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LeagueApps Gears Up For OTAs

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The LeagueApps team is geared and ready for their semi-annual OTAs session this week. From Sunday until Wednesday, the New York and Washington, D.C. teams will be participating in team building conferences and exercises so that we can improve the daily life of our partners and sports organizers everywhere.

What are OTAs?

The NFL describes OTAs as a term used to refer to off-season training sessions put on by the team for their players to give teams more time with their players to develop their skills as well as better integrate the teams offense, defense and special team strategies.

It’s no different for LeagueApps. We’ll be evaluating our strategies and developing our skills as a company to integrate with our partners and sports communities everywhere. It also allows us an opportunity to reflect on a successful 2016 and ask, “how can we get better for our partners in 2017.”

What will LeagueApps be doing?

The four day OTA session will be headlined by some of our most forward-thinking partners and investors, including Shane Battier, Dhani Jones, Jim Fox of Island Garden, Jimmy Vlahakis of Trilogy Lacrosse, Julia Braun of T3, Mitch Storch of Hoop Heaven, Bobby Downing of Delaware Sports League, and Todd Francis of Nike Zoom League.

We will be defining greatness, identifying what it takes to be champions, establishing goals to deliver the best experience possible to sports organizers everywhere, celebrating our team and partners that are difference makers in the sports community, and finding a little time to catch some of the NFL playoffs.

Great! What Can I Do To Be a Part of This Awesome Experience?

You can follow us on our social channels! We’ll be sharing some of our highlights with you so that you can know how we’re impacting our partners and sports organizers. Feel free to engage with us!

How Can I Reach LeagueApps If I Have An Issue?

If you have questions about our modified schedule or if you need support now, please reach out today or tomorrow and we’ll help you BEFORE next week –

The 3 Reasons The American Baseball Coaches Association Convention Proves Your Program Will Change In 2017

Best Practices, Company News, Dugout, FastPitch, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps
Photo Credit: ABCA

Photo Credit: ABCA

Since 1945, the American Baseball Coaches Association has held meetings every year with the NCAA with the idea that college baseball needed organization and direction. What started as a 29 man convention has spawned to an 8,000 member association spanning 20 countries.

This year’s convention was held in Anaheim, California from January 5th-8th. More than 4,500 coaches and 300 exhibiting companies made the 73rd annual ABCA Convention the largest ever on the West Coast.

LeagueApps was lucky enough to be a part of the annual tradition this year as CEO Brian Litvack and Director of Enterprise Sales Rohit Kohli were on site with some off the game’s industry leaders.

As the game continues to evolve, different aspects of the youth baseball industry are also changing. It’s important to recognize some of the trends happening in the game. Here are the three reasons the ABCA Convention proved the game and your baseball program will change in 2017.

Technology Is Taking Over

It’s clear now more than ever that technology is changing every part of the game. Everything from tracking a pitcher’s release to gauging bat speed or torque is being monitored. Companies like Diamond Kinetics and HitTrax are paving the way for coaches and directors to analyze all details of a player’s swing.

“The baseball world has completely changed,” Rohit said. “Without a doubt, Diamond Kinetics and HitTrax were the biggest draws at the event. Everything revolves around tracking efficiencies for recruiting more so than ever.”

With all this technology and data, kids are able to receive their scores faster. They are then able to assess how they stack up with everyone else. Tweaks such as lowering their hands on the bat or raising their release on the mound are now easier than ever before.

“It’s almost like these companies are gamifying baseball for the kids,” Rohit said. “Like a video game, kids get instant results and make changes right then and there to get better.”

The 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Getting Recruited To Play College Baseball

Programs Are Getting More Specialized

From pitching camps in Texas to hitting instructors in New York to catching schools in California, there seems to be no shortage of specialized training. And the market seems to be expanding.

Across the country, facilities are being built for this very reason. Having a field is no longer necessary. Instead, program directors and organizers can use technology to open a camp focused on players’ bat speed.

