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LeagueApps SportsDog Rap Battles

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LeagueApps Sports Dog Values

Sportsmanship – We play by the rules and win the right way!

Passion – Do you love everything about sports? Do you want a career where you love what you do? How many people can say they go to work everyday and do something they love? We Can!

Openness – Thrive in an environment that encourages completely open lines of communication.

Results – Know your numbers! Own your number! and be your own CEO!

Team – We all work together whether we win or lose, and we are always there to pick each other up.

Student of the Game – Do you enjoy learning? At LeagueApps we foster an environment where you are always learning. Whether its leadership tips from The “Admiral” David Robinson or analytics from Shane Battier or just sheer desire to be the best from Paul Rabil.

Difference Maker– Are you a person who wants to make an impact everywhere you go? If so, you are a perfect fit!

Grit – Anyone can identify a problem we are looking for someone who can go the extra mile and come up with a solution!

We also like to incentivize our team to hit their goals. If they don’t, they might find themselves in a rap battle. Check out a day in the life of a LeagueApps employee:

Here at LeagueApps, we are a family that truly loves what we do. Come find out what we are all about!

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LeagueApps 2015 Partner Holiday Bash

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Last night, LeagueApps held another Partner Event in our NYC Office. We’ve held a few Partner Day events in the past few months, so wanted to switch it up by hosting a holiday bash to give thanks to our partners!

Most of the partners in attendance were local, although some traveled quite the distance to be with us. Elliot and Lauren of PlayMileHigh came all the way from Denver to spend the evening with us. Tony Korson, founder/CEO of KOA Sports took the train up from Washington, DC. KJ Feury of Rugby New Jersey crossed the Hudson river to hang out with us;  we know her trip was especially worthwhile because she won the iPad Mini raffle!


The Partner Holiday Bash was a bit different from our previous Partner Events. We planned a few different sections for the event and had partners each attend one section, or a combination of sections. The format included:


1) 1-on-1 Sessions (2-4pm): 

We scheduled 1-on-1 sessions with several partners to give our partners the opportunity to meet with us, talk shop, and understand how they can get more value out of our tools. We love being able to help our partners in-person and build stronger relationships with them in the process!


2) Company Update and Guest Speaker (4-6pm)

By late-afternoon, the majority of our partners arrived in time to hear a company update by LeagueApps CEO, Brian Litvack. Afterwards, we had a special treat for our partners; our friend and special guest Jeff Volk (VP of MLB Advanced Media) spoke to the team about his role and the initiatives he is working on at MLBAM. We had an interesting Q&A session led by LeagueApps President Jeremy Goldberg, which turned into a fun discussion around the type of technology our partners are utilizing today (and hope to take advantage of in the future to help solve their needs).


3) Holiday Party! (6-9pm) 

The last session of the day was the party itself! We decided to create a more relaxed environment that allowed for networking, more conversations, and holiday fun! We had food, drinks, gifts bags, and a raffle with 3 different prizes! Check out our photos from the event, and look out for more content (including videos!) soon.


We realized that having both structured sessions and social networking are helpful to our partners for similar reasons:

  • Find value in connecting with other like-minded partners
  • Direct access to the LeagueApps team
  • Strengthens the LeagueApps community

Director of Basketball Partnerships Michael Scott, with Doug Cirillo of The Madison Square Garden Company

Members of 15 different sports organizations attended the event on December 8th (now totaling 80+ partners who have attended a LeagueApps Partner Event!). The full lineup included:


We’re planning on holding many more LeagueApps Partner Days in 2016 in different cities and for various partner sectors. Let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas on ways to plan our upcoming Partner Days, or which city we should host our next event! We’ll keep you posted on our plans.


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