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Update on LeagueApps HTML Editor

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Earlier this week we released an update which included an upgraded version of our HTML Editor. Today we have decided to roll back to the previous version of that HTML Editor. This is actually the second time we attempted an upgrade, and the second time we are reverting to the previous version.

In December after we launched the new version of the editor, we found out that the editor was taking out <style> tags that were inserted into the HTML code. Since then, we changed the configuration options on the editor and figured out a way for the <style> tags to work within the editor. We launched it again this week and things seemed to be going great as the initial problem we encountered was not occurring anymore. But over the last couple days we received reports of some oddities, and upon further investigation we realized the editor had other issues and was not up to our standards.

In particular, if a LeagueApps partner’s website had advanced HTML code in a content page that was not 100% accurate to the official web standards, the code would be automatically changed without any notification. This is similar to a spell checker changing your words while you are typing an email without letting you know. We realize that not everyone writes “perfect” HTML code and we simply cannot use this editor and have to revert to our previous version.

This HTML Editor is a popular 3rd party plugin. In general we have been big fans of this plugin, but in this case we’ve determined that it’s no longer flexible enough for use within LeagueApps.

We are committed to providing our partners with the best tools possible. So we’ve decided to do a thorough evaluation of all available editor plugins, and we’ll be selecting the one which allows us to provide the most effective content editing capability. We aim to have the new HTML Editor integrated into LeagueApps in the very near future. Managing webpages and content is an important part of running your business, and we are committed to making these tools work as smoothly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and will keep you updated on our progress. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach us at

TShirt Reporting and Managing Programs

Feature Highlight, Press, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

We’re excited to kick off our first release in 2015 with some exciting new features, including tshirt and team reporting, an enhanced HTML editor, and program management updates.  Check out the details below.

Team Properties Report (aka TShirt Reports)

Most leagues, tournaments and clubs have a need to tally up tshirts (uniforms, or jerseys) – and LeagueApps new team properties report now makes this easier than ever. Once you set up your registration form fields, you’ll be able to navigate to the report, select your options and generate your report with a few button clicks.

The report can be saved to be run at a later time and/or exported to CSV that can be sent to your tshirt vendor.  There are additional filter options that will allow you to batch your orders based on player status and date.

Below is a video that will show you how to configure your programs and custom registration form fields properly to work with this new report.

Managing Programs

This release has a number of efficiency updates to make managing your organizations much smoother.

In the fall we launched the ability to create payment plans, so participants are able to pay their registration dues over a period of time. Now if you Copy a Program that has payment plans enabled, you’ll have the option to copy the payment plan settings and installments into the new program.

When creating your schedule of games and assigning officials, you now have the option of adding a Staff Member as an official.  Plus when creating new staff members in the admin console, you are now able to create new teams at the same time.

If you have enabled admin notifications in your registration settings, these emails will now contain a complete summary of each registration including player info, registration data, and payment summary.

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest LeagueApps updates – we have a lot more planned for 2015.  As always, we are eager to hear your feedback.  Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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