LeagueApps partners from Ohio, Sports Force Parks, is one example of facilities built on specialization. Located near Cedar Point Amusement Park, they specialize in hosting tournaments for all skill levels. However, they maximize their growth through a niche market in youth sports tourism. By marketing one special asset of what they offer, Sports Force Parks has grown from hosting tournaments into one of the premier players in the youth baseball industry.

Custom Gloves at the ABCA

It’s not just programs or facilities that are specializing. Equipment is being altered every day to optimize a certain part of a player’s game. There’s a science behind how specialized hats can help prevent concussions. Gloves are being built everyday to conform to a player’s tendencies at shortstop or centerfield.

With the addition of technology and improving software, these evolutions are leading to more and more specialized players. The result is personalized pitching coaches and clinics for infielders on turning double plays.

As long as kids want to be the best and play for the best, there will always be a market for specialized camps.

Baseball Organizers Cannot Miss These Conventions

The biggest and most important takeaway is also perhaps the most simple. You have to go to these youth baseball related events.

Aside from the possibility of meeting Tommy Lasorda or Bobby Valentine, conventions and events like the ABCA allow for not only an excellent opportunity for other youth baseball leaders to network, but the potential to grow your program through a 3 or 4 day event is enormous.

That fact is not lost on Rohit.

“All the big name sponsors are here,” he said. “Every organization is here to capitalize on how to grow their youth baseball business in 2017.”

Big names like Rawlings, Easton, and EvoShield, to name a few, have a heavy presence at these events. Just as college teams are looking for partnerships with these baseball goliaths, youth clubs and teams are finding more ways than ever to get sponsorships.

With over 4,500 college coaches and recruiters at the event, baseball directors and organizers are keen on getting the inside track on how to get their players recruited for college.

“Being on site just gives these program directors a competitive advantage in understanding what college coaches are looking for. Sure, the opportunity for sponsorships and technological advances are here. But the real advantage is in knowing how to get your kids recruited,” said Rohit.

If a baseball director is looking to grow their program in 2017, start by attending these events.

Going to to the Mohegan Sun Convention? Sign up to win a FREE customized Fungo Bat!

How A Hall of Famer Is Delivering Great Experiences To His Youth Baseball Programs

Best Practices, Dugout, FastPitch, FC, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps
Via CoachUp Inc/

Via CoachUp Inc/

January 2017 Partner SportsDog Award: Dirt Dawg Sports

SportsDog Value: Grit

Award Winner: Alex Santiago

Previous Winner: Team Esface Basketball

Alex Santiago’s baseball resume is quite long.

  • Catcher of the 1982 Puerto Rico Big League Team World Champions
  • 18 years in the Puerto Rico Semi Pro Baseball League
  • Three Puerto Rican Semi-Pro Championships (1989-’91)
  • Eight All Star Selections
  • Manager, Puerto Rico National Big League Team
  • Manager of the Year, 2009
  • Silver Medal w/Women’s National Team in 2009 Pan-American Baseball Tournament
  • Inducted to Carolina (his hometown) Hall of Fame of Sports in 2013
  • Inducted to Puerto Rico Semi-Pro Baseball League Hall of Fame in 2009
  • Oldest Son of Former Red Sox Great Jose Santiago

Since 2012, Alex has been manager, instructor, and trainer of Dirt Dawgs Sports. He also serves as the program’s Information Officer.

Based out of Canton, Massachusetts, Dirt Dawg Sports is a premier baseball and softball training facility offering year-round indoor and outdoor top-notch professional baseball and softball instruction. Their mission is to work with all players to instill, cultivate, and nurture the love and passion that they have for the game.

“Dirt Dawgs is like a family,” Alex said. “You’re not just another customer. You’re treated like family. We are an all year round facility so you’re always welcome. We offer soccer, softball, we sponsor a cricket team. So everyone is welcome.”

Alex moved from Puerto Rico to the Boston area four years ago. He has been involved with all levels of baseball since he was eight years old. He even began his managerial career at the age of twelve while he was playing on the Puerto Rican teams.

He also comes from a great baseball family.

