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LeagueApps Partners with United States Flag & Touch Football League (USFTL) National Tournament

Company News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

The LeagueApps Team recently attended the USFTL National Tournament in Kissimee, Florida from January 16th-18th. Once a year Michael Cihon, founder of the USFTL, hosts an amazing National Tournament for more than 300 flag football teams and thousands of spectators. For the last 44 years the USFTL has brought together top teams from the United States, Canada, Cayman Islands, Bahama Islands and Mexico to a beautiful sports venue right near Disneyland.

The USFTL was the first organization to address all versions of Flag and Touch Football in a clear, concise rule book. Through an exhaustive five year study of all the different types of Flag & Touch football, the USFTL concluded that there were 4 basic styles of play. They’ve done a great job bringing organization and structure to flag and touch football. Naturally, we wanted to figure out how LeagueApps can be their teammate.

LeagueApps powers the registration, schedules and standings for USFTL leagues as well as the national tournament. We were so impressed with their organization that we decided to get more involved and sponsor the tournament. We’re also focused on working with all USFTL affiliated organizations to provide the tools and features needed to run leagues, events and tournaments.

It was great to be able to hang with a handful of LeagueApps partners that travelled to participate int he event. It’s great to spend time with our partners. . Michael, Mario, Natalie and then entire USFTL staff were great hosts for all the players, spectators, and sponsors (including LeagueApps). Thanks again guys!

We came away from the event with a list full of operations in which we want to develop software to help solve. This includes streamlining check-ins, schedules, and real time scores.

It was great to hang out with other tournament sponsors including Todd Curran, founder of Savage, a great apparel company that provides slick designs and quality products for sports team and leagues. We share a few partners with Savage in both the USFTL and Kickball 365.

We’re excited to continue to grow our partnership with the USFTL and its affiliates.

Product Release: New HTML Editor, Pay with PayPal, and Performance Updates

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps just rolled out a new release.  This release includes performance improvements in the admin console, greater program manager security, pay with PayPal options, a more user friendly sign up and registration process for family accounts, and a new HTML content editor.

New HTML Editor

We’ve upgraded to a new and improved HTML Content Editor to make it much easier to create content pages on your website. The editor has a slightly different, more modern look. It has all of the features of our old editor plus some noteworthy additions. You can now support HTML 5 elements on your content pages, which allows you to embed social media widgets such as Twitter or Instagram feeds on your site.

This new editor supports more of “what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)” functionality.   As you type out your content you will be able to instantly preview it and see how it will look when it is published.

Composing email and text messages has also received this same upgrade. This new editor is also more reliable when used from a mobile device – so you are able to send messages when you are away from your desk or on the field.

The new editor will be turned off by default for existing accounts.  You will have to choose to turn it on.  When you do so you’ll have a chance to preview how your custom content will look and work with the new tool.

Please note that if you have advanced markup such as JavaScript or CSS in your custom content pages you will want check all of your pages in preview mode before upgrading to make sure they look and function as expected.  If you notice a difference in your pages or are unsure of how to do this please contact our support team at before upgrading and we will walk you through it. OR, feel free to schedule a Coaching Session with our team in advance.

The advanced tab for custom content has gotten a makeover.  This tab is where you can type more advanced code such as HTML, CSS or use 3rd party widgets.  These fields are color coded to make writing and reading this content more user friendly.

Pay With PayPal

If you are using PayPal WPP as your payment gateway, you can now enable an option that will let your participants pay for their registration fees using PayPal.  Paying via your PayPal account makes signing up for a sports program much more efficient.  Participants can enter their PayPal credentials instead of filling out a larger form with their credit card and billing details – this is especially useful for members that are on the go and signing up from a mobile device.

Admin Console Performance and Speed

We’ve optimized the performance of the programs listings pages in the admin console to be more efficient.  The page speeds have been greatly improved, which will be especially noticeable if your organization runs several programs at the same time.

Program Manager/Coordinator Updates

In our last release we made updates to our security roles that limited program managers and coordinators access to site wide data. In this release we’ve added another layer of security, which will prevent program managers/coordinators from sending emails to programs that they are not specifically assigned to. Additionally, program managers/coordinators will have the ability to view past programs in the system, but only program that they are specifically assigned to.

Sign-up and Registration Flow

The sign up process has been optimized for families and group accounts.  We’ve made it clearer on the account-creation page if the information requested is for the parent account or the child account. The registration page has been modified to make sure that you are selecting the right person from your account during program registration (parent or child).


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