesign project, and we’re excited that it will soon be released. Our goal with the project is to improve the admin’s experience with LeagueApps, keeping efficiency and mobile usage top of mind.

Here’s the first look:

new leagueapps admin console

Let’s take a closer look at the top five highlights of the redesign and why we’re excited about them:

1. New Dashboard

We created a new dashboard, which is the first page that you see once you log in. On the dashboard there are a couple of new sections, including What’s Happening, Quick Links and Top Programs. These sections are designed to instantly display important information and get you where you need to go in the console in just a click.

new dashboard leagueapps


2. What’s Happening

Do you want to see how many registrations and payments you’ve taken today without running a report? How about instantly knowing how many games or registration deadlines you have in the next 7 or 30 days? Our new What’s Happening section shows you just that. This module automatically displays instant insights and summaries of key data in your organization, allowing you to make better informed decisions quicker.


whats happening leagueapps


3. Master Schedule

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all games and events across all programs from one page? Introducing our Master Schedule! Included are filters for programs, locations and sub-locations so that you’re able to customize the view.

Master Schedule


4. Quick Search

Our improved search now uses the same auto-complete functionality that you see in your favorite search engines. This search will let you find your Members, Teams, Invoices, Programs, Locations and Products faster than ever!



5. Program Summary

Display all of the program data that you want to see on one page with our new Program Summary report. You can choose the data that you want to show – pick from fields like registration deadline, amount invoiced, unpaid invoices and remaining team capacity. Once your fields are picked you can even sort the data ascending/descending and export. It’s like having a built in sales report to help you make decisions for your organization.


Program Summary


We’ll be hosting two free live webinars on Thursday August 11th @ 3pm EDT [click here to sign up for 8/11] and Tuesday August 16th @ 6pm EDT [click here to sign up for 8/16] to walk through the new functionality live.

What’s Next? Mobile Optimized Admin Pages

Soon we’ll be releasing our first set of mobile optimized pages! This means that you can access LeagueApps on a phone or tablet and view key pages from a mobile optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting! The first set of pages will be some of the most commonly used on-the-go tasks.

  • Search
  • View Player
  • View Team
  • View Invoice
  • Pay Invoice
  • View Program
  • View Schedule
  • Enter Scores
  • Broadcast Messaging

Please contact if you have any feedback or questions.

Never Issue Refunds Again With Credits

Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to issue a refund. Sometimes a credit makes a whole lot of sense in regards to an inquiry. We’re happy to announce that credits can now be issued as an alternative to refunds. A member can use the credit to apply towards new registrations.

Applying a credit instead of issuing a refund can come in handy for a multitude of reasons. Each situation is unique.

Setting Up Credit Use for Registrations

Go to the registration options of the program in which you wish to apply credits as a payment. Under the “This League Pay-Based” option, select “Allow Credit.” See figure below.

How to Add Credit to a User’s Account

Go to the “Manage” tab and select “Members.” This should enable a list to search users’ names. Select the user’s name in which the credit will be applied. Click on the user’s name. The member details will be displayed on the right and the credit section will be near the bottom of the details.

Edit the credit amount by selecting the dollar amount. This will bring you to the member’s credit page. Here you can change the amount, add a description, or set an expiration date for the credit.

How to Manage All of Your Credits

You can view and edit all of your existing credits under the “Manage” tab. Then select “Credits.”

What do credits look like for users?

Credits will be applied when a program is set to accept credits and a user has credits in the system. If both of these are in place, then a credit option during registration will appear in place of the discount code section. The user will have the option to select “Yes, use my credit.”

*Note: A discount code can not be used along with credit. A user can only use one or the other.

The paid invoice will show that a credit was used.

A paid invoice will now prompt you to issue a credit.

You can also issue a credit directly after deleting a player from a program.

If you have any questions or ways that we can help you get ready for your next season, please contact us at


Build Teams After Tryouts Quickly Using Bulk Invite

Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

It’s almost that time of year again for many club teams holding tryouts for the upcoming season. While it’s very exciting to get a new year of travel ball started, it can be a cumbersome process after tryouts to pick the players who made the team(s) and then get them enrolled for payments.

LeagueApps has a bulk action feature that was inspired by the tryout to club team process, a process we want to make as easy as possible for the organizer and players! Our bulk action feature includes the ability to multi-select and a bulk invite players from your tryout program(s):

Multi-Select Players

Go right down the list and check off the players from your tryout program that you want to invite to the team.

Bulk Invite Players

Enter a custom message and a registration link to the team the players are invited to. Once the invite email is received the player or parent can click the link in the email, log in to their account and select their payment plan (or pay all at once if you’d like).


To make your club season even easier this year, we now also offer a private option in our payment plans – which allows an admin to make a payment plan only accessible with a secret code – great for scholarship students or family specific payment plans!


Watch our webinar on how to use bulk invite to build your club team quickly.


Our webinar page is a great tool to use to help out your club team.

If you have any questions or ways that we can help you get ready for your next season, please contact us at



Admin Console Redesign Will Make Your Life Easier

Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

The LeagueApps team is excited to announce a major upgrade coming to organizers at the end of the summer. We will be redesigning our admin console, giving it a complete make over and making it mobile responsive!
LeagueApps Mobile Admin Console Preview
If you’re running a participatory sports organization, you’re always looking to save time. There are dozens of things that you could or should be doing to help grow or optimize your organization, but there are always the day-to-day tasks that can weigh you down. Wouldn’t it be nice to take care of daily tasks quicker, and even on the go?

LeagueApps understands the hurdles of organizers and because of that, we’re redesigned our admin console. Why? Because sports organizers are busy! Our goal with this redesign is to allow organizers to efficiently manage their organizations from web, mobile, tablet whenever and wherever they are. A core value of LeagueApps is that we are your operating system streamlining operations. We want to put the information that you need at your fingertips.

Some of the most utilized admin functions and actions on LeagueApps will become optimized on desktop and mobile so that you can get what you need to get done quicker and more efficiently wherever you are – less clicks is more!

Here are some highlights of our redesign project:

Dashboard Update featuring Quick Program Access

  • Find the data you need about all of your programs in one spot
  • See a summary of what’s happening in your organization today with quick links
  • The new dashboard is so much fun you’ll be checking it multiple times a day to get up to the minute information on your organization!

Global Quick Search

  • Search for any player, team, invoice or program on desktop and mobile
  • Our autocomplete search allows for quick search results and less clicks

Mobile Optimized Admin Actions

  • Quickly find and view programs, members, players, teams, schedules and invoices
  • Communicate With Members easily with one-click email, text and call
  • View games and update scores on the go
  • View registration information and rosters of players and teams in your programs
  • Take online and offline payments through your phone and tablet!

This is the first of many admin optimizations that LeagueApps is building because we want to make running your organization as easy as possible – even fun!

We’re off to the races on this project and it will be released to all partners at the end of the summer. If you are interested in taking a closer look please contact our Partner Success team at for a preview.


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