“I don’t like to brag about it, but if I don’t mention it my father will be mad. I am the oldest son of former Red Sox pitcher Jose Santiago, who pitched the first game of the World Series versus St Louis Cardinals’ Bob Gibson and lost 2-1 that game. The only run for the Red Sox was a homerun he hit over the Green Monster.”

In 2012, he took advantage of the opportunity to continue a career in baseball at the youth level. What started as a trainer and coaching position evolved into taking over duties as the program’s information officer.

“We were doing a lot of things manually. And almost everything was done separately. So, I tried to consolidate everything.”

Holiday Champions 2017 Coupal and his 16 Gold

A photo posted by Dirt Dawg Sports (@dirtdawgsports) on

With his background as a website designer and a “lit bit of programming,” Alex gave a lot of his time to install account packages such as QuickBooks and analyze several Excel spreadsheets.

“When I ran into LeagueApps and saw the product for the first time, I was really, really satisfied. It eliminated so much manual stuff we were doing like a lot of paperwork, a lot of forms, and spreadsheets,” he said.

“We weren’t even collecting any payments online.” All registrations were done on paper.

Within two months, all of the Dirt Dawgs’ 21 club teams were conducting 100% of their transactions online. His efforts to deliver the best service possible to his clients and the Dirt Dawgs family is just but one reason why he is held in such high regard.

Discover the  technology that helps power the Dirt Dawgs’ 21 club teams by seeing a free demo.

It’s with that grit, determination, effort, and hard work that Alex is able to deliver amazing experiences to his program’s players, parents, and members.

“Alex is the best! Not only does he spend his time training young baseball players, but he is always looking for new ways to take advantage of all the features offered. He even answered my call and got in front of a computer with me while he was on his vacation,” Launch Manager Stephanie Vera said.

He believes in having an open line of communication with all of his players and members of the Dirt Dawg family. Parents around the Boston area flock to Alex and the Dirt Dawgs so that their kids will become better players and more importantly, better people.

Alex lives by the advice he gives to all sports organizers and anyone who has a drive to succeed in their youth sports business.

“You have to comply on what you offer to your clients.”

Thanks to Alex’s grit and determination, he and the amazing staff of Dirt Dawg Sports are geared for a wildly successful 2017 of delivering excellent service and experiences to their clients.


The 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Getting Recruited To Play College Baseball

Best Practices, Dugout, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Tyler Wood Locker

This Post Written By LeagueApps Baseball Partner Representative Tyler Wood

I’ve been through the college recruiting process before and it’s stressful. I was once an aspiring high school pitcher looking to play college baseball. I had the opportunity to pitch at Furman University and go on to play professionally in the San Diego Padres organization. There is no magic formula to getting a scholarship, but here are five things I wish I knew when I was a high school baseball player.


Put Together a Realistic List of Schools

There are many things to account for when looking for a great school to play for: geography, academics, coaches, campus lifestyle. Put together a list of schools you are confident you will achieve academically and athletically. If you struggle academically, you won’t be allowed to play and if you struggle to get on the field you won’t enjoy your time off the field.


Don’t Post Without Your Grandma’s Approval

Be smart. I’m sure you’ve heard this from your parents, teachers and baseball coaches but take it from a 25-year-old who has seen lives get ruined from one dumb post. BE SMART about what you post on social media! If you don’t think college coaches are looking at your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’re lying to yourself.


Be Honest With Your Ability

This one might sting, but not all of you reading this are going to play Division 1 and let me be super clear, that is ok! If you want to continue playing this beautiful game of baseball after high school, there are plenty of opportunities. I’ve played with some very talented players that have gone on to have wildly successful careers at the Division 2 and NAIA levels. I would rather be a weekend starter on a Division 2 team than a bench warmer on a D1 team.

Tyler Pitching

Go To A Place Where You Are Wanted

This one really hits home for me (pun definitely intended). I am from St. Louis and I wanted to go to the University of Missouri more than any other school on my list. I emailed them so many times I should have received a restraining order filed. They saw me throw in 28 innings and I only gave up 2 runs! 2 runs!

