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LeagueApps Partners Work With Movocado to Create Custom Mobile Apps

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Because LeagueApps’ API technology is an open platform, other technologies and applications can easily integrate into LeagueApps. Think of LeagueApps as the turkey in your digital Thanksgiving meal.

Many of our partners have expressed the need for a mobile app for their programs that can help members and participants enjoy all the great tools that LeagueApps offers- communication, scheduling, registration to name a few. So, we’re happy to announce a new opportunity for your organization to build a native mobile app through a company called Movocado.

Movocado’s capabilities include building custom mobile applications for sports organizations. Their mission is to partner with any sports organizer, club, gym, spa, barber, or healthcare provider that desires to provide a fully custom and fully integrated mobile application to their customers.

Steven Staley, founder of Movocado, is a former sports organizer himself so he also understands the importance of using software and technology to simplify the way your sports organization and program is run. Steve excited about the integration with LeagueApps.

“The LeagueApps and Movocado integration will provide organizers with a custom, native mobile application with seamless end to end integration between the Movocado native mobile application and the LeagueApps backend software,” he said.

“You don’t need to input any information or data into the mobile app. All information is fully connected and integrated with the LeagueApps software. There’s no need to spend any time, effort, or money to support or maintain the mobile application as it is always live, always up to date, and always supports the latest versions of web browsers and mobile operating systems, ” he said.

Steven and the LeagueApps team also understand the importance of branding so you can further drive registration and grow your sports program.

“Our app is optimized for both youth and adult sports organizations that have 5,000 players annually. As a sports organizer myself, I understand how important it is to brand your organization. It’s one of the reasons I was really drawn to work with Leagueapps,” Steven said.

Steven and the Movocado team have already begun developing apps for a few of LeagueApps’ partners, including Austin Sports and Social Club. SportsMonkey, another LeagueApps partner from Texas, is also working with Movocado.

Chad Perry runs the marketing department for Austin Sports and Social.

“Our users will most often be using the app just before their games. They want to open the app, see their game time, field location, the best route and ETA (via their preferred mapping app), who their playing, their opponents record, who on their team is coming and message their team if they’re going to be late or have a question,” Chad said.


“With this in mind we had Movocado create the custom homepage. Oh, and the weather status is an integration we had them create using the RainoutLine API developed by LeagueApps.”

Chad has also enjoyed the business relationship with Steven and the Movocado team.

“Working with Movocado has been great.  Steven is very fair, open and honest with communication about pricing, capabilities and recommendations,” he said.

You can read more about Movocado’s app store description with our partners from Boston Social Sports here.

LeagueApps is always looking to build relationships with other technologies to continue to make the lives of sports organizers everywhere simpler. When another sports organizer is able to build an app that easily integrates with the robust LeagueApps software, well that’s just like having your pumpkin pie and eating it too.

If you’re interested to learn more about Movocado or would like to receive a demo or free estimate, you can contact LeagueApps by clicking the large button below or you can reach out to Steven Staley at Movocado.

Four Easy Rules For Running a Successful Tournament or Event From a Leading Expert

Best Practices, Dugout, FC, Hoops, Lax, Sports Community

How difficult is it to run a successful tournament? What is the most important thing about choosing a venue for your next event?

Running a great tournament or event ensures that your participants will return to your sports programs. They are also more likely to refer your program to others and help drive registration.

We reached out to our partners from NXT Sports to get some insight in running a great tournament. Based out of Philadelphia, NXT Sports has been delivering some of the best tournaments on the East Coast since 2009. What started as a youth lacrosse club, NXT Sports now offers amazing experiences for youth athletes in the sports of soccer, field hockey, and basketball.

In this article, you’ll learn tips from Ryan Long, Director of Events for NXT Sports, on how to run a successful tournament for your sports programs.

Safety Is The Top Priority

Everything revolves around player safety.

“Our number one goal is to keep players and kids safe at all events,” Ryan said “Honestly, that should be the number one goal of all sports organizations.”

