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3 LeagueApps Tips to Remember When Setting Up Your Programs

We recognize that LeagueApps is a complex platform and there is a learning curve when it comes to understanding the nuances of the product. Some of our main goals at LeagueApps are to help you save time, streamline your operations, and create a better user experience for your players. So, we thought we’d share the top 3 tips and tricks to keep in mind when setting up your programs. These common pitfalls cause our partners to spend extra time and energy unnecessarily, and they often create confusion for their players. This list will help you avoid running into these same issues so that you can run your programs more efficiently.  BTW – If you are not experiencing any of these issues below or are already aware of these tips, don’t sweat it! You’re ahead of the game!


1) Manually Creating Teams

Many partners manually create teams in the admin console, instead of having each captain (or coach) create their team when they register. Admins often follow this approach when they don’t know who the captains/coaches are during registration, or when they prefer to create each team on their own.

A few key problems arise if you manually create teams in the admin console:

  • A team player can only join a team that has a captain on it. If the team has no captain on it, team players are NOT able to join the team. If they try, they will get a ‘Registration Failed!’ message (see below), and will most likely be confused and frustrated by the process.
  • If the team is manually created WITHOUT a captain on it, the pricing structure you’ve set essentially goes out the window. Players do NOT get invoiced when they register at all and will be able to sign up without paying. This scenario only happens when a captain-less team is created (since team payments are strongly tied to captains’ invoices in our system).




How to avoid this in the future:

a. Push each captain (or coach) to create his own team during registration. This is the recommended approach because it ensures that, a) team players are able to join existing teams, and b) each team retains the price structure that you’ve set.

b. If you want to create a team but don’t know who the captain/coach is yet, add a place-holder captain for the time-being. This can be a real site member or even a fake member – just make sure to add a name that won’t confuse team players. Once you know who the captain is, you can replace the place-holder captain with the real captain.


If you plan to create a team in the admin console, follow these steps to ensure that your team retains the price structure:

  • Go to the Membership page (“Manage > Members”) and search the captain you want to add.
    IF the captain is not in the system yet, click “Add a Site Member”
  • Click on the Captain’s Name. On his Member Details page, select the ‘Add to Program’ dropdown. Then choose which program you want to add the new team to. Click ‘Add’.
  • On the Registration Details page, select ‘Captain’ for Registration Type. Then choose to create a new team. Enter the team name and all of the required fields.
  • Choose to generate an invoice and send notification email, if you’d like. Click ‘Save Player’.

This process is also outlined if you select to add a team on the ‘Teams’ tab in your program (see below).


2) Default Settings

Default settings are the site-wide settings you typically configure during the initial launch process of your site. You can setup default registration options and default registration form fields to save you time when creating your programs on LeagueApps.

Here are some common misconceptions about default settings:

  • Changes you make to your default settings will NOT apply to your existing programs. In other words – if you update your pricing on your default  registration settings and have 15 upcoming programs listed on your site, you STILL need manually change the pricing for each of your 15 programs to ensure that their pricing is fully up-to-date.
  • Copy a program – copying a program will duplicate the exact settings of the original program you are copying. BUT copying a program won’t take into account any default settings that have been updated AFTER the program you are copying was created. If you do choose to copy a program, make sure that the program settings you are copying are up-to-date as well. More on how to copy a program.

How to avoid this in the future:

a. Review and audit your registration settings before each season. Double-check that all of your registration settings (including pricing) and form field questions reflect your current registration process.

b. Be sure to update your default settings BEFORE you create your programs for the upcoming season. This will save you loads of time! You can simply create one program, then copy that program over if you have multiple programs.


3) Copying Text

When copying/pasting text from Microsoft Word or from a website into LeagueApps, the formatting may be slightly off. For example, a common use-case is if you paste your waiver copy into LeagueApps. If you have done this in the past, you may have seen extra gibberish characters replacing quotation marks in your Waiver Content (see below).


How to avoid this in the future:

The best way to avoid this is by copying the text into a simple text editor BEFORE pasting into LeagueApps. That will strip the formatting and make it easier to control font and size. If you have a Mac, we recommend utilizing TextEdit, which is included in OS X. If you have a PC, NotePad will do the job. NOTE: Microsoft Word and other word processors will not work for this purpose because they contain additional formatting and hidden characters that will cause conflicts with online tools.



Hopefully these tips will help save you and your players time and angst in the future! If you have any questions or would like us to review your settings with you, just hit up our Partner Management team at support@leagueapps.com. Also, if you have any other tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way, please share them with us!