Throughout this entire process, the coaches at Furman University stayed persistent and continued to make me feel like Furman was the place for me. Turns out it was the place. I was a four-year starter and went on to play professionally. Moral of the story is go to a school where the coaches make you feel like you are wanted.


Make The Most Of Your Time Playing

News flash: you will stop playing the game of baseball at some point, no matter how talented you are. There are hundreds of games I don’t remember playing. I have no idea what my stats as a junior in high school were. But I will never forget the friendships I gained over my career. Baseball is temporary but those friendships last a lifetime!

This is likely one of the biggest decision you will be making in your young life but it’s exciting! Do your research, make your campus visits and make the decision that fits all of your needs as a future student-athlete!

You can reach Tyler at for more recruiting tips for your baseball program. And be sure to check out his other tips on his blog The TWood Shop.


How to Start, Scale, and Grow a Youth Sports Training Program [video]

Best Practices, Dugout, FC, Hoops, Lax, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Former Johns Hopkins University, National Lacrosse League, and current Major League Lacrosse player Mike “Pop” Poppleton is the founder of All-American Faceoff (AAFO). Founded in 2015, the goal of AAFO is not only to teach athletes how to dominate at the faceoff X, but to instill skills that will help the players succeed in the classroom and in life.

AAFO has scaled up tremendously over the last year, growing from one specialized training program, to a now bi-coastal enterprise that is looking to focus on different aspects of lacrosse training.  Currently, Pop is looking for quality draw and goalie coaches/directors.

Pop was in town recently for the Paul Rabil Foundation fundraising event in NYC and decided to kick it with a few of his friends and partners at LeagueApps.

In fact, when he walked into the LeagueApps office last week, he made himself right at home! You’ll see that he enjoyed some of our funky hats laying around the office…


We were lucky enough to be able to pick Pop’s brain a little bit and get some advice for other youth sports entrepreneurs and organizers. There’s really no one better to give sound advice to sports organizers on starting a youth training program, especially for a niche or specific role program.

In part one above, Pop gives some great tips on starting a niche or specific youth training program, the importance of technology, scaling, and properly using social media to expand a training program’s reach.

In part two below, watch what drove Pop to start AAFO, some of the challenges he faced, and why he says “sixth graders in Tennessee” could beat him.

USA Baseball Names John Savage 2017 CNT Manager As Registration Opens

Dugout, Press, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

UCLA head coach John Savage has been named by USA Baseball as the manager for the 2017 Collegiate National Team. Savage previously served as an assistant coach on the 2000 USA Baseball Collegiate National Team that finished its summer 27-3-1 and won a gold medal at Haarlem Baseball Week in the Netherlands.

USA Baseball is an official partner of LeagueApps.

“We are thrilled to welcome back John Savage to the USA Baseball coaching ranks,” said Paul Seiler, Executive Director and CEO of USA Baseball.

“John has led the UCLA program to new heights under his guidance and we are excited to bring his experience and leadership to the head of our national team program in 2017.”

The remaining Collegiate National Team staff and schedule will be announced at a later time on The U.S. will host three international friendship series against Chinese Taipei, Cuba, and Japan in 2017.

The announcement comes just days after USA Baseball announced their 2017 dates for their 14U, 16U, and Labor Day Cups. The 2017 USA Baseball’s 14U, 16U, and Labor Day Cups are open-invitation tournaments composed of 48 teams.

The events will be held in Cary, N.C., at the USA Baseball National Training Complex from July 14-16 (14U Cup), July 21-23 (16U Cup), and September 2-4 (Labor Day Cup). USA Baseball will award 48 teams the right to participate based on an application approval process.

The LeagueApps sports software powers all registration for USA Baseball, including all events and tournaments.

You can read the full article here.


Four Easy Rules For Running a Successful Tournament or Event From a Leading Expert

Best Practices, Dugout, FC, Hoops, Lax, Sports Community

How difficult is it to run a successful tournament? What is the most important thing about choosing a venue for your next event?

Running a great tournament or event ensures that your participants will return to your sports programs. They are also more likely to refer your program to others and help drive registration.