To do this, NXT employs trainers to be on-site at all times, not just for tournaments. During practices, tournaments, and games, there is one trainer for every two playing fields.

One initiative that Ryan and NXT is proud of is its safety initiative. Through a combination of full-time trainers, quality training of coaches and staff, as well as a partnership with the Datalys Center, NXT is at the forefront of youth sports injury research.

“Everyone on our medical staff keeps a binder at all times. We keep track of all injuries at all times, whether that be at practices, touraments, or other events. We then forward that information to the Datalys Center for proper research,” Ryan said.

To learn more secrets in how leading experts in the sports industry like Ryan are successfully growing their sports programs, download this FREE eBook today!

Location, Location, Location

“It’s one thing to have a great venue, but if it’s in the middle of nowhere, then no one will want to come back next year,” Ryan said.

One of Ryan’s main tips is to always remember that tournaments and events consist of not just the players and coaches, but of the families and friends of all participants. With that in mind, be sure to choose a venue that will offer off-the-field activities as well.

“It’s not just about the on-the-field experience. Make sure there are plenty of activities and things to do. When families come to Philadelphia, we make sure that we inform everyone of all the great things to do in this city, like visiting the Liberty Bell for instance. When we host beach events, we want to know where the go-karts and mini-golf venues are so that we can tell parents that in advance,” Ryan said.

Stay Organized

Parents want stability when they visit these events. Everything from having the correct schedule, to communication, to being able to register participants should as as smooth as possible.

“It’s so easy to be able to organize effectively with LeagueApps. Parents want organization. If you think about it, they’re on vacation when they visit our events. The fact that we’re able to easily organize everything gives them the opportunity to enjoy a no-hassle vacation,” Ryan said.

He continued. “There’s a lot of companies that will kind of start up and flounder because they’re not organized. Get organized with LeagueApps.”

Stay True To What You Do Best

One common theme shared by several of our partners, such as Lee Miller of Elite Hoops or Carlos Villicana of Team Esface, is to stay true to yourself and your mission.

Ryan shares a similar thought. “Stay true to what you do best. Learn the things you do well and build off of that.”

After you stick to what you know best, then you can make the step to a multi-sport event. When you do, Ryan gives this tip as well.

“Just stick to what you do and what you do best. Use that blue print for the other sports and make the minor adjustments that are necessary. Stay true to what you do best.”


Join us as we follow these tips for our charity event, Ballin’ for Charity, on March 25th! Sign up today!

3 Tips On How To Run A Successful Basketball Camp

Best Practices, Hoops, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

What goes into creating a solid basketball camp? How do you create a great experience for your participants so they can return to your program(s)?

There’s no one better to give some insight into running a great camp than Lee Miller, Director of Nike Elite Hoops Basketball. Lee founded Elite Hoops Basketball in the summer of 2004. That summer, he bought 300 shirts, rented three gyms, and wanted 100 kids at each facility.

“Only 29 kids showed up. I was left with 271 tee shirts,” he said. Now, he hosts 56 Nike camps across eight states over 11 weeks, and with over 3600 players.

He’s giving three quick tips on how to run a successful basketball camp.

Have a Checklist, or a “Rider”

Whatever the size and wherever the venue, Lee says that following a checklist, or “rider” is pivotal.

“We have, for lack of a better word, sort of our own rider. We have a similar schedule for getting each and every camp up and running,” he said. This scripted rider is the same for every camp, whether it be 100 players or a massive holiday invitational.

The rider includes everything. That means time must be spent emailing parents to confirm dates and directions of travel. Rosters should be all updated and segmented down to each individual group. And creating a publishing schedule on social media, like Instagram or YouTube.

The checklist also ensures somewhat simple tasks aren’t forgotten, such as washing all the jerseys, making sure all the balls are pumped up and the courts are all lined for drills. There’s also a staff meeting schedule so that coaches and staff are all lined up on the same page.


Perfect Your Model

“It’s so important to stay small until you’ve perfected your model,” he said. “It’s so crucial in the short and long-term success of your business.”

