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How Our Partner RallyCap Sports Inspired Our Team

LeagueApps Team, Product News, Sports Community

Partnership. Partnership means a lot here at LeagueApps. We are often told that our partners are just our customers or clients. We don’t see it that way. LeagueApps is an organization with a mission to empower team sports. We believe in partnership – in working with others to strive for greatness.

Partnerships are built when a collective group works together to achieve more than individual efforts. Collaborative partners evolve by sharing unique perspectives and leveraging collective strengths to achieve a common purpose.

We are honored to partner with RallyCap Sports through our Fundplay initiative. RallyCap Sports transforms lives by providing sports leagues and camps for players with special needs. The program was started over 25 years ago by Paul Hooker and his wife. It offers 10 sports throughout the year to hundreds of children and young adults with special needs.

The LeagueApps team immediately recognized this partnership was the right fit for us. We’re driven by the belief that sports and team experiences are powerful – and should reach as many people as possible. Working with RallyCap, a team that shares our vision of universal access to sports, highlighted the profoundly meaningful impact of our mission.

RallyCap released a special video this year to showcase their organization and its achievements; it was touching, inspiring and motivating. As we develop a software solution for their organization, we became more inspired. So we asked if they would be open to allowing us to feature clips of their video on our homepage. They were 100% supportive. This support allowed us to improve our homepage engagement and consumption as it relayed who we are as a company and what we believe in.

Many people will come to the site, see the video reel and move on. But everyone here at LeagueApps will see the video and be reminded of our everyday focus and how our partner’s share in a life-changing process. It’s not the same word the business world uses in everyday jargon. Our partners are our teammates as we organize great sports experiences for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you to all our partners, and a special thank you from a designer here at LeagueApps to the RallyCaps team for allowing us to be your partner and for being one in return. To learn more about RallyCap Sports, visit their site at


LeagueApps introduces Ballin’ for Charity!

Company News, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Join us as we host our first annual Ballin’ For Charity 3 v 3 basketball tournament, powered by LeagueApps! By recognizing the power of sports and its impact on humanity, we have a unique opportunity to give back to our communities. Whether you are a gritty competitor that is in it to win it or an easy going recreational participant, there is a place for everyone to take part on Saturday, March 19th at Basketball City in Manhattan, New York.

The tournament participants will come from the hottest NYC Tech Start-Ups and Partners (Venture Capitalists, Corporations and Service Providers). Each organization will be playing for a chance to have 50% of the tournament proceeds go towards their charity of their choice. The other 50% will go towards Positive Coaching Alliance, LeagueApps’ choice national non-profit developing “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.

The basketball will be great, and the party even better. We’ll have a DJ spinning throughout, and because it’s the first weekend of March Madness, we’ll be showing the games and hosting a March Madness after party at Professor Thom’s sports bar in the East Village.

Entry for Startups is $200/team and for Partners at $500/team. We’ll also open up a limited number of Sponsorship opportunities, as it’s a chance to get in front of 400+ leading members of the tech community.

Visit to register and let us know what charity you are playing for!

How Social Media Can Drive Change For Your Sports Organization

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Product News

The LeagueApps marketing team recently attended an event hosted by Hootsuite and LiftMetrix at the Amazon Web Services office in downtown Manhattan.  LeagueApps was represented by Director of Marketing Ammad Sheikh and Partnership Development Manager Jim Ambrose.

The event highlighted various speakers and experts in social media including the data expert on the Obama for America campaign and marketing leaders from Facebook, Huge Inc. and Red.

 Each speaker talked about different examples of how social media was a catalyst of change. Whether it was how big data on Facebook allowed a young upstart politician from Illinois to become the President of the United States, to a small web company selling South Asian clothes to a distinctly non South Asian customer base find their customers on Facebook by targeting those that had “liked” Eat, Pray, Love.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.52.13 AM.png

We learned the Facebook is still the platform with the most far-reaching influence. Why Facebook? Last quarter Facebook announced that they had 1.19 billion users. YES, that is billion with a B! If Facebook was a country they would be the largest country in the world, even larger than China.

So, with the advent of Social Media how does it help or hinder a sports organizer?  When it comes to marketing being on Social Media is essential.  If yoou can’t master all of the mediums, you should go after the biggest one: Facebook.

A few simple steps:

  • Create your page on Facebook

  • Solicit likes from your members.

  • Use your Facebook page to solicit feedback about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it

  • Identify what your participants like, build segments around what they like and target others who like the same things

You will be surprised at the level of engagement.  At the end of the day your organization will be better as a result of this.

Here at LeagueApps we recognized that social media would be essential for our partners to grow their organizations.  That’s why in 2011 we created a connection between our platform and Facebook. Being sports organizers ourselves, we recognized the difficulty in promoting programs and attracting new participants.  Connecting the LeagueApps platform to Facebook was a no brainer.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.59.10 AM.png

Allow your participants to share the fact that they have joined your program!  More shares = more exposure and more exposure = more participants.