We reached out to our partners from NXT Sports to get some insight in running a great tournament. Based out of Philadelphia, NXT Sports has been delivering some of the best tournaments on the East Coast since 2009. What started as a youth lacrosse club, NXT Sports now offers amazing experiences for youth athletes in the sports of soccer, field hockey, and basketball.

In this article, you’ll learn tips from Ryan Long, Director of Events for NXT Sports, on how to run a successful tournament for your sports programs.

Safety Is The Top Priority

Everything revolves around player safety.

“Our number one goal is to keep players and kids safe at all events,” Ryan said “Honestly, that should be the number one goal of all sports organizations.”

To do this, NXT employs trainers to be on-site at all times, not just for tournaments. During practices, tournaments, and games, there is one trainer for every two playing fields.

One initiative that Ryan and NXT is proud of is its safety initiative. Through a combination of full-time trainers, quality training of coaches and staff, as well as a partnership with the Datalys Center, NXT is at the forefront of youth sports injury research.

“Everyone on our medical staff keeps a binder at all times. We keep track of all injuries at all times, whether that be at practices, touraments, or other events. We then forward that information to the Datalys Center for proper research,” Ryan said.

To learn more secrets in how leading experts in the sports industry like Ryan are successfully growing their sports programs, download this FREE eBook today!

Location, Location, Location

“It’s one thing to have a great venue, but if it’s in the middle of nowhere, then no one will want to come back next year,” Ryan said.

One of Ryan’s main tips is to always remember that tournaments and events consist of not just the players and coaches, but of the families and friends of all participants. With that in mind, be sure to choose a venue that will offer off-the-field activities as well.

“It’s not just about the on-the-field experience. Make sure there are plenty of activities and things to do. When families come to Philadelphia, we make sure that we inform everyone of all the great things to do in this city, like visiting the Liberty Bell for instance. When we host beach events, we want to know where the go-karts and mini-golf venues are so that we can tell parents that in advance,” Ryan said.

Stay Organized

Parents want stability when they visit these events. Everything from having the correct schedule, to communication, to being able to register participants should as as smooth as possible.

“It’s so easy to be able to organize effectively with LeagueApps. Parents want organization. If you think about it, they’re on vacation when they visit our events. The fact that we’re able to easily organize everything gives them the opportunity to enjoy a no-hassle vacation,” Ryan said.

He continued. “There’s a lot of companies that will kind of start up and flounder because they’re not organized. Get organized with LeagueApps.”

Stay True To What You Do Best

One common theme shared by several of our partners, such as Lee Miller of Elite Hoops or Carlos Villicana of Team Esface, is to stay true to yourself and your mission.

Ryan shares a similar thought. “Stay true to what you do best. Learn the things you do well and build off of that.”

After you stick to what you know best, then you can make the step to a multi-sport event. When you do, Ryan gives this tip as well.

“Just stick to what you do and what you do best. Use that blue print for the other sports and make the minor adjustments that are necessary. Stay true to what you do best.”



It ‘Takes The Village’ For McAllister Park Little League To Reach The Little League World Series

Company News, Dugout, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Today, the All Stars from McAllister Park Little League, official partners of LeagueApps, will take the field in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to pursue a Little League World Series championship. The game will be featured on ESPN at 8PM EST.

We’re excited at LeagueApps for the young kids and the opportunity they each have. We’re also pumped for all the hardworking volunteers that put in time and effort every day with McAllister Park.

Jon “J.P.” Guerra is an assistant coach, volunteer, and dad of McAllister Park. “It really takes the village of everyone here for the whole organization to function,” he said. “From recruiting to funding, even mowing the grass!”

Like most of the board members at McAllister Park, J.P. started as a dad that just wanted to help out the team. It turned into him volunteering his time to allow the whole program to flourish. We sense a lot of that going on at LeagueApps.

Their push to the Little League World Series has attracted a lot of interest from the San Antonio community. Even former players from their previous LLWS teams are helping every way they can.