That was the first lesson Lee learned in that 2004 camp. Before his 271 extra tee-shirt camp, he was integral in working with and helping coach several camps with the University of Georgia. He figured he could host a similar camp without having to worry about spreading the word. In other words, he had not yet perfected his model.

“One example of the way we’re perfecting our model now is through coaching. We won’t let coaches give private workouts until they’re 100% ready. We make sure they are able to get whatever drill they coach, running, energy, whatever, up and running each camp before we feel confident in having them run their own workouts.”


Be True To Who You Are

Are you a defensive coach or an offensive coach? Are you high energy or more methodical?

“Don’t try to be someone you’re not,” Lee said.

“As an offensive coach, don’t try to teach drills at a camp to improve a player’s defense. One, you’re not doing the kids any help. And two, you’re not going to get players and parents to keep coming through the door.”

Stick true to who you are and what you do best.

Lee also understands the importance of technology in being able to run so many camps and programs at one time.

“In 2004, we had to market a lot with flyers and letters. Now, there are so many more resources with technology. Social media, for instance. So it’s easier than when I started to get the word out.”

Technology and sports software is also the reason he is able to keep up with over 3600 kids registered for his camps. With LeagueApps, Lee is able to easily streamline all of his camps and programs’ registrants into one easy-to-use tool.

“These LeagueApps features are perfect for me and what I want to do with my business,” he said.

“I have my program summary just sitting on the flat screen on my wall at all times. I think it’s really something that helps us separate from competitors.”


Sportsboard Integration with LeagueApps Offers Player Evaluation Tools For Your Sports Program

Company News, Press, Value of LeagueApps


The LeagueApps team is striving to simplify the lives of sports organizers. By enabling the right technology for our partners, it allows you to continue to deliver the best sports experience for your members and participants.

With easy to use features and a robust, open API, the LeagueApps software is at the center of your digital universe, handling registration and communication to scheduling and eCommerce. It also means that our software works well and plays with other technologies to give you everything you need to run your programs as efficiently as possible.

Our partners have expressed the need for a better way to help coaches evaluate and develop their athletes. These evaluations start with tryouts and bleed into an on-going athlete development over multiple years. In order to better serve our partners and other sports organizers, the flexible LeagueApps platform has integrated with Sportsboard to offer these player evaluation tools.

SportsBoard developed an app that enables coaches to capture assessment data and simplify and streamline producing evaluations. By capturing data like skills ratings, text notes, video with voice-over, testing data and more, SportsBoard can generate digital evaluations as well as testing leaderboards that enable sports organizers to provide feedback to athletes and parents alike.

Aside from the intended use to help coaches with player evaluations, the integration can also help LeagueApps’ partners with making decisions in regards to tryouts and rosters. This integrated tool has the potential to help organizers present data in an objective manner, which can be beneficial when discussing players’ roles with parents and/or coaches.


Gregg Jacobs, founder and CEO of Sportsboard, says the integration will save countless hours and tedious work for the organizer. With the API integration, LeagueApps members and admins can easily import rosters into SportsBoard.

“With this integration, customers can seamlessly pull tryout groups and teams from LeagueApps into SportsBoard with a single click. Sports organizers will save countless hours exporting the data out of LeagueApps into Excel, formatting it properly, importing the Excel file into SportsBoard, and then checking the data in SportsBoard to make sure it imported properly.”

Our partners from T3 Lacrosse have already integrated the software for their club teams. Lori Brown, Director of T3, says the goal of their integration is to eliminate rework and data entry in the long term.

“LeagueApps will be our base source for all registration info that will then be passed to SportsBoard for evals,” she said.

“We do see benefits due to this vertical integration of resources too! It links together experts in their fields.”

LeagueApps is excited with the prospect of building partnerships with other technologies as we continue to strive to make the life of the sports organizer simpler.

To learn more about their player evaluation tools, visit SportsBoard. Or, click on the button below.



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