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.06.35 PM.png

Communicate with your participants via your Facebook wall! Increase engagement and increase exposure of your organization to all of their Facebook friends.

Four years ago we launched this feature for our partners.  Since then it has been an integral part of our partners growth strategies.  We have seen year over year growth of 15% for our partners who are using LeagueApps.  We welcome you to look at our Facebook integration and use it for your organization to help your organization really grow.

Here is an article that we had written that guides you through the Facebook process with LeagueApps.

It’s one thing to be on social media.  But in this day and age you need engagement. As Kunal Merchant of Facebook told us  “Go where the people are, don’t try to take them to another place.  If you are working with LeagueApps and want to know how to get Facebook working for your organization just email

A Caribbean Collaboration – LeagueApps Attends the 6th Annual SSIA Conference in Mexico

Company News, LeagueApps In Action, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps recently sponsored and attended the 6th annual Sport & Social Industry Conference in Cancun, Mexico on February 16-19th. The conference, organized by the Sport & Social Industry Association, brought together over 60 of the top sport & social clubs throughout the country (and Canada!). Here is a list of all of the SSIA member organizations.

LeagueApps partners with many SSIA members so it was awesome for our team to catch up with partners and meet a few for the first time in-person. (The 80-degree weather didn’t hurt either!). We scheduled several group sessions and individual meetings but also found some time to join a tech panel, participate in the annual SSIA challenge, and share gifts with our partners. Check out the LeagueApps SSIA Conference album on Facebook for photos and some action shots from the conference!


SSIA Partners

Group photo with LeagueApps and our partners, sporting their new LeagueApps visors.


LeagueApps shared a host of new feature updates with our league partners during the Group Sessions. We thought it would be a great opportunity to share the value of these new features in-person, as well as highlight the different ways partners are already utilizing these improvements.

These slides recap the presentation we shared with our partners. The new features we discussed included:

  • Free Text Messaging
  • Schedule Import
  • Stored Credit Cards
  • Small Group Registration
  • API

Our partners later told us that the biggest benefit of the group sessions was being able to share and learn best practices from other LeagueApps users. We are glad our partners are able to gain tips from each other and take advantage of our partner community!

We surprised our partners by sharing new design concepts with them. Design and content are hot topics among SSIA clubs, so we decided to design new Skin image sliders for some partners in attendance. We enjoyed unveiling these new designs in front of our partners for the first time. Their reactions alone made it worthwhile! (Below is an example of a Skin we helped implement for a partner.)


Please reach out to us directly or Schedule a Coaching Session to learn about how to best utilize these features. Be sure to also signup for a webinar – we will be covering Content and Design tips on 2/24/16!


Most importantly, we learned a lot from the SSIA Conference. One of the LeagueApps core values is to be “students of the game”.  LeagueApps took away some really key lessons from our trip. These include:


1) Help LeagueApps Partners Learn and Share Best Practices from Each Other

We are inspired by the value the SSIA provides to their members each year through the conference. We recognize that networking and knowledge sharing can help our partners especially as it pertains to how best to utilize and leverage the LeagueApps platform. We also recognize that many partners have become “product experts” as LeagueApps users and have lots to offer each other. We’ll continue to develop better channels and thought leadership groups for partners that want to participate in knowledge share. If you have any tips, ideas, or would like to participate, please hit us up!


2) Communicate Product Updates

While helping connect partners is extremely valuable, it is the LeagueApps team’s job to emphasize the benefits and value we provide to our partners. We need to promote product updates, benefits, and new services that our partners can utilize (think webinars, Coaching Sessions, Partner Days). The better we can communicate improvements to our product and service, the more likely will our partners take advantage of these new enhancements.


3) Product Flexibility and “Openness”

LeagueApps has learned that many of our partners use multiple web tools, software platforms, websites and social media channels to promote and manage their organization. Through our open API, partners and developers have been figuring out how to “talk” to other 3rd-party tools and integrate with them. This need continues to grow as we work with more forward-thinking organizations who need cutting-edge technology to run their operations. We’re inspired by some of the integrations our partners have already been able to develop through our API, and we’re excited to see this trend continue. Learn more about our API plans, or visit our API developer site to access our API documentation.



Special thanks to Galen, Chris and the SSIA for organizing the conference and allowing us to participate in all of the great activities and group sessions. Please let us know if you are interested to learn more about the SSIA and we can put you in touch directly with the organizers.

We’re now in the process of working many of these lessons into our processes, plans and product in 2016.  We’re also planning more LeagueApps Partner Days on both the East and West Coast this year (details to come!). Let us know if you’d like to attend and we’ll be sure to invite you to an upcoming LeagueApps Partner Day!


Gautam sporting his VAVi headband with partners, Ray (Austin Sport and Social Club) and Danny (Tri Sports Social)





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