“It’s been great to see. A bunch of kids from the ’09 and ’12 teams have come back to help out. Some are pitching to the hitters, others are giving fielding instructions,” J.P. said.

It’s not just former players helping the All Stars reach the World Series. Their advance is also in due part to the hard work of their coaches. Volunteers on the board are quick to “mow the grass” and turn off the lights at night. Parents and guardians are instrumental to the kids’ growth. And it takes the technology to streamline an entire league.

J.P. and McAllister Park have found tremendous aid in our schedule generating features as well as the website publishing tools. “I know it’s personally saved me a lot of time.”

Thank you to J.P and all the hard working volunteers from McAllister Park. A few of us from the LeagueApps team will be in attendance. We’ll be cheering hard for our partners this weekend!

You can also donate to their GoFundMe campaign directly here.


Passion Is On Full Display With the Sports Organizers At Hesperia National Little League

Company News, Dugout, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

August 2016 Partner SportsDog Award: Hesperia National Little League

SportsDog Value: Passion

Awards Winners: Hesperia National Little League Board Members

Recently, LeagueApps announced our new initiative focused on highlighting partners that represent our SportsDog values. This week, we’re happy to announce our first highlighted partner.

Hesperia National Little League, based out of Hesperia, California, about 80 miles outside of Los Angeles, is a youth baseball organization consisting of 30 teams and nearly 500 players. Two of their all star teams, the 10-and-under and the 12-and-under teams, won their divisions in the California District 49 Little League tournament.

Hesperia National Little League was founded in the mid 1960s. By 1969, a Hesperia Little League team rose through the ranks and won the Big League Baseball World Series. Chris Sevy, Public Relations Officer for the Hesperia National Little League board, was eager to share that stat. He set aside some time to speak with us about Hesperia National Little League, including some of the dedicated volunteer organizers he works with.

“These are some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” he said. “Our President [Bill Bitonti] and VP [Fernando Rodriguez] go above and beyond as volunteers.”

It was clear after a few minutes speaking with Chris that Hesperia National Little League truly represents our Passion value.

Hesperia National Little League joined LeagueApps in October of 2015. The partnership has had a successful first year as Hesperia National Little League has been able to simplify the registration process utilizing LeagueApps technology. They have also enjoyed working with the LeagueApps team, and specifically, Launch Team Manager Stephanie Vera.

“Stephanie has been terrific!” Chris and the board are excited for the future of their sports organization with LeagueApps. Especially with such dedicated members on the board.

The Hesperia National Little League board consists of volunteers from the community. Aside from Bill and Fernando, Chris was quick to point out four other volunteers that pledge countless hours to make sure the youth baseball and softball players of Hesperia have the chance to play in a functioning league.

Major Baseball Director Kevin Chaffin, Equipment Director Bill Sandaval, and Uniform Director Cheryl Bolster are just three of the dedicated volunteers on the board. It’s through their countless hours of volunteer work that the young athletes of Hesperia have a little league in which to play.

Kevin even showed up at a game earlier this year with a 2006 All Star shirt. “That just shows you how long he’s been around to volunteer his time. Bill [Sandaval] has been around for 18 years. Cheryl has been around the same time as Bill. The amount of time they donate to the league is just unsurpassed. Hundreds of hours a year they donate.”

“Amber Melendez, who is our Player Agent, is ultimately our unsung hero.” Amber has had the duty of maintaining information and paperwork on each player participating in Hesperia National Little League. “The more we’ve had LeagueApps,” Chris said, “the less time she is spending on paperwork.”

“Kevin, Cheryl, Bill, and Amber each have over a decade of experience. They all came in similar situation as me and stayed in the program as a volunteer.”

Chris joined the organization four years ago. At the time, his oldest child was turning four years old and was looking for an activity. Baseball was the “thought provoking and safe” choice for Chris. His fellow baseball organizers Kevin, Cheryl, Bill, and Amber started in much the same fashion. Even though their kids have had kids, they continue to volunteer in the league. That’s passion.

Despite all his volunteer work in the community, Chris admitted that he did have self-centered reasons to be proud of Hesperia National. As a baseball coach and organizer, he gets to spend more time with his family, “as selfish as that is.”

