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New Updates to T-Shirt Reporting, Admin Roles, and more!

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

The LeagueApps team is happy to announce our latest release.  The new updates include improved system security, updates to our new Team Properties (T-Shirt) Report, the ability to set Free Agent limits by Gender, and content page versioning.

Program Manager/Coordinator Security Roles

The program manager and program coordinator security roles have been modified and are now more strict.  When creating admin user accounts, the options for program manager and program coordinator have been consolidated into one option called program admin.  Permission to each program must be assigned and when that is assigned you are able to decide to give the user manager or coordinator access.

Now when a program admin logs into the console, they will not be able to view the entire site wide dashboard, and will be routed to their program listings page.  On the that page they will only see programs that they are specifically granted permissions to.  All financial data and past programs are hidden from these roles. Click here for more on how to manage your admin roles.

Program Properties (T-Shirt) Report

Earlier this year we released a new report that allow you to count custom profile fields by team.  Many organizations are using this feature to create a T-Shirt Report with a few simple mouse clicks.  This report has been upgraded to also include Free Agents (players that are not on a team.)  This allows you to tally shirt sizes for programs that do no have teams on them too. More on how to utilize the Team Properties Report here.

Page Versioning

We’ve upgraded our content management tools to help you keep track of changes made to your custom content pages.  LeagueApps now saves and remembers the last three versions of your content pages. In case you accidentally delete something or make a change that you would like to undo, you now have the ability to restore from an older version.

Coming Soon: A New HTML Editor

Keep an eye out for a new release announcing our new HTML editor shortly.  We’re hard at work on it and will have some exciting news for you in the next weeks.


LeagueApps Roadtrip To The US Lacrosse Convention

Company News, Lax, LeagueApps In Action, Press, Sports Community

The LeagueApps Lacrosse team (Roy, Brandon and Ryan) recently attended the US Lacrosse Convention, also known as LaxCon, in Baltimore January 23rd-25th. The convention hosted by US Lacrosse brought more than 7,000 attendees including lacrosse directors, coaches, parents and players from across the country. Here’s a video by the Baltimore Sun about LaxCon.

LeagueApps currently partners with over 100 lacrosse programs across the country. Our goal is to become one of the leading technology partners for the Lacrosse community. The potential to positively impact the growth of the sport through efficient and streamlined technology is huge, and LeagueApps is hustling to become a leader in the space.

The convention was a great way to meet our current partners and learn how their organizations use LeagueApps. Steve Kuciemba, director of Maryland Wild Lacrosse made us feel great as he wouldn’t stop raving about our platform, customer service, and overall approach towards technology. Other partners like Pat Drennan from NYC Elite introduced LeagueApps to directors and coaches through a panel discussion called “How to Grow Community based Youth Lacrosse”. Pat explained that LeagueApps is a powerful tool that makes lacrosse organization much easier.

This was also a good opportunity to learn about all the different businesses and organizations involved in the sport of Lacrosse. Apparel, equipment manufacturers and retailers invested a lot in showcasing their products to attendees. Tournament organizers spoke about the great events they host, and fundraising companies introduced easy ways to obtain donations. LeagueApps shared our vision to provide streamlined technology around e-commerce, tournament logistics, and help non-profits raise funds.

As LeagueApps continues to grow, our involvement in the Lacrosse community will expand and so should the value we bring to our partners. Whether your running a lacrosse club team, camp, clinic, tournament or league LeagueApps is going to the best solution for all your technology needs.

We’re excited for LaxCon 2016!



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