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A Small End-of-Summer Release

Product News, Release Notes

We pushed out a quick release this week. Here are some hot items that were addressed:

Privacy Settings

We took a step forward to improve privacy on LeagueApps! We tweaked the member information that appears on public-facing sites. Now only the first names of site members are shown on any public site pages (unless, of course, the user is logged in). This will prevent your members’ full names from getting indexed on Google.

We are constantly thinking of ways to further improve privacy. Please share any thoughts and ideas you have.

A Few Administrative Features

  • Admins can now control their widget background color (under “Colors” tab in Theme Editor).
  • Updated programs drop down list on Member Details page to include season and start date for each program.
  • Admins can now decide to include/exclude games of type “Playoff” and “Championship” in standings calculations (Settings > Standings).
  • Added new program registration status option for Accepting Team Captains Only.
  • Program deletion button added to program dashboard.


That’s it for now. As always, feel free to send any feedback our way!


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