Sports organizers like Chris are using the LeagueApps technology to spend more time promoting youth athletics. People like Chris, Bill, Fernando, Kevin, Cheryl, Bill, and Amber are the unsung heroes that are shaping the lives of young baseball players every day. We’re excited to hear more from our Passionate partner Hesperia National Little League in the future.

Make a donation to Hesperia National Little League by contacting Bill Bitonti or email him at

4 Ways to Help You Drive Registration and Increase Tryout Numbers

Best Practices, Dugout, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps Powers The Long Island Junior Ducks

More and more baseball organizations are finding unique ways to drive registration during tryout time.

We’ve compiled a list of four of the best tactics our partners are using to drive more registration numbers, including some of our features.

1. Use Facebook To Get The Word Out

Featuring a player or event on Facebook with photos is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to generate interest in your baseball organization. People, especially youth baseball players and their parents, love seeing themselves being featured in Facebook posts. Baseball Heaven, our partners from Long Island, love featuring their players along with their sponsors.

Partners from Baseball Heaven Showcasing Sponsors

Meanwhile, our partners on the other side of the country, the Cali Gamers, promote all their fun activities and events on social media. They recently got a chance to meet Swinging Friar at a Padres game. What youth baseball player wouldn’t enjoy a free Major League Baseball game with a mascot?

Partners Cali Gamers Enjoying an MLB Game in Southern Cali

Getting the word out through Facebook with our LeagueApps plug-in is easy and immediate. Read more about how your baseball organization can grow and how our partners are using our Facebook plug-in.

2. Offer More During Registration

Businesses around the country are becoming more consumer oriented every day. Take a page out of their books and offer parents more than just registering for a tryout.

The Michigan Red Sox hold a golf outing every year to coincide with registration. The Sandcrabs Baseball team, our partners based out of South Texas, held a raffle contest during registration earlier this year. Over 200 winners were announced.

The Florida Stealth, our partners based out of Delray Beach in Florida, make the tryout process even easier for parents and players. They offer free tryouts to anyone that is interested. This tactic has seen an incredible amount of growth for the Stealth. Since 2010, the Stealth has grown from one team to more than 20 teams, ranging from 10Under to 18Under, who compete at the national and local level. That’s 2000% growth during a time in which youth baseball is in decline!

Our Partners From Florida Stealth Have Grown Over 2000%

Aside from simplifying the registration process for the Stealth, our bulk invite feature makes the process of creating your team roster from the tryout registration as simple as swinging a bat.

3. Partner Up

At LeagueApps, we don’t have customers or clients. We have partners. Leveraging us make sense to forge partnerships in an effort to drive registration. It’s smart for our partners to seek out and work together.

Our partners from Baseball Heaven and the Long Island Junior Ducks use each other frequently to drive registration. They recently worked together on a project that attracted former MLB Players, Frank Catalanatto and Keith Osik.

This is a fantastic promotion. Baseball Heaven has great facilities and the LI Junior Ducks offer great baseball. Why not use each other’s strengths to create an alliance?

Speaking of partnerships, The Cali Gamers and our partners from USA Baseball conducted a similar promotion. They teamed up and recruited former MLB player Gerald Laird to increase their registration numbers.

4. Be A Part of Something Bigger Than Youth Baseball

The Long Island Junior Ducks are a sponsor of the charity Strength Heals, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness to child abuse. Every member of the LI Junior Ducks is also a contributor to an organization that is truly changing the community.

It’s easy for people to want to be a part of a baseball organization that is doing great things for the community.

Community outreach doesn’t have to be just working with charity. Recently, the Cali Gamers have adopted an Instagram campaign. Members of the baseball program are making it a point to take pictures with police officers in the jurisdictions they visit.

It’s pretty awesome to see our partner baseball programs make it a point to be a part of something bigger than baseball. Prospective members of your organization will feel the same.

Do you have any ideas that have worked in the past to increase tryout membership? We would love to hear them! Tell us about your solution below so we can